Best exercise position for lower back!

Best exercise position for lower back!

As long as you find the best exercise position for each part, in fact, exercise is not a long and cumbersome thing.

  The best hip exercise position: One foot is enlarged, grasp the toes to reset.

This tiny posture does not overlap the effect of abdominal exercises to some extent while shaping the curve of the tip.

  How to do it: Vertically, lean on the chair or wall on the right side to maintain balance.

Lift your left foot and hold the foot pedal with your left hand.

With your body in balance, lift your left hip, and then bring your knees back together for 30 seconds.

Repeat twice for each leg.

  Best waist exercise posture: contralateral exercise.

Targeting the excess meat on the waist side is the key to shaping a slim waist!

  How to do it: Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet flat on the ground, and touch your right knee with your left foot.

After the hand is inserted into the head, the elbows are extended.

The right shoulder slowly lifts up and sticks to the left knee, including the chest (the elbows are always in line with the ears, do not put them in front of the ears, do not lean forward or discomfort).

Keep your posture and then slowly descend.

Repeat on the other side.

  Wrong waist exercise: Twist by external force.

Because there is no resistance, the abdomen does not become strong.

The only effect is to stretch the waist and warm up.

  The best hip exercise position is to lie flat with your chest down and your legs raised.

  How to lay: Face down and lay flat on the back with the pelvis.

Place your hands under the jaw (or in a supporting position, assist if necessary), tighten the muscles in the lower half of the hips, lift your chest, and make an angle of 30-35 degrees with the ground.

Keep your posture and then slowly descend.

  Focus your knees on the wrong front exercise.

When erected, twisting the spine will undoubtedly compress the spine and cause injury.