[Can longan be eaten in the second trimester]_Mid pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can longan be eaten in the second trimester]_Mid pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can longan be eaten in the second trimester]_Mid pregnancy_Can you eat

Longan is a relatively common fruit. Its nutritional value is relatively high, and it also contains more sugar. In addition, its vitamins and minerals are relatively good. Eating some properly has a good health effect.In the second trimester of pregnancy, you can properly eat some longan, which is a better blood supplement, which can play a certain role in regulating the body and promoting the health of obesity.

Can longan be eaten in the second trimester? From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although longan can nourish qi and blood and benefit the heart and spleen, it is warm and sweet, and it is easy to get angry. People with yin deficiency and internal heat and phlegm and fire constitution should not take it.

After pregnancy, the yin and blood are gathered to support the oxides, so most pregnant women are yin deficiency and hot.

Therefore, pregnant women who eat too much longan not only increase fetal fever, but also easily lead to imbalance of gas, causing stomach upset, rejection and vomiting, and a long-term thermal image of yin, which may cause abdominal pain, redness and other threatened abortion symptoms, soPregnant women should not eat too much longan.

Longan is peeled and dried to make longan.

Pregnant women eat longan with caution, and try not to eat some longan supplements, you can eat some medicine to clear heat and nourish yin.

However, if the pregnant woman’s mouth is diarrhea, occasionally taking two tablets will not cause problems.

Once pregnant women eat too much longan, it may cause miscarriage, and it is not absolute. Pregnant women should not have a psychological burden, just pay attention to observe to see if the body is unwell.

If any abnormal situation occurs, you need to go to the hospital for inspection immediately.

What to eat in the second trimester You can eat red dates in the second trimester. Red dates have a good effect on blood, but too much food is easy to get angry.

Therefore, pregnant women must always pay attention to not partial eclipse.

Eating habits, eat more high-quality high-quality protein foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not drink coffee, do not touch toxic substances and radiation sources, to prevent colds and so on.

Can you eat longan in the middle of pregnancy?

Basically, longan is not allowed to eat longan in the middle of pregnancy. Longan will cause contractions and severely cause miscarriage, so pregnant mothers should pay great attention.

In addition, you must actively follow the doctor’s advice, eat more things that are good for your baby, maintain a good mood, and exercise properly so that your baby can grow up healthy.