[How to eat crayfish]_crayfish_how to eat_how to eat

[How to eat crayfish]_crayfish_how to eat_how to eat

The crayfish itself is not very much meat. It may be seen by many people as a taste, but you must also master certain methods and skills when eating crayfish, and you must pay attention to knowing whether the crayfish is fresh or notWhether the crayfish is allergic.

① First determine whether the crayfish is fresh: if eating crayfish at a meal, the effective method is to observe the tail meat of the lobster. If the tail meat is sticky, then this may be shrimp that have died for a long time;Processed Crayfish: Everyone knows that many places are washed with “washed shrimp powder”.

Generally, the shell of the washed shrimp crayfish is bright and clean, but the odor remaining on the shrimp shell still exists; and because of its strong corrosion, some shrimp will be clamped and tilted; ③ Judging the hygiene of crayfish: Crayfish alsoYou need to see if the shrimp gills are black, which means that the growth environment is poor.

Crayfish growing in a poor water environment have obvious blackness and small individuals when viewed from the abdomen; ④ Wash thoroughly: after buying the crayfish home, soak it in water for 2?
3 hours, let the crayfish spit out impurities in the body and then clean it; ⑤ remove the parts that are easy to accumulate toxins: the accumulation of heavy metals in water is mainly concentrated in the shell, gills and liver scales, which is the skull of the crayfish;⑥ The cooking method must be correct: high temperature boiling and deep-frying kill the bacteria, especially avoid eating raw crayfish.

Due to the high protein content of crayfish, rotten protein will cause great damage to human health.