It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

In order to maintain oral and dental hygiene in life, we need to brush our teeth every day. Brushing can remove the threat of bacteria and effectively protect the health of our teeth.

But do you really brush your teeth?

Brushing habits, details will also affect the health of the teeth.

Now let ‘s talk about five common mistakes when brushing your teeth!

  Five common wrong brushing methods. Too many people brush their teeth with cold water. They are accustomed to directly tap water to brush their teeth with cold water, but they will stimulate people with sensitive dentin and are not conducive to the effective substances in toothpaste.

  It is advisable to use warm water near body temperature when brushing your teeth.

  Too strong brushing with a stiff toothbrush can cause permanent damage to the protective enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity, damage to the teeth, and gum shrinkage.

It is best to buy a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth gently in a circle, at least twice a day, about 2 minutes each time.

In addition, the smaller toothbrush head can be easily rotated in the mouth, and the flexible handle is more conducive to cleaning the posterior molar.

  A horizontal brush survey shows that more than 90% of Chinese people use a horizontal brushing method.

  But in fact, this is a wrong way of brushing. The horizontal brushing can not remove the garbage in the gap between the teeth. At the same time, it may cause problems such as wedge defects at the root of the teeth, gum damage, and sensitive dentin.

  Too short brushing time Too many people brush their teeth for a short time, even less than one minute. This does not effectively remove dental plaque, which can easily lead to dental caries and gum disease.

  It is recommended not to shorten the brushing time by 2 minutes, and to thoroughly clean all parts of the teeth, including the easy places such as the gaps and teeth.

  Excessive use of scrub toothpastes Some toothpastes, especially toothpastes that have the ability to remove tartar, contain scrub particles.

In addition to cleaning tartar, it will corrode the enamel and shrink the gums.

The fluoride in toothpaste is what we really need.

  A good way to brush your teeth. 1. The vertical brush method is to place the tip of the toothbrush bristles at the junction of the gums and crowns. Tilt it slightly in the direction of the teeth. Brush downwards when you brush your teeth, and brush upwards when you brush your teeth.Brush both the outside and the occlusal surface.

Repeated brushing several times on the same area.

This method can effectively eliminate plaque and soft dirt, and can stimulate the gums to keep the shape of the gums normal.

  2. The tremor method refers to that the bristles make a 45-degree angle with the teeth when brushing, so that part of the bristles enter the gap between the gums and the tooth surface, and the other part extends into the gap between the teeth and makes short-term tremors.

When the occlusal surface of the brush is used, the bristles should lie flat on the tooth surface, making a short distance back and forth.

Each part can brush 2-3 teeth.

Brush both inside and outside of the teeth.

Although this method is also a horizontal brush, because it is a short-range horizontal brush, it basically trembles horizontally at the original position. It is arranged with a large horizontal brushing, which will not damage the tooth anatomy and will not easily hurt the gums.

  3. Physiological brushing means that the front end of the bristles of the tooth is in contact with the tooth surface, and then it is gently brushed toward the gums.

This method includes food that slightly stimulates the gum as it passes through the gums, promotes blood circulation to the gums, and helps keep periodontal tissues healthy.

In short, brush your teeth gently, not too hard, but repeatedly.

Every side of the tooth must be brushed, especially the rearmost molars. Be sure to extend the toothbrush into it.

If you combine the previous methods, the effect will be better.

Every time you brush your teeth, if you are not assured, you can also look in the mirror to see if it is clean. Only by taking it seriously can you ensure the effect of brushing your teeth.