8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro

8 amazing effects of anti-cancer and beauty taro

Taro belongs to potato and is a common food in life. Whether it is taro beef stewed taro, taro stewed pork ribs, or braised taro, all are loved by many people, so do you know how to make delicious taro?

Do you know the nutritional value of taro?

  First, the efficacy of taro 1. Disinfection and swelling Taro contains a mucoprotein, which can be produced by the body to produce immunoglobulin, or antibody globulin, which can improve the body’s resistance.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can detoxify and suppress the digestion of “bloom and pain” of the human body, including cancer, and can be used as a substitute for tumors and lymph tuberculosis.

  2. Adjust the acid-base balance. Taro is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acid substances accumulated in the body, adjust the body’s acid-base balance, produce the effect of beauty, black hair, and avoid the use of hyperacidity.

  3. Tonic Zhongqi Taro is rich in mucin saponin and a variety of trace elements, which can help the body break down the physiological abnormalities caused by the lack of trace elements, and at the same time can increase appetite and help digestion.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that taro can nourish Zhongqi.

  4. Cancer cancer is rich in nutritional value and can enhance the immune function of the human body. It can be used as a staple food for prostate cancer.

In cancer surgery or surgical radiotherapy, chemotherapy has the role of adjuvant therapy in its rehabilitation process.

  5. Adjust the acid-base balance. Taro is an alkaline food that can neutralize the acid substances accumulated in the body, adjust the body’s acid-base balance, produce the effect of beauty, black hair, and use it to replace hyperacidity.

  6. Adjuvant treatment of diseases has a certain effect on adjuvant treatment of dry stool, goiter, maggots, mastitis, insect bite stings, intestinal worm mass, and acute arthritis.

But be careful not to rub it and apply it to healthy skin, otherwise it will cause dermatitis.

Once this happens, gently scrub with ginger juice.

  7, spleen and stomach, constipation, nourish the spleen and stomach, suitable for people with stomach problems and indigestion.

It is easy to digest, protects the stomach and widens the intestines, can cause constipation, and relieves diarrhea.

Elderly people with habitual constipation can have smooth stools by eating taro.

After a serious illness or a weakened person, it helps to recover.

  8. Improve sleep Recently, it has been reported that taro contains a melatonin that can regulate the physiological rhythm.

Therefore, it is proposed that the elderly eat taro before bed to help sleep.

How to remove oral odor

How to remove oral odor

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that we must treat the bad odor in the mouth as soon as possible. Our current life is busy and our daily routine is abnormal.

Can easily cause various diseases.

Professor Tan Jin, the director of the Department of Stomatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in our peace, this strange phenomenon often occurs, that is, we don’t feel any physical illness, but the mouth has a strange smell.

  Oral bitterness is often associated with bile metabolic disorders.

Usually the mouth bitter reflects the liver and gallbladder hotness or phlegm fever internal disturbance. In the diet, you should not eat hot products such as spicy, sliced, grilled, etc., you can eat cool soups, such as wolfberry leaf egg soup, chrysanthemum, rice, melon sugar, fresh bamboo shootsMeat etc.

  Dysfunction of the digestive system of the chewing gum can cause abnormal secretion of various digestive enzymes, especially the increase of amylase content in saliva, which stimulates the taste buds on the tongue and feels sweet.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is hot and sweet.

Sweet taste reflects the heat of the spleen, which is different from real heat and deficient heat.

Those who are really hot will drink dry mouth and will have yellow urine.

Deficiency in food intake reduces fatigue and fatigue.

In the diet, those who are really hot should avoid hot and spicy products, such as tofu and hot fire, such as tofu cabbage soup, fange pot catfish soup, wild amaranth soup and so on.

Deficiency fever can eat lotus seed sugar water, Huaishan lotus seed boiling duck, Dangshen Huaishan boiling raw fish and so on.

  Oral acid Chinese medicine believes that oral acid is weak in the spleen and stomach, or the liver is hot.

When the liver is hot, the mouth is sour and bitter, the ribs are full of pain, irritability, headache, dizziness, yellow urine, and dry stool.

In terms of diet, those with a hot liver should not eat hot and spicy products such as spicy, fried, and cool products, such as sashimi wolfberry soup, chamomile previous rice porridge, and kelp Mingzi soup.

Those with insufficient spleen deficiency should eat products for strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, such as Dangshen and Qizi Huaishan pot chicken, pepper pot pork belly, bonito rice porridge and so on.

  Oral salty Chinese medicine believes that oral salty is caused by superior kidney fluid.

Overwork, old age, and chronic illness lead to kidney deficiency.

In terms of diet, those with kidney yin deficiency should not eat hot and hot things, and should eat nourishing yin and kidney, such as Huaishan wolfberry stewed water fish, Huangjing Huaishan stewed hen, sea cucumber glutinous rice porridge, Huaishan wolfberry pot and duck.

Those with deficiency of kidney yang should not eat cold cold and cold injury kidney products, should eat warm kidney and impotence, such as antler gum ginger rice porridge, wolfberry chestnut stewed mutton, aconite stewed dog meat, antler slice stewed lean meat and so on.

Appetite reflects your health

Appetite reflects your health

Occasionally, the lack of appetite is mostly a signal of spleen and stomach deficiency, while refractory food is often the onset of atrophic gastritis, and even the possibility of gastric cancer and squamous cell carcinoma.

Intractable anorexia is still often a sign of liver depression, psychosis, and depression.

If anorexia is accompanied by nausea, it is often a signal of renal failure and uremia, late-stage diabetes acidosis, and ketone poisoning.

Hypothyroidism will also have varying degrees of appetite deterioration.

  In contrast to the lack of appetite, the appetite is greatly increased.

If you find that you have a sudden hyper appetite, it is mostly a sign of fire in your stomach. Hyperthyroidism and psychosis also have obvious hyper appetite. If you like to eat foreign objects, such as candles, coal, clay, raw rice, etc., it is mostly pediatric accumulation.And a precursor to mental illness.

  A normal person’s mouth is not dry or thirsty, and he knows what to eat. This is called “mouth neutralization”, which indicates that the stomach gas is normal and the body fluid is sufficient.

On the contrary, once the body is out of yin and yang, and the organs are sick, it will lose the feeling of “neutralization of the mouth”. It will show some signals in taste, taste and other aspects: bitterness indicates liver heat or biliary disease; sweetness indicates heat of the spleen; salty mouthMore hints of kidney deficiency, due to the spread of kidney deficiency and kidney fluid; acid mouth is a sign of liver gas overflow, and more hints of liver deficiency; mouth smell is a precursor of lung heat.

Sudden loss of taste in the elderly is often a precursor to cerebral infarction.

Patients who have been bedridden for a long time and who do not want to eat for a long time, if they suddenly want to eat something one day, they may be back to life.

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help

Nephritis is a group of diabetes mellitus that is mediated by immune and participates in the proliferation medium, which eventually leads to inflammatory changes in the inherent tissues of the kidney and causes varying degrees of renal dysfunction. If you want to have good nephritis, here is a recommended dietetic method.A certain type of diet is as follows: . 2 Chen bamboo leaf tea: Chen Pei, Chen scoop, 10 grams each, 20 fresh bamboo leaves, sugar.

Decoction until boiling, add sugar, this medicinal tea functions to relieve swelling, is suitable for nephritis, spleen deficiency, dampness and edema.

  Dried corn beard soup: 60 g of dried corn shall be fