Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

In fact, women want to be beautiful forever, even young, so it has become a topic of never aging, but there are 8 taboos in health, you must not touch it!

  Executive women do not have fewer roots than men. The pace of work is also becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to generate huge stress mentally. Physical overload is not good for health, and women want to live young and beautiful, and to be eternal.Young, keep away from the 8 taboos below!

  Avoid drinking alcohol to worry about professional women always encounter some setbacks and blows at work, some people often borrow alcohol to worry about, or take drinking as a fashionable behavior in modern lifestyle.

At that time, borrowing alcohol to dispel sorrow and even sorrow.

The result of drunken drinking is that a large amount of alcohol enters the body, and first of all, the nervous system is damaged, which is very dangerous.

  Due to the wide contact with women, professional women will encounter a variety of men. Among them, there are many outstanding people. If there is no better moral cultivation, extramarital affairs will result, and often the family will be at odds with the divorce.

Japanese sociologists have conducted a survey: the proportion of divorced women to family happiness, the former life shortened by about 5 years.

For couples who live with each other day and night, if they often quarrel, disagree, fight, and refuse to give up, it will lead to disorders of the internal secretion system, dysfunction of internal organs, and suffer from various physiological diseases, leading to premature aging and reduced life expectancy.

  It is inevitable to avoid the worries of depression and depression in your life. It is not appropriate to keep the worries and depression in your heart. You should learn how to adjust your mind when you are in a bad mood, and try to find ways to vent or transfer., Have a good view of the mountains and rivers, make your mind open and love life.

  Don’t blindly lose weight and love beauty, everyone has it, especially for professional women. Many people do everything possible to reduce their excess aunts in their bodies. Weight loss teas, diet meals and other weight loss measures are dazzling.

People who want to lose weight want to see results quickly, desperately diet, and as a result lose weight, their bodies collapse.

  Avoid smoking and boring. At present, many women use smoking as a fashion. In fact, smoking is harmful but not harmful. Tobacco is particularly harmful to women’s health.

According to statistics: The incidence of heart disease in smoking women is 10 times higher than that of normal people, which makes menopause 1 to 3 years earlier. The deformed children caused by smoking in pregnant women are non-smokers 2.

5 times, smoking in young women can inhibit facial blood circulation and accelerate aging.

  Avoid overloading work and avoid intensifying competition. The working rhythm of modern professional women is becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to produce huge stress mentally. The mental and physical overload is very detrimental to health.

If you don’t pay attention to rest and regulation, the central nervous system’s continuous tension will cause excessive psychological reflexes. Over time, it can lead to increased sympathetic nerve excitement, endocrine dysfunction, and various diseases. Therefore, professional women should pay attention to psychological tension.To achieve a combination of work and rest, relaxation, reasonable arrangements for work, study and life, and physical exercise.

  Avoid drinking too much tea. Most professional women have the habit of drinking tea. Tea can eliminate fatigue, refresh the mind, and improve work efficiency.

There are too many benefits to drinking tea, but too much theophylline also has disadvantages. Tea is an effective gastric acid secretion stimulant, and long-term excessive gastric acid secretion is an important pathogenic factor for gastric ulcers. Therefore, it should be added to teaA small amount of milk and sugar to keep the gastric mucosa local or reduce gastric acid irritation.

  It is necessary to avoid professional makeup for professional women because of their work needs, and it is necessary to make proper makeup for themselves. However, for professional needs, they must not be used because of the high-end cosmetics currently on the market.Lead and a large amount of preservatives can temporarily cover the stains, but they do not cure the symptoms. Too many women pin their beauty hopes on the endless stream of cosmetics and ignore their own health.

Chemicals can severely irritate the skin, and powder particles can easily double pores and block the skin’s respiratory function.