Analysis of the relationship between baby and toys

Analysis of the relationship between baby and toys

Toys are tools for games, and games cannot be separated from toys.

The game is the nature of the baby, toys are the material decomposition of the game, the baby must play without toys.

Froebel, the world’s “father of early childhood education”, regards baby’s toys as “blessings” and has designed a series of toys specifically for baby’s development needs.

  The famous Italian educator Montessori believes that: “The essence of children is work (activity), work is play, toys are materials for children’s work, and there are toys that do not fail their work; there are toys that can arouse children’s work interest, In order to focus on learning, and to help them construct and develop themselves.

The provision and application of toys are directly related to the effect of children’s learning.

“Mr. Lu Xun once said,” Games are children’s angels.

We must pay attention to children’s growth, we must pay attention to children’s play; to pay attention to children’s play, we must know the toys used by children.

In fact, if you look at the history of preschool education at home and abroad, you can clearly see that those who highlight preschool education must recognize the educational value of toys.

Contemporary preschool education research and practice also fully prove that toys have an irreplaceable role in promoting the development of baby’s cognitive ability.

  Promoting perception and improving perception is the main way for babies to recognize external things and increase their knowledge.

In the middle of a child’s life, as the speech ability is relatively low, the information obtained by the baby is mainly image information obtained through perception, and toys with their vivid and exaggerated images, bright and bright colors stimulate the baby to use various senses to contact.

In the process of contacting with toys, the baby sees, hears, tastes, touches, and touches toys of different materials, which strengthens the sensory sensibility and observation ability and promotes the improvement of perception ability.

  Parents should create a rich environment of toys for babies at home.

  Toy preparation should take into account the toy’s color, size, shape and other characteristics, to prepare different colors for the baby, serious and obvious toys, the size of the toy should consider the baby’s height characteristics.

In addition, in the process of the baby’s contact with the toy, parents should strengthen the guidance of the baby’s perception ability, so that the baby can “jump” to pick apples.

If you can guide your baby to touch velvet, silk, plastic toys, let him talk about feelings.

Take a look, let him see the different colors of the toys, let him choose the toys that he likes to play, compare the shades of the colors of the toys, and let the baby have a preliminary awareness of the colors.

Every move allows him to feel the weight of the toy, and also allows him to lift balloons and big blocks, and talk about the heavier ones.

  Promoting baby language development The toy itself is a tool for the baby’s expression and expression. Compared with the socially established language symbol system, the toy is a more convenient “language” for the baby.

The toy is a “wordless book”, which is more like a “syllabus” or an open “textbook”, leaving the learner with an autonomous restructuring of opposition, a space for imagination, and a desire for expression for the babyThe baby can express freely to create a suitable language environment.

  Babies develop their own spoken language while playing with toys.

  The exchange of toys, the exchange of gameplay, and the reset of language between babies make progress in the subtle way.

“Can I play with your trolley?

“Can I join you in the game of building blocks?”

“Can I trade my ducklings for your ducklings?”



“”let’s play together.

“I’m playing, I’ll play it for you later.”

“You can see the use of politeness in the conversation between the two babies. They used politeness so appropriately.

  The baby will produce a lot of “muttering” phenomenon in the process of contact with the toy.

  The production of these “talks to oneself” has a significant role in the development of baby language.

When my daughter was playing in the “Doll House”, she would pick up a rag doll, place it on a small stool, and smiled and said to her, “The doll is beautiful but not as good as Allison.

Allison wants to dress the doll as beautiful as Allison.

“Jia Jia began to put on the rag doll.

“Extend your legs, raise your hands, and just pull the clothes on. Mom said that and she was obedient, and the clothes were ready.

“In the process of dialogue, Jiajia can grind his language in a logical and logical way, and she also uses her mother’s language to dress her dolls.

  The language of early babies fully demonstrated their verbal skills in a pretend identity, without having to worry about whether they were right or wrong.When Jiajia “speaks to herself,” she can pretend her mother’s voice, intonation, and movement when she is dressing herself.

She can think of it as her mother talking, not her own.

  Toys can also promote the reorganization of baby’s written language. For example, in the “kitten fishing” set of toys, the symbols of these toys, such as “bait” and “fishing rod”, can give the baby a preliminary understanding of the meaning of the text.Toys, counting toys, etc., can directly train your baby’s understanding of written text.

  In the process of playing various toys, the baby uses precise and specific language to change the language creatively with specific perception and action, thereby developing the cognition and understanding of the real world transformed by language.

Therefore, parents should make full use of toys to train their baby’s language skills.

  Promoting the development of baby’s imagination. Toys have the universal characteristics of virtuality or symbolism, and are marked with “pretend”, which provides the baby with full freedom or space for imagination.

In the process of baby’s contact with toys, the phenomenon of replacing objects with people or objects often occurs, that is, using toys as real objects or people in real life.

Parents need to be “careful people” for toys, and think carefully about the use of toys to inspire the baby’s imagination.

  Some time ago I found out that my daughter likes playing “light sticks” very much, so I organized a “magic light stick” family activity, and the participants were all daughter’s children.

The activity is mainly for everyone to say what is acceptable for the stick and perform the purpose of the light stick on the spot.

The daughter said, “You can be chalk.

The chalk is so long that the teacher does not need to change it.

“Ding Ding said,” You can be noodles.

So thick, the noodles can be much less.

“” Can also be a twig.

It is a small branch without leaves in winter.

“. I didn’t think of it before.

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Gouteng tea is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription with Gouteng tea as its main medicine.

In the concept of many older parents, hook tea and newborn babies should be protected from the wind, take a shower, and breast milk as soon as possible, it seems that a newborn’s health care routine.

“Open tea” made from hook tea is often used to remove fetal poisons, aid digestion, facilitate bowel movements, prevent convulsions, and defeat fever.

As long as the staff in the Chinese pharmacy listen to it for newborn babies, they will often grab a few medicines and put them into the medicine bag without weighing.

In general, Uncaria tea mainly includes Uncaria, Cicada, Mutong, Rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, Stiff silkworm, Poria cocos, Honeysuckle, Chenpi and other medicines.

  Uncooked vine, also known as double hooked vine, warbler claw wind, is a stalk with branch of Rubiaceae vine.

The preliminary written records of Gouteng’s use of medicine can be found in “Special Records of Famous Doctors” by Tao Hongjing during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The ancient doctors regarded it as light and clear, and regarded it as a special medicine for children. Tao Hongjing pointed out in the book: “Treat children.square.

“The vine has a cool and sweet flavor, has heat-clearing and liver-relieving, and the wind will be shocked.

The chemical constituents of the decoction of modern medicine research include ophylline, isophylline and so on.

In clinical practice, Uncaria grandis is widely infected with headache, dizziness, cold and panic, startle twitch, pregnancy headache, hypertension and other complications.

The main drugs in Uncaria tea are generally heat-clearing, tonic, breath-breathing, spleen-stomach and stomach-melting drugs, which are relatively mild, and are generally safer because of the lighter amount of medicines held by general medical officers.

However, when taking it to newborn babies, especially some premature babies, there are still some issues to be aware of: First, the swallowing function of the child is perfect at birth, and it is very beneficial to regularize the child’s diet.

However, because the lower esophageal sphincter pressure is lower at the “inlet” of the stomach of the child, and the pyloric sphincter is well developed at the “outlet” of the stomach, prone to milking and vomiting are more likely to occur, which is easier for preterm infants.

Therefore, special attention should be paid when feeding. Premature babies are generally not recommended to take hook tea, it can be taken when the weight is close to term.

  Second, the activity of glucose glucosal acetal transferase in neonates is low, especially in premature babies, which is the occurrence of physiological jaundice in newborns.

The heat-clearing and damp-wet medicine in Gouteng tea has some effects on both ends of yellow, and can promote the effect of yellowing.

But when the neonatal jaundice appears abnormally early and the jaundice is more severe, it is usually pathological. At this time, the hook tea has no effect and requires timely medical treatment.

  Third, although the kidneys of newborns have the same number of nephrons as adults, they are still immature in histology, their glomerular filtration function is low, and their renal concentrating function is poor.Use sparingly or with caution.

  Fourth, the amount of decoction in pediatric crochet tea is usually 30?
50ml, twice daily.

When children are born, the taste is well developed. A small amount of sucrose can be added to the soup, but not too much.

Wash your mouth with warm boiling water after feeding to prevent the medicine from irritating your mouth.

  It is important to remind that if your baby is very healthy at birth, you don’t have to take “hook tea”.

