[Fresh Longan Sparkling Wine Practice]_Sparkling Wine_Methods_Efficacy

[Fresh Longan Sparkling Wine Practice]_Sparkling Wine_Methods_Efficacy

[Fresh Longan Sparkling Wine Practice]_Sparkling Wine_Methods_Efficacy

Longan is a tropical fruit. This fruit has a certain nutritional value, and longan is also medicinal. When we dry the longan, it will turn into longan, which is a Chinese medicine that can replenish qi and blood.There are many ways to eat longan, including longan soaked wine. This is a way to eat longan soaked wine. Many people may not have drunk this wine. So what is the practice of fresh longan soaked wine?

Fresh longan brewing method: 1. Wash the longan, peel it, and remove the core.

2. Put the longan meat into the glass bottle, add rice wine, rock sugar, and seal the bottle mouth.

3. Shake once a day; replace it once a week after seven days, soak it at any time after soaking for 100 days.

The efficacy of longan bubble wine: benefit qi and blood, replenish heart and blood, soothe the nerves and invigorate wisdom, attending: over-thinking, consternation caused by straining the heart and spleen, insomnia, forgetfulness, lack of food, tiredness, and fatigue and weakness.

Soaked with fresh longan, the wine is clear and sweet.

With longan dry sparkling wine, the color of the wine is like brandy, and the wine is sweet and fragrant.

Longan has very high nutritional value. It can absorb rich protein and vitamins. Regular eating can increase appetite, prevent insufficient blood and insomnia and forgetfulness, and is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

There are many ways to eat longan, some are used raw, some are used to cook porridge, and they can also boil soup, and some use longan to make wine, especially fresh longan. The wine produced is sweet and delicious.Qi and blood, antibacterial and heart protection, anti-cancer, is a good health wine.

Fresh Longan is a fruit that can inhibit the heart and nourish the blood. It contains natural fructose and a variety of trace elements, which can directly affect the human brain and heart. It can relieve human nervous breakdown and reduce palpitation and heart palpitations.Common heart diseases such as stalks occur.

Fresh Longan is a rare blood-supplementing ingredient. It contains glucose and protein and trace element iron can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the body, which can increase the activity of metabolic cells and promote the synthesis of hemoglobin in the human body. Regular consumption of it can nourish Qi and bloodIt can also alleviate anemia and make people’s anemia and pale symptoms quickly improve.