Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough

Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough

Spring is here, and influenza is coming along. I accidentally caught it and coughed. What should I do?

The following dietary methods may help you.

  1, Yuzhu porridge material: Yuzhu 15g fresh double, previous rice 50g.

  Method: Wash and chop the Yuzhu, add water decoction to take the juice to remove the residue, and use the Yuzhu juice to make porridge (should add water to make porridge).

Take 2 warm meals in the morning and evening.

One week is a course of treatment, and the second course of treatment is stopped for one week.

  2. Lily pear sugar material: Lily 10g (fresh lily is better, double the amount), 1 pear, 15g white sugar.

  Method: Wash the lily and slice the pear.

Lily, pear, and sugar are mixed into a bowl, steamed, and served cold once.

2 times a day.

  3, peanut sugar rock sugar material: peanut rice 100?
150g, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the peanut rice, add rock sugar and water and cook it together, eat peanut rice soup, eat 3 times a day.

  4, Tremella material: 5g Tremella, 1 egg, 60g rock sugar, lard amount.

  Method: Soak the white fungus in warm water for about 30 minutes. After the hair is thoroughly penetrated, remove the impurities, wash and divide the flakes, and then boil with an appropriate amount of water.

Boil the rock sugar with water, beat into the eggs, mix with water, and stir well. Boil in a pan and stir. Pour the egg sugar juice into the white fungus pan. When the pan is raised, add the pig aboveoil.

  5, cane pulp porridge material: a few fresh sugar cane, the previous rice 50g.

  Method: Add 400ml of previous rice to cook porridge, then wash and chop fresh sugarcane, squeeze about 150ml of juice, add it to the porridge and take it.

2 times a day, morning and evening.

  6. Garlic white sugar juice material: 15g garlic head, 30g white sugar.

  Method: Peel and smash the garlic head, add about 500ml of sugar and boiling water, and soak for 5 hours before taking.

Take 1 dose daily in 3 divided servings, even 4 servings?
5 days.

  7, pine nut kernel porridge material: pine nut 20g, glutinous rice 50g, honey amount.

  Method: Punch the pine nuts into a mud, add 500ml water with glutinous rice, cook into a thick porridge with simmer, then mix in honey, and take it twice a day and warm.