When parents think that it is necessary for their children to use hooked tea, they should also consult a doctor first. After understanding the specific situation of the baby, the doctor will prescribe a suitable “hook rattan tea” prescription.

Freckle beauty therapy

Freckle beauty therapy

Click to buy Urban life Skin is subject to various pollution and radiation, so it is particularly easy to cause skin problems such as long spots.

Here are three recommended freckle treatments.

. one, wolfberry beauty materials: 120 grams of fresh wolfberry, 60 grams of dried wolfberry, water.

  Method: wolfberry has been added with water for boiling and replacing tea, without any restriction.

  Second, Chinese melon seed kernel beauty materials: 5 grams of winter melon seeds, 6 grams of orange peel, 12 grams of peach blossom, flour.

  Method: Mix the materials and grind them into fine powder, then use rice soup to serve after meals. Served 3 times a day for several months, the surface can become white and tender and smooth.

  Third, watermelon seed kernel material: 50 grams of watermelon seed kernels, 200 grams of osmanthus, 100 grams of orange peel.

  Method: Mix the ingredients into fine powder, and take rice soup after meals, 3 spoons a day, one spoon at a time. It will turn white after taking one month.

Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement


Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement

Finally say goodbye to the painful acne, but the acne is gone, but the acne mark is left.

Looking at these traces, dark or light, or dark or gray, you are very distressed.

There are actually ways to remove these acne marks.

However, just like fighting acne, removing acne marks is also a hard and outstanding struggle.

You need perseverance and patience to achieve flawless beauty.

  The prevention of acne marks is mainly at any time, and we should uphold this principle: prevention is the priority, and treatment is the supplement.

Wait until the acne marks have formed, and of course it is better to prevent them before they appear.

  Therefore, do not squeeze yourself during the period of acne swelling and inflammation.

Most severe acne scars are related to squeezing on your own.

Unsterilized skin and finger instruments, unprofessional methods, and incorrect judgment of the degree of acne are all incorrect methods.

In this way, it is easy to hurt the dermis when squeezing acne, and the pits and stains left are a regret that cannot be eliminated for life.

  Two types of acne scars: once the skin is damaged by improper compression, the skin cavity is actually a slight scar and is permanent.

  Don’t hope that a certain skin care product can help you fill these holes.

Acne marks and acne scars are leftover products of acne, which clarifies the cause.

  Many friends are busy looking for various secret recipes for clearing acne under the constant complication of acne. In a series of continuous exercises, this is even more harmful to the fragile facial environment.

  Sometimes it can cause more new acne or cause skin damage.

Therefore, when removing acne, you should make clear the method and focus of removing acne.

After the acne is cured, focus on the acne marks.

  Acne marks: Usually, after the acne has subsided, there will be dark red or light red acne marks. After a few days, you will become scared when you find that the color becomes darker or darker brown. At this time, the pigment has settled into the dermisIt is also difficult for any skin care product to rejuvenate and completely eliminate these residual traces.

It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

In order to maintain oral and dental hygiene in life, we need to brush our teeth every day. Brushing can remove the threat of bacteria and effectively protect the health of our teeth.

But do you really brush your teeth?

Brushing habits, details will also affect the health of the teeth.

Now let ‘s talk about five common mistakes when brushing your teeth!

  Five common wrong brushing methods. Too many people brush their teeth with cold water. They are accustomed to directly tap water to brush their teeth with cold water, but they will stimulate people with sensitive dentin and are not conducive to the effective substances in toothpaste.

  It is advisable to use warm water near body temperature when brushing your teeth.

  Too strong brushing with a stiff toothbrush can cause permanent damage to the protective enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity, damage to the teeth, and gum shrinkage.

It is best to buy a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth gently in a circle, at least twice a day, about 2 minutes each time.

In addition, the smaller toothbrush head can be easily rotated in the mouth, and the flexible handle is more conducive to cleaning the posterior molar.

  A horizontal brush survey shows that more than 90% of Chinese people use a horizontal brushing method.

  But in fact, this is a wrong way of brushing. The horizontal brushing can not remove the garbage in the gap between the teeth. At the same time, it may cause problems such as wedge defects at the root of the teeth, gum damage, and sensitive dentin.

  Too short brushing time Too many people brush their teeth for a short time, even less than one minute. This does not effectively remove dental plaque, which can easily lead to dental caries and gum disease.

