Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement


Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement

Finally say goodbye to the painful acne, but the acne is gone, but the acne mark is left.

Looking at these traces, dark or light, or dark or gray, you are very distressed.

There are actually ways to remove these acne marks.

However, just like fighting acne, removing acne marks is also a hard and outstanding struggle.

You need perseverance and patience to achieve flawless beauty.

  The prevention of acne marks is mainly at any time, and we should uphold this principle: prevention is the priority, and treatment is the supplement.

Wait until the acne marks have formed, and of course it is better to prevent them before they appear.

  Therefore, do not squeeze yourself during the period of acne swelling and inflammation.

Most severe acne scars are related to squeezing on your own.

Unsterilized skin and finger instruments, unprofessional methods, and incorrect judgment of the degree of acne are all incorrect methods.

In this way, it is easy to hurt the dermis when squeezing acne, and the pits and stains left are a regret that cannot be eliminated for life.

  Two types of acne scars: once the skin is damaged by improper compression, the skin cavity is actually a slight scar and is permanent.

  Don’t hope that a certain skin care product can help you fill these holes.

Acne marks and acne scars are leftover products of acne, which clarifies the cause.

  Many friends are busy looking for various secret recipes for clearing acne under the constant complication of acne. In a series of continuous exercises, this is even more harmful to the fragile facial environment.

  Sometimes it can cause more new acne or cause skin damage.

Therefore, when removing acne, you should make clear the method and focus of removing acne.

After the acne is cured, focus on the acne marks.

  Acne marks: Usually, after the acne has subsided, there will be dark red or light red acne marks. After a few days, you will become scared when you find that the color becomes darker or darker brown. At this time, the pigment has settled into the dermisIt is also difficult for any skin care product to rejuvenate and completely eliminate these residual traces.