Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious

Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious

After giving birth, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, the new mother must focus on warming up the ingredients and post-natal medicated meals.

It has a positive effect on promoting postpartum rehabilitation.

  1. Raw materials of Sishen pig liver porridge: 30g of pork liver (pig heart), 3 lotus seeds, 20g of barley kernels, 15g of barley fruit, 30g of Huaishan yam, 200ml of Yuenao soup

  Method: Soak lotus seeds and coix seed with Yuenai Tang for two hours.

Wash the yam and pork liver (pig heart) and dice.

Cover the above ingredients with high heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

  Nutrition secrets This porridge can warm the kidneys and spleen, promote metabolism, smooth excretion, help to fall asleep and reduce fatigue.

Consuming 3 days before a cesarean or small birth can also prevent wound inflammation.

  2. Raw material of sesame oil pork liver: 150g of pork liver, 4 slices of ginger with skin, 30ml of black sesame oil, 200ml of Yuenai soup.

  Method: Wash the pork liver and cut it to a thickness of 1 cm.

Brush and cut the thin slices of ginger: black sesame oil into the pot and heat on high heat, add ginger, turn to low heat, simmer until the ginger slices are wrinkled but not burnt, turn to high heat, and stir-fry the porkDiscoloration.

Finally, add Yue Nai Soup and boil.

Turn off the heat immediately and eat while hot.

  The secret of nutrition has the effect of reducing slag and promoting the metabolism of lochia, and the black sesame oil baked by slow fire is mild and not dry, which is more suitable for the new mother who is physically weak.

  3. Guigui fish soup material: 300g fish, angelica 3g, astragalus 3g, ginger 15g, black sesame oil 30ml, Yuenao soup 600ml.

  Practice: Wash fish for later use.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Add fish, Angelica, Astragalus and Yuenai soup, boil, turn to low heat, cover with 5 minutes, turn off, and serve.

  During confinement, various fish can be eaten alternately, and river fish is recommended.

  4. Shouwu pig heart material: Shouwu 9g, pig heart 150g, sesame oil burst ginger 4 pieces, black sesame oil 15ml, Yuenao soup 400ml.

  Method: Wash and cut pig heart into 1cm thickness.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Turn to high heat and add pork heart to fry until discolored.

Let the tsunabe soup boil, turn off the heat and eat while hot.

  Shouwu can nourish liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood.

The sweetness is thick and yin.

  5. Eucommia ulmoides waist material: 9g Eucommia, a pair of pork loin, 15g sesame oil ginger, 15ml black sesame oil, 400ml Yuenai soup.

  Method: After washing the pork loin, soak it in water for two hours, cut it in half, and remove the white urine glands inside.

After Eucommia ulmoides were washed, it was added to Yue Nai Tang and covered, then boiled, then simmered for half an hour, and the juice was reserved.

  Cut the cleaned pork loin obliquely into several cracks on the surface and cut into small pieces of 3 cm wide.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Turn to high heat and stir-fry the waist flower until it changes color.

Add spare soup and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat immediately and eat while hot.

  Pork loin has the effect of nourishing kidney and diuresis.

Eucommia can promote the synthesis and decomposition of protein and collagen in human bones and muscles, promote metabolism and prevent osteoporosis, and have a good preventive effect on postpartum body back pain and osteoporosis.

  6, Shiquan fish soup materials: 300g fish, 15g sesame oil burst ginger, 30ml black sesame oil, 600ml Yuenao soup.

Shiquanbao (Dangshen 3g, Astragalus 6g, Shuji, Angelica, Poria, Atractylodes, Atractylodes, Chuanxiong 3g each, Cinnamon 0.

5g, licorice 1g) Method: Wash the fish for later use.Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Add fish, Shiquan medicine pack and Yuenai soup and bring to low heat.

Cover and cook for 5 minutes before turning off.

  The Chinese medicine in Shiquanbao can inhibit the increase of ester peroxides, and has a variety of diseases, and the effect of prolonging life.

Applicable to the deficiency of blood gas or chronic illness, chlorosis, mental fatigue, waist and knee weakness and other symptoms.

  Three key tips for confinement diet: The first week of phased supplementation is to focus on metabolic detoxification, that is, to eliminate lochia, waste water, waste gas and old waste, let the old things in the body be cleaned, and proper nutritional supplements can ensureNecessary nutrition, without burdening the body; the second week is mainly to contract the pelvis and uterus.

  The uterus recovers quickly within two weeks after giving birth. At this time, diet can help to make it shrink better; the third week is the real nourishing tonic week.

  Second: For mild hot supplements, you must choose slow-baking and 100% pure black sesame oil and bursting ginger.

Ginger has the effects of strengthening the stomach, removing cold, dehumidification, sweating, etc., can promote appetite and increase metabolism.

  However, it should not be detonated, otherwise it may easily lead to symptoms such as fire and cough.

  Third: Rice alcohol Hualu as soup for all meals and drinks. Rice wine can stimulate qi and blood circulation, pass through the collaterals, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help the mother to discharge the waste water and waste accumulated during pregnancy from the body, so as to repair it well.Internal organs to prevent sagging.