Month: February 2020

Good guys do n’t wait to be cultivated

Good guys do n’t wait to be cultivated Many people in their 20s have generally gone through their own love process and have reached a stage of consciousness of marriage, but they cannot develop further because they are not in the right time. As soon as he entered 30-year-old biology, the bachelor men around him suddenly decreased, and even the chance of falling in love became difficult to grasp. By the age of 35, it was almost time to seriously consider the issue of marriage, but the object of my heart had never appeared, which was really anxious. After all,… Read More

Mix and match more nutritious-coarse rice chicken fruit salad

Mix and match more nutritious-coarse rice chicken fruit salad Life, don’t be too real with yourself, without such rules, just casual! Some small mistakes are allowed in the kitchen!   Everyone has eaten salad. Can you mix rice with salad? Hehe, I did it! I made coarse rice last time, and there was a small bowl of rice left. I paired it with fruits and followed Western practices to mix and match. I made this flour rice chicken shredded fruit salad. Very healthy and comprehensive. And the universe is very low!   I have always preferred coarse rice, not how good it… Read More

Autumn detox tricks to be an unburdened beauty_1

Fall detox tricks to be an unburdened beauty Modern people are more and more aware of detoxification and beauty. Only by removing toxins from the body in time can we maintain good health and beautiful skin. So how is detoxification most effective in daily life? Teach you how to detox in the fall, and be an unburdened beauty ever since. Hypertension is too high, it is not discharged in time, it is easy to accumulate on the wall of blood vessels, narrow the blood vessels, and cause diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Foods that can lower cholesterol are: onions,… Read More

How to choose foundation?

Pick the right skin for Mr. Right_1 How to choose foundation? Pick the right skin for Mr. Correct Autumn and winter are getting closer. In addition to clothes and skin care products, makeup products will also be changed to autumn and winter mode. Everyone’s skin is different. What kind of foundation is best for you? Today, Xiaobian brings you a few more comprehensive foundations, which are roughly classified according to the types of foundation and skin types. I hope you can find the one that suits you!   1. Cream-type foundation: Suitable for dispersive, inelastic skin, the skin of women with… Read More


10个荸荠赛过退烧药! 每年冬天十一二月份是荸荠盛产的季节,荸荠皮色紫黑,肉质洁白,味甜多汁,清脆可口,既可作为水果,又能当蔬菜,自古有“地下雪梨”之美誉,北方人则视它为“江南人参”。  荸荠中蛋白质和碳水化合物含量比较丰富,但热量却不是很高。中医认为,荸荠是寒性食物,既可清热泻火,又可补充营养,对于发烧初期  的病人有非常好的退烧作用,每次10个左右即可。它具有凉血解毒、利尿通便、化湿祛痰、消食除胀等功效。  我国清代著名的温病学家吴鞠通治疗热病伤津口渴的名方“五汁饮”,就是用荸荠、梨、藕、芦根和麦冬榨汁配合而成的。这五种汁都是甘寒清凉养阴之品,很适合刚开始发烧以及高烧刚退的患者饮用,但高烧期间者不宜饮用。在呼吸道传染病较多的季节,吃鲜荸荠还有利于流脑、麻疹、百日咳以及急性咽喉炎的防治。  冬季儿童发烧现象较多,荸荠也很适合儿童食用。它不但能起到退烧作用,还能促进孩子牙齿和骨骼的发育。  这是因为荸荠中含的磷是根茎类蔬菜中较高的,它能促进人体生长发育和维持生理功能的需要,同时还可促进体内的糖、脂肪、蛋白质三大物质的代谢,调节酸碱平衡。英国在对荸荠的研究中还发现了一种不耐热的抗菌成分———荸荠英,它对金黄色葡萄球菌、大肠杆菌等均有一定的抑制作用,还能降血压。这种物质还对肺部、食道和乳腺的癌肿有防治作用。  但荸荠不宜生吃,荸荠生长在泥中,外皮和内部都有可能附着着较多的细菌和寄生虫,一定要洗净煮透后方可食用,而且煮熟的荸荠更甜。

Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious

Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious After giving birth, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, the new mother must focus on warming up the ingredients and post-natal medicated meals. It has a positive effect on promoting postpartum rehabilitation.   1. Raw materials of Sishen pig liver porridge: 30g of pork liver (pig heart), 3 lotus seeds, 20g of barley kernels, 15g of barley fruit, 30g of Huaishan yam, 200ml of Yuenao soup   Method: Soak lotus seeds and coix seed with Yuenai Tang for two hours. Wash the yam and pork liver (pig heart) and dice. Cover the above… Read More

How to make men avoid Hedong lion roar

How to make men avoid “Hedong lion roar” The latest issue of the “Fashion and Healthy Men’s Edition” of the United States published a list. Concerned men can check it out and avoid the minefield carefully: You are a poor man. You always care how much my new hairstyle or handbag costs, but never mention how much money you waste on lottery and gaming sites. As long as I haven’t got the money to the shared account, I will ignore you.   A woman is looking forward to this scene—every time we see us change our hairstyle and go home, the… Read More

Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough

Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough Spring is here, and influenza is coming along. I accidentally caught it and coughed. What should I do? The following dietary methods may help you.   1, Yuzhu porridge material: Yuzhu 15g fresh double, previous rice 50g.   Method: Wash and chop the Yuzhu, add water decoction to take the juice to remove the residue, and use the Yuzhu juice to make porridge (should add water to make porridge). Take 2 warm meals in the morning and evening. One week is a course of treatment, and the second course of treatment is stopped for one week.… Read More

Eight foods to help you clear your stomach and lower blood lipids

Eight foods to help you clear your stomach and lower blood lipids Today’s estimates of the “three highs” are too many, which is not conducive to lowering blood lipids and protecting the cardiovascular system. Nutrition experts believe that people should often eat vegetarian scraping oil. The following 8 foods have the effect of lowering fat and clearing the intestines to keep your health.   1. Oatmeal has cholesterol and blood lipid lowering effects. Oat contains rich soluble dietary fiber not found in other grains. This fiber is easily absorbed by the human body and has low radiation, which is not only… Read More

People who speak less can become clumsy

People who speak less can become clumsy Seven bad habits are bad for your brain health. Look at how many of them you have: 1. Long-term satiety: Modern nutritional studies have found that substances that are called ‘fibroblast growth factors’ in the brain increase significantly after eating too much. If you eat for a long time, it will inevitably lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, premature brain failure and mental decline. In terms of the amount of diet, “eating to be full” is still a dietary requirement for quite a lot of people. Many people who eat sea meals three times a… Read More