  It is recommended not to shorten the brushing time by 2 minutes, and to thoroughly clean all parts of the teeth, including the easy places such as the gaps and teeth.

  Excessive use of scrub toothpastes Some toothpastes, especially toothpastes that have the ability to remove tartar, contain scrub particles.

In addition to cleaning tartar, it will corrode the enamel and shrink the gums.

The fluoride in toothpaste is what we really need.

  A good way to brush your teeth. 1. The vertical brush method is to place the tip of the toothbrush bristles at the junction of the gums and crowns. Tilt it slightly in the direction of the teeth. Brush downwards when you brush your teeth, and brush upwards when you brush your teeth.Brush both the outside and the occlusal surface.

Repeated brushing several times on the same area.

This method can effectively eliminate plaque and soft dirt, and can stimulate the gums to keep the shape of the gums normal.

  2. The tremor method refers to that the bristles make a 45-degree angle with the teeth when brushing, so that part of the bristles enter the gap between the gums and the tooth surface, and the other part extends into the gap between the teeth and makes short-term tremors.

When the occlusal surface of the brush is used, the bristles should lie flat on the tooth surface, making a short distance back and forth.

Each part can brush 2-3 teeth.

Brush both inside and outside of the teeth.

Although this method is also a horizontal brush, because it is a short-range horizontal brush, it basically trembles horizontally at the original position. It is arranged with a large horizontal brushing, which will not damage the tooth anatomy and will not easily hurt the gums.

  3. Physiological brushing means that the front end of the bristles of the tooth is in contact with the tooth surface, and then it is gently brushed toward the gums.

This method includes food that slightly stimulates the gum as it passes through the gums, promotes blood circulation to the gums, and helps keep periodontal tissues healthy.

In short, brush your teeth gently, not too hard, but repeatedly.

Every side of the tooth must be brushed, especially the rearmost molars. Be sure to extend the toothbrush into it.

If you combine the previous methods, the effect will be better.

Every time you brush your teeth, if you are not assured, you can also look in the mirror to see if it is clean. Only by taking it seriously can you ensure the effect of brushing your teeth.

Dark skin sin is always UV

Dark skin sin is always UV

Although human skin is prone to darkening under intense sunlight, the skin becomes darker, and the sins are not necessarily the fault of “ultraviolet rays”!

  Ultraviolet rays in the sun can stimulate melanin in the skin, cause skin diseases such as freckles, and affect your appearance. Therefore, medical beauty experts will expose the sun to the enemies of skin fitness, especially women. Beware, even in the cold winter, the “ultraviolet” alsoIt is still strong, so it is best to apply sunscreen when going out.

In addition, because the maintenance time of sunscreen is short, usually 2-3 hours, so remember to use it repeatedly!

  In addition to ultraviolet rays, there are actually many reasons for skin darkening: 1. Some people shower too hard. Some people like to rub their skin hard when taking a bath. They want to wash the skin more cleanly. I do n’t know if I use too much force or rub repeatedly.May cause skin darkening, which is called “friction melanosis”.

The mystery of rubbing melanosis has not been fully unveiled, but the relationship with improper rubbing bath has been confirmed by experts. It is mainly due to the local skin being subjected to mechanical stimuli such as strong rubbing pressure, which mostly occurs in bath towels or chemical fiber rubbing.Man in bath towel rubbing hard.

Appears as light brown to dark brown pigmentation, diffuse mesh, high in the clavicle, ribs, scapula, elbows, knees and other bone bulges.

  2. Food Some foods are also the bane of skin blackening. Foods with metal elements such as copper, iron, zinc, etc. must have this disadvantage.

This is because these metal elements can directly or indirectly increase the amount and activity of tyrosine, tyrosinase, dopamine and other substances related to melanin production.

These foods mainly include animal liver, animal kidney, oyster, shrimp, crab, beans, walnuts, black sesame, raisins and so on.

  3, too much drugs can change the normal skin color, about 10% of patients taking quinine appear blue pigment spots on the face.

Among the sedative drugs, chloropronoxacin poses the greatest threat to race, with butterfly spots appearing on the continuous ingestor’s face, and brownish gray, light blue or purple on the arms.

In addition, repeated use of mercury-containing ointments can also leave brown pigments on the affected area.

