Prevent lung brush in the body to prevent lung cancer

Prevent “lung brush” in the body to prevent lung cancer

Preventing lung cancer first protects the body’s “hair brush” smoking is harmful to health. Lung cancer is related to smoking, but it is not the nicotine in tobacco that actually causes lung cancer, but smoking makes the body “hair brush” inactive.
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
The “hair brush” in the lungs helps us clean the human lungs like a big tree upside down. The trunk is called the trachea, then branches left and right, and becomes thinner and finer, finally divided into leaves.
Alveoli are like leaves, and the air is there.
In fact, the inside of human alveoli is absolutely clean.
You might think, “I suck in air, there is so much dust, there is so much to see or not to see.
So why is it absolutely clean and absolutely sterile when it comes to the alveoli?
As I said just now, starting from the trachea, there are 23 levels from “trunk” (trachea) to “leaf” (alveoli).
Of the 23 classifications, the trachea became thinner and thinner.
If the trachea is a tube, the circle inside is not shiny, all are like hair brushes. All the bronchial tubes start from the throat and go down from level to level. The circles around the large and small trachea are “hair brushes””.
What are the “hair brushes” in the lungs? The “hair brushes” should be called “cilia”. They are like wild wheat grown in the field. The wheat is covered with hair.
When the wind blows in the autumn, the field wheat waves billow.
This kind of cilia swing, how many times a minute, is very regular, and it is a swing in one direction, not a random swing.
So dust or any harmful substance comes in and sticks once it is brushed by the cilia brush.
After sticking, swing it in one direction and brush up to the throat.
Passed level by level, and finally all the harmful things were brushed into the throat.
At this time, the throat may be a little itchy, cough and spit it out.
From the bronchi to the lungs, the structure of our body is so delicate and perfect, so that the alveoli must be clean and sterile, maintaining the best state.
Smoking caused the “hair brush” to strike. The real situation is that after smoking, the smoke permeates the trachea and bronchi, all the way to the alveoli, and then the “hair brush” in the bronchus ceases to work and stops.
So which condition is most likely to get lung cancer?
Occasionally, smoking a cigarette, smoking two cigarettes a day, is just a few minutes, then it will be okay to stop for a few minutes, and it will recover after a while.
The problem is that if someone is smoking continuously, his trachea, bronchi, and cilia (“hair brushes”) are paralyzed, and they are not working there.
How many harmful substances are in the air that a person sucks in one day, and as a result, they are piled up today and tomorrow, and they are always piled up. The “hair brush” does not work. How can there be no problem?
So smoking does not directly cause lung cancer, but smoking makes the “hair brush” not to work.
If the pumping is continued all day, one day, one month, one year, three years, and several years, and the “hair brush” does not work well for several years, can this lung be okay?
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
Therefore, it is recommended that smokers have regular CT examinations.