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Fall detox tricks to be an unburdened beauty

Modern people are more and more aware of detoxification and beauty. Only by removing toxins from the body in time can we maintain good health and beautiful skin.

So how is detoxification most effective in daily life?

Teach you how to detox in the fall, and be an unburdened beauty ever since.

Hypertension is too high, it is not discharged in time, it is easy to accumulate on the wall of blood vessels, narrow the blood vessels, and cause diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Foods that can lower cholesterol are: onions, fungus, mushrooms.

Stagnation is the source of the human body’s acute toxins, which can re-enter the body and reduce immunity. Women with long-term constipation may even develop acne.

Health experts say that foods containing crude fiber can promote bowel movements and eliminate bowel movements, such as whole wheat, oats, corn, and celery.

The skin is also an important detoxification organ of the human body.

For example, when we have a cold, old people often say that drinking more water and sweating under the quilt will allow the toxins to be expelled quickly.

When you exercise too much or get tired, you will find back pain and leg weakness, which is caused by continuous exercise or accumulation of lactic acid produced in the body by labor.

Do more massage and exercise after exercise to promote blood circulation, which can prevent lactic acid accumulation and relieve soreness.

And drinking some vinegar or sour fruit juice can also relieve soreness.

Water is the best recipe for detoxification. It can replace toxins and carry out body fluid circulation to bring toxins out of the body.

Drink 8 glasses of water every day, and it is best to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning.

Many foods often add artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. for better looking, long lasting unique taste, or continuous shelf life.

These are enjoyments for our mouths and “toxins” for our bodies.

Therefore, the most important detox measure is prevention, and we must try our best to choose natural and healthy green food.

The lymphatic system is the most important detoxification circulation system of the human body, and has long been engaged in the role of a toxin recycling station.

Lymph fluid flowing around the body recovers toxins from the body to the lymph nodes, where the toxins are filtered, decomposed into non-toxic substances, and then filtered from the lymph to the blood, sent to the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc., and are replaced outside the body.

Therefore, whole body massage is very beneficial for promoting lymph circulation, and can also achieve the effect of detoxification.

The lung is one of the organs most likely to accumulate toxins.

Because the human body inhales about 1,000 liters of air into the lungs every day, and many bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances floating in the air also enter the lungs.

Therefore, there must be protective measures in places with severe air pollution.

In addition, you can often practice deep breathing in fresh air or actively cough a few times to help detoxify your lungs.

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