There are more drugs that cause plasma changes in anticancer drugs, such as Malilan can turn the crystal into brown red, bleomycin can produce melanin accumulation and so on.

Prevent lung brush in the body to prevent lung cancer

Prevent “lung brush” in the body to prevent lung cancer

Preventing lung cancer first protects the body’s “hair brush” smoking is harmful to health. Lung cancer is related to smoking, but it is not the nicotine in tobacco that actually causes lung cancer, but smoking makes the body “hair brush” inactive.
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
The “hair brush” in the lungs helps us clean the human lungs like a big tree upside down. The trunk is called the trachea, then branches left and right, and becomes thinner and finer, finally divided into leaves.
Alveoli are like leaves, and the air is there.
In fact, the inside of human alveoli is absolutely clean.
You might think, “I suck in air, there is so much dust, there is so much to see or not to see.
So why is it absolutely clean and absolutely sterile when it comes to the alveoli?
As I said just now, starting from the trachea, there are 23 levels from “trunk” (trachea) to “leaf” (alveoli).
Of the 23 classifications, the trachea became thinner and thinner.
If the trachea is a tube, the circle inside is not shiny, all are like hair brushes. All the bronchial tubes start from the throat and go down from level to level. The circles around the large and small trachea are “hair brushes””.
What are the “hair brushes” in the lungs? The “hair brushes” should be called “cilia”. They are like wild wheat grown in the field. The wheat is covered with hair.
When the wind blows in the autumn, the field wheat waves billow.
This kind of cilia swing, how many times a minute, is very regular, and it is a swing in one direction, not a random swing.
So dust or any harmful substance comes in and sticks once it is brushed by the cilia brush.
After sticking, swing it in one direction and brush up to the throat.
Passed level by level, and finally all the harmful things were brushed into the throat.
At this time, the throat may be a little itchy, cough and spit it out.
From the bronchi to the lungs, the structure of our body is so delicate and perfect, so that the alveoli must be clean and sterile, maintaining the best state.
Smoking caused the “hair brush” to strike. The real situation is that after smoking, the smoke permeates the trachea and bronchi, all the way to the alveoli, and then the “hair brush” in the bronchus ceases to work and stops.
So which condition is most likely to get lung cancer?
Occasionally, smoking a cigarette, smoking two cigarettes a day, is just a few minutes, then it will be okay to stop for a few minutes, and it will recover after a while.
The problem is that if someone is smoking continuously, his trachea, bronchi, and cilia (“hair brushes”) are paralyzed, and they are not working there.
How many harmful substances are in the air that a person sucks in one day, and as a result, they are piled up today and tomorrow, and they are always piled up. The “hair brush” does not work. How can there be no problem?
So smoking does not directly cause lung cancer, but smoking makes the “hair brush” not to work.
If the pumping is continued all day, one day, one month, one year, three years, and several years, and the “hair brush” does not work well for several years, can this lung be okay?
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
Therefore, it is recommended that smokers have regular CT examinations.

Guishen stew


Guishen stew

Ingredients: 1 hen (black-bone chicken is preferred), Angelica sinensis, 15 grams of Codonopsis, seasoning.

  Method: hens are slaughtered and cured; angelica, codonopsis, onion, ginger, rice wine, and salt are placed in the belly of the chicken, put in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until cooked.

  Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening spleen and warming.

Applicable to chronic illness and physical weakness, less nausea; blood deficiency and fever, pale complexion, palpitations and dizziness.

Also used for chronic hepatitis, anemia is liver and spleen blood deficiency.

  Source: Qiankun Business.

8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro

8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro

Taro belongs to potato and is a common food in life. Whether it is taro beef stewed taro, taro stewed pork ribs, or braised taro, all are loved by many people, so do you know how to make delicious taro?

Do you know the nutritional value of taro?

  First, the efficacy of taro 1. Disinfection and swelling Taro contains a mucoprotein, which can be produced by the body to produce immunoglobulin, or antibody globulin, which can improve the body’s resistance.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can detoxify and suppress the digestion of “bloom and pain” of the human body, including cancer, and can be used as a substitute for tumors and lymph tuberculosis.

  2. Adjust the acid-base balance. Taro is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acid substances accumulated in the body, adjust the body’s acid-base balance, produce the effect of beauty, black hair, and avoid the use of hyperacidity.

