Meditation helps mental health

Meditation helps mental health

Meditation helps mental health

Meditation not only makes you feel comfortable and calm, but it can also improve your brain structure and really strengthen your brain. This is a sample that scientists have transformed in recent research.

  Scientists from top universities in the United States conducted a successful experiment on the efficacy of meditation with a quantifiable method. They asked the volunteers to look at an LCD screen. When an image appeared, the volunteers were asked to take action.Quickly press a button.

Usually, after the image appears, people need 200 to 300 milliseconds to react with the push of a button, but people who lack sleep need continuous time and sometimes can’t even respond.

  Researchers asked volunteers to take throbbing button tests before and after meditation, and compared them to other tests that were performed concurrently, such as tests related to sleep, reading, and conversation.

Experiments have shown that meditation enables volunteers to achieve good results in responding, especially when they have not slept overnight, the refreshing effect of meditation is very significant.

  At the Massachusetts General Hospital, researchers used magnetic resonance imaging equipment to clarify the brain mechanism of meditation. They used this technique to scan the brains of 15 habitual meditators and then compared the scan results with those of 15 other ordinary people.Brain for comparison.

They found that the meditator’s cerebral cortex is thicker in some places than the average person, in areas that involve attention and processing of sensory information.