[How to open mango]_How to cut_How to cut

[How to open mango]_How to cut_How to cut

[How to open mango]_How to cut_How to cut

Mango is a very delicious fruit. It is mostly grown in tropical regions. Most of it is grown in the southern region and then shipped to all parts of the country. Mango is also very nutritious and can be multi-vitamin and mineral elements.

To eat mango, you must first peel it, but it is very difficult to cut. First, you must prepare a fruit knife, cut it close to the mango, and then cut the flesh into pieces. You can eat it.

1. Mango is ready.

Cut a slice of the mango core with a knife.

One slice was cut on the other side of the mango core.

Then, the flesh was scraped against the wall of the cup.

There is a piece of mango skin that has been shaved cleanly.

There is less flesh on the mango core left in the middle. Gently tear off the remaining skin and just scratch it, hee hee.

7 is simple and convenient. 2. First, take a one-yuan coin and massage the whole body of the mango, that is, use the edge of the coin to scrape the mango skin.

After shaving the whole mango again, and then peeling the mango skin again, you will find that the mango skin is no longer sticking to the mango.

Method two: First, take a fruit knife and cut the mango from the middle to the depth of the mango kernel.

Then use the rotating method to combine the two halves of the mango, and then take a spoon to dig out the delicious mango meat, which is very convenient to eat.

Method three cut the mango into three halves, that is, the upper two halves, plus the middle mango core.

Take another cup and insert two or two halves of mango into the wall of the cup to scrape off the pulp and peel.

Method four is also to first cut the mango into three parts, then use a knife to cut the two mangoes without the core, and then turn the pulp over and eat directly.

3, prepare a mango, preferably mango, so the seeds are relatively large.

The mango husks are cleaned at the end, so it is easy to handle without wasting food.

Use scissors to trim the thinner edges of the seeds first.

Cut a small opening with scissors instead of the thinner edges, or cut the edges directly with a knife.

Be careful not to hurt the seeds inside.

After cutting a small opening, you can hold it away like a melon seed.

You can see the seeds inside.

The picture below is what the seed looks like after it is removed, isn’t it amazing?

Quickly try mango.

The fuller peeled seeds are peeled off and then you need to carefully peel off the outer skin with a knife.

Be careful not to hurt the germ of the seeds.

Use a small spoon to gently scrape.

7 Soak him in water after peeling, remember to change the water every day.

After a few days, small buds will grow out