Month: December 2019

8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro

8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro Taro belongs to potato and is a common food in life. Whether it is taro beef stewed taro, taro stewed pork ribs, or braised taro, all are loved by many people, so do you know how to make delicious taro? Do you know the nutritional value of taro?   First, the efficacy of taro 1. Disinfection and swelling Taro contains a mucoprotein, which can be produced by the body to produce immunoglobulin, or antibody globulin, which can improve the body’s resistance. Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can detoxify and suppress the digestion… Read More

How to remove oral odor

How to remove oral odor Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that we must treat the bad odor in the mouth as soon as possible. Our current life is busy and our daily routine is abnormal. Can easily cause various diseases. Professor Tan Jin, the director of the Department of Stomatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in our peace, this strange phenomenon often occurs, that is, we don’t feel any physical illness, but the mouth has a strange smell.   Oral bitterness is often associated with bile metabolic disorders. Usually the… Read More

Appetite reflects your health

Appetite reflects your health Occasionally, the lack of appetite is mostly a signal of spleen and stomach deficiency, while refractory food is often the onset of atrophic gastritis, and even the possibility of gastric cancer and squamous cell carcinoma. Intractable anorexia is still often a sign of liver depression, psychosis, and depression. If anorexia is accompanied by nausea, it is often a signal of renal failure and uremia, late-stage diabetes acidosis, and ketone poisoning. Hypothyroidism will also have varying degrees of appetite deterioration.   In contrast to the lack of appetite, the appetite is greatly increased. If you find that you… Read More

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help Nephritis is a group of diabetes mellitus that is mediated by immune and participates in the proliferation medium, which eventually leads to inflammatory changes in the inherent tissues of the kidney and causes varying degrees of renal dysfunction. If you want to have good nephritis, here is a recommended dietetic method.A certain type of diet is as follows: . 2 Chen bamboo leaf tea: Chen Pei, Chen scoop, 10 grams each, 20 fresh bamboo leaves, sugar. Decoction until boiling, add sugar, this medicinal tea functions to relieve swelling, is suitable for… Read More

A bad mood

A bad mood Have you ever wanted to thunder at someone for no reason? Or weep for the little things you usually don’t care about? In daily life, people occasionally have weird tempers, complaints, and irritability, and this serious emotion seems to have no reason to emerge.   But in fact bad things are always attributed to some annoyances, some quarrels with her husband or missed promotion. Weird temperament and depression are not the same as depression. Bad moods automatically disappear for hours or days. Once you know that you are in a bad mood, how to cope with it next… Read More

Laughing Yoga in India

Laughing Yoga in India Laughing Yoga in India is a special yoga featuring imitating animal expressions. It includes a total of 24 different laughing expressions, such as the expressions of lions, tigers, apes and other animals. It can quickly stimulate people’s laughter cells and make people who laugh laugh more than laugh. It is said that the least loved country in the world is Germany. Because of the long-term emotional depression, the German government introduced India’s laughing yoga very seriously and became a fashion in a short time.   Laughing Yoga Warm-up Preparation-Walking in the forest Laughing Yoga is also an… Read More

Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality

_1 Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality In the business districts of large and medium cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, we always see such scenes. At five o’clock early in the morning, crowds at work appeared on the street. They hurriedly walked, their faces were yellow, and there were dark bags under their eyes. Shuttle down the street, between the office buildings, there seems to be a heavy burden on his shoulders. How to keep away from sub-health? . hzh {display: none; }  好睡眠成了现代人的梦想  棉花涨价了、房子涨价了、汽油涨价了……一时间,我们吃、穿、住、行的成本,都止不住的Raise up. In the face of all this, our wages have remained motionless. Searching for the… Read More

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin_1

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin A long-term bad lifestyle easily leads to skin problems, so we are no longer “red powder” beauty!   Situation 1: Facing the computer crisis: Facing the computer all day directly affects skin color. The radiation from the computer will cause the skin to quickly lose moisture, making the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust on the fluorescent screen will be adsorbed to the skin.   Training improvement plan: 1. Increase the number of times you wash your face, such as washing your face twice in the morning and afternoon,… Read More

Affect baby growth

Affect baby growth According to data from various carbonated beverages, 60% of children who prefer blended carbonated beverages develop normally due to calcium deficiency. Especially, the content of phosphorus in cola-type beverages is too high, which leads to imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, which causes developmental delay.   Too much sugar in various candies and sweet drinks will affect the trace consumption in the body, cause trace accumulation, and then affect calcium metabolism. Some professionals believe that if you eat 16% of your total sugar? 18%, it can disturb calcium metabolism in the body, interfere with calcification in… Read More

Morning exercise adds health points

Morning exercise adds health points A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything. Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits. Here is a selection of some health knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body and live a healthy and happy day!   Always hear office workers say “work is too busy, no time to exercise.” Exercise does take time, but as… Read More