How to make men avoid Hedong lion roar

How to make men avoid “Hedong lion roar”

The latest issue of the “Fashion and Healthy Men’s Edition” of the United States published a list. Concerned men can check it out and avoid the minefield carefully:
You are a poor man. You always care how much my new hairstyle or handbag costs, but never mention how much money you waste on lottery and gaming sites.
As long as I haven’t got the money to the shared account, I will ignore you.
  A woman is looking forward to this scene—every time we see us change our hairstyle and go home, the perfect boyfriend should say, “Wow, very sexy hairstyle.
“After a few days, inadvertently raise your concerns about your financial situation and propose to save money together.
You are always vague. A man seems to be a vague master. When talking about the future, we always wonder whether you have planned us into your future.
For example, you mentioned that your friend’s wedding will be held in 3 months, but you never ask me if I would like to attend a wedding banquet with you.
If you have me in your future, keep including me in the conversation.
You don’t use the phone to tease. It’s more attentive to meet a woman on the phone.
This requires more courage, which is one of the reasons why women appreciate you.
Doing so will make you stand out among a group of men who only text us.