Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Gouteng tea is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription with Gouteng tea as its main medicine.

In the concept of many older parents, hook tea and newborn babies should be protected from the wind, take a shower, and breast milk as soon as possible, it seems that a newborn’s health care routine.

“Open tea” made from hook tea is often used to remove fetal poisons, aid digestion, facilitate bowel movements, prevent convulsions, and defeat fever.

As long as the staff in the Chinese pharmacy listen to it for newborn babies, they will often grab a few medicines and put them into the medicine bag without weighing.

In general, Uncaria tea mainly includes Uncaria, Cicada, Mutong, Rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, Stiff silkworm, Poria cocos, Honeysuckle, Chenpi and other medicines.

  Uncooked vine, also known as double hooked vine, warbler claw wind, is a stalk with branch of Rubiaceae vine.

The preliminary written records of Gouteng’s use of medicine can be found in “Special Records of Famous Doctors” by Tao Hongjing during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The ancient doctors regarded it as light and clear, and regarded it as a special medicine for children. Tao Hongjing pointed out in the book: “Treat children.square.

“The vine has a cool and sweet flavor, has heat-clearing and liver-relieving, and the wind will be shocked.

The chemical constituents of the decoction of modern medicine research include ophylline, isophylline and so on.

In clinical practice, Uncaria grandis is widely infected with headache, dizziness, cold and panic, startle twitch, pregnancy headache, hypertension and other complications.

The main drugs in Uncaria tea are generally heat-clearing, tonic, breath-breathing, spleen-stomach and stomach-melting drugs, which are relatively mild, and are generally safer because of the lighter amount of medicines held by general medical officers.

However, when taking it to newborn babies, especially some premature babies, there are still some issues to be aware of: First, the swallowing function of the child is perfect at birth, and it is very beneficial to regularize the child’s diet.

However, because the lower esophageal sphincter pressure is lower at the “inlet” of the stomach of the child, and the pyloric sphincter is well developed at the “outlet” of the stomach, prone to milking and vomiting are more likely to occur, which is easier for preterm infants.

Therefore, special attention should be paid when feeding. Premature babies are generally not recommended to take hook tea, it can be taken when the weight is close to term.

  Second, the activity of glucose glucosal acetal transferase in neonates is low, especially in premature babies, which is the occurrence of physiological jaundice in newborns.

The heat-clearing and damp-wet medicine in Gouteng tea has some effects on both ends of yellow, and can promote the effect of yellowing.

But when the neonatal jaundice appears abnormally early and the jaundice is more severe, it is usually pathological. At this time, the hook tea has no effect and requires timely medical treatment.

  Third, although the kidneys of newborns have the same number of nephrons as adults, they are still immature in histology, their glomerular filtration function is low, and their renal concentrating function is poor.Use sparingly or with caution.

  Fourth, the amount of decoction in pediatric crochet tea is usually 30?
50ml, twice daily.

When children are born, the taste is well developed. A small amount of sucrose can be added to the soup, but not too much.

Wash your mouth with warm boiling water after feeding to prevent the medicine from irritating your mouth.

  It is important to remind that if your baby is very healthy at birth, you don’t have to take “hook tea”.

When parents think that it is necessary for their children to use hooked tea, they should also consult a doctor first. After understanding the specific situation of the baby, the doctor will prescribe a suitable “hook rattan tea” prescription.