  3. Tonic Zhongqi Taro is rich in mucin saponin and a variety of trace elements, which can help the body break down the physiological abnormalities caused by the lack of trace elements, and at the same time can increase appetite and help digestion.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can nourish Zhongqi.

  4. Cancer cancer is rich in nutritional value and can enhance the immune function of the human body. It can be used as a staple food for prostate cancer.

In cancer surgery or surgical radiotherapy, chemotherapy has the role of adjuvant therapy in its rehabilitation process.

  5. Adjust the acid-base balance. Taro is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acid substances accumulated in the body, adjust the body’s acid-base balance, produce the effect of beauty, black hair, and use it to replace hyperacidity.

  6. Adjuvant treatment of diseases has a certain effect on adjuvant treatment of dry stool, goiter, maggots, mastitis, insect bite stings, intestinal worm mass, and acute arthritis.

But be careful not to rub it and apply it to healthy skin, otherwise it will cause dermatitis.

Once this happens, gently scrub with ginger juice.

  7, spleen and stomach, constipation, nourish the spleen and stomach, suitable for people with stomach problems and indigestion.

It is easy to digest, protects the stomach and widens the intestines, can cause constipation, and relieves diarrhea.

Elderly people with habitual constipation can have smooth stools by eating taro.

After a serious illness or a weakened person, it helps to recover.

  8. Improve sleep Recently, it has been reported that taro contains a melatonin that can regulate the physiological rhythm.

Therefore, it is proposed that the elderly eat taro before bed to help sleep.

How to remove oral odor

How to remove oral odor

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that we must treat the bad odor in the mouth as soon as possible. Our current life is busy and our daily routine is abnormal.

Can easily cause various diseases.

Professor Tan Jin, the director of the Department of Stomatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in our peace, this strange phenomenon often occurs, that is, we don’t feel any physical illness, but the mouth has a strange smell.

  Oral bitterness is often associated with bile metabolic disorders.

Usually the mouth bitter reflects the liver and gallbladder hotness or phlegm fever internal disturbance. In the diet, you should not eat hot products such as spicy, sliced, grilled, etc., you can eat cool soups, such as wolfberry leaf egg soup, chrysanthemum, rice, melon sugar, fresh bamboo shootsMeat etc.

  Dysfunction of the digestive system of the chewing gum can cause abnormal secretion of various digestive enzymes, especially the increase of amylase content in saliva, which stimulates the taste buds on the tongue and feels sweet.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is hot and sweet.

Sweet taste reflects the heat of the spleen, which is different from real heat and deficient heat.

Those who are really hot will drink dry mouth and will have yellow urine.

Deficiency in food intake reduces fatigue and fatigue.

In the diet, those who are really hot should avoid hot and spicy products, such as tofu and hot fire, such as tofu cabbage soup, fange pot catfish soup, wild amaranth soup and so on.

Deficiency fever can eat lotus seed sugar water, Huaishan lotus seed boiling duck, Dangshen Huaishan boiling raw fish and so on.

  Oral acid Chinese medicine believes that oral acid is weak in the spleen and stomach, or the liver is hot.

When the liver is hot, the mouth is sour and bitter, the ribs are full of pain, irritability, headache, dizziness, yellow urine, and dry stool.

In terms of diet, those with a hot liver should not eat hot and spicy products such as spicy, fried, and cool products, such as sashimi wolfberry soup, chamomile previous rice porridge, and kelp Mingzi soup.

Those with insufficient spleen deficiency should eat products for strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, such as Dangshen and Qizi Huaishan pot chicken, pepper pot pork belly, bonito rice porridge and so on.

  Oral salty Chinese medicine believes that oral salty is caused by superior kidney fluid.

Overwork, old age, and chronic illness lead to kidney deficiency.

In terms of diet, those with kidney yin deficiency should not eat hot and hot things, and should eat nourishing yin and kidney, such as Huaishan wolfberry stewed water fish, Huangjing Huaishan stewed hen, sea cucumber glutinous rice porridge, Huaishan wolfberry pot and duck.

Those with deficiency of kidney yang should not eat cold cold and cold injury kidney products, should eat warm kidney and impotence, such as antler gum ginger rice porridge, wolfberry chestnut stewed mutton, aconite stewed dog meat, antler slice stewed lean meat and so on.