How to choose foundation?

Pick the right skin for Mr.


How to choose foundation?
Pick the right skin for Mr.


Autumn and winter are getting closer. In addition to clothes and skin care products, makeup products will also be changed to autumn and winter mode.

Everyone’s skin is different. What kind of foundation is best for you?

Today, Xiaobian brings you a few more comprehensive foundations, which are roughly classified according to the types of foundation and skin types. I hope you can find the one that suits you!


Cream-type foundation: Suitable for dispersive, inelastic skin, the skin of women with a high age is mostly loose, lacking elasticity and moisture.

The cream foundation has a high degree of moisturization, and it also has overlapping additional forces and tightening properties. To a certain extent, it can cover skin that is displaced, inelastic, and lacks moisture.

  But because it is creamy, the oil content of this type of foundation will be subdivided, and there will be a heavy feeling after applying on the face.

Therefore, it is not suitable to use it for acne, and girls with acne muscle should not try it easily!

  How to use: The use of foundation cream is similar to that of liquid foundation.

The difference is that before use, dig out an appropriate amount and put it on the back of the hand, and push it with your fingertips to make a “wake-up” action, and then you can apply makeup more thoroughly.

After applying makeup, girls with oily skin should use oil-absorbent tissue paper to absorb excess oil.


Stick type foundation: This type of foundation is suitable for skin with less smooth skin type, which is mostly used for those with non-smooth skin.

Because of the concealing force, and the good fit with the skin, the foundation stick is often used as a concealer.

  How to use: When using, you need to gently apply the entire face before strengthening it locally.

It should be noted that it must be melted with the temperature of the hand before spreading it, otherwise it is easy to block the pores!


Powder foundation (loose powder): suitable for skin with relatively rough skin texture. This is what we usually refer to as loose powder. Many girls will use loose powder to set their makeup after using liquid foundation.

But in fact, loose powder is suitable for friends with relatively rough skin texture.

Compared with the stick foundation, its masking effect is relatively higher, but the oil control effect is improved, and the makeup can be kept clean and clean for a longer time.

  How to use: Use a loose powder brush to apply loose powder, and swipe on the face at the same time.

T-shaped areas that are prone to oiling are replaced with a powder puff to loosen the powder and apply makeup in a clogged manner.


Emulsion type foundation (thin): suitable for skin with dull and dull skin. For girls who have dull skin and lack of luster, a thinner foundation is the most suitable.

A small amount of thin liquid foundation contains excessive moisture, which can moisturize the skin well.

And light moisture can greatly reduce the burden on the skin.

  However, although the thin liquid foundation makes the skin full of luster, it is also its disadvantage-even if it is too thin, its concealing power is naturally weak.

Therefore, a small amount of thinner liquid foundation will be more suitable for girls with no blemishes on their skin!


Emulsion foundation (dense): suitable for skin that sweats a lot and is easy to remove makeup. In terms of the previous thinner emulsion foundation, a thicker emulsion foundation can adhere to the skin well, so it can be wellKeep your makeup.

In summer, it is easy to sweat and to remove makeup, so many girls choose thicker liquid foundation in summer.

But because of the heavy weight of these products, girls with dry skin should use it with caution!

  Method of applying liquid foundation with a brush: The method of applying liquid foundation is the same whether it is thin or thick.

Many girls are accustomed to using foundation on their hands in daily life and are not familiar with the use of makeup brushes.
Here is a demonstration by Yu Doudou, a recognized expert group, to teach you how to apply foundation with a brush!

  Tips1: Use the uniform to apply makeup, and you can quickly spread the foundation to a wooden board without dead ends.

  Tips2: Regardless of the part of the brush, the number of times the brush is applied to the foundation must be consistent, so as to ensure the uniformity of the base makeup. Tips3: Draw along the direction of the contour, which can make the contour of the contour look more three-dimensional.

Powder foundation (traditional foundation): Suitable for oily skin. This is what we usually call foundation.

The previous concealing ability is its advantage, but at the same time it also gives a thick, rigid feeling, causing the skin to lose its natural radiance.

And natural makeup is an eternal popular indicator, so you can’t use powder foundation alone!

  How to use: If you use the powder alone, you will see a very serious floating powder phenomenon. I believe that too many girls have encountered this situation.

Therefore, the foundation needs to be used with the emulsion foundation-after the emulsion foundation is moisturized, then the foundation can be used for better makeup.


Liquid Foundation Foundation (Air Cushion BB Cream): Liquid foundation foundation for dry skin, which is often referred to as “Air Cushion BB Cream”, which has been popular in Korean dramas these years, and this foundation has become popular overnight.

However, it should be noted that due to its relatively small viscosity and large amount of oil, it is only suitable for friends with dry skin.

If you have an oily face, don’t try it!

  This type of foundation usually contains some nourishing ingredients such as essential oils during the production process, so it will be a little greasy, but it has a covering property that replaces and can maintain a continuous makeup.

Therefore, air cushion BB cream is definitely a lucky star for dry skin girls in winter!

  How to use: After doing moisturizing before makeup, use a cushion puff to apply BB cream in a blocking manner, and then continue to apply makeup in a blocking and patting manner. The dull areas of the skin overlap multiple times.

  After reading the introduction of various foundations above, I wonder if you have found a product that suits you?

After applying the foundation, both the complexion and the skin will greatly increase, but I want to remind everyone: the particles of the foundation products become more and more delicate, it is easy to block pores, and even cause closed acne!

Therefore, the makeup removal work must not be ignored, and every time you make up your makeup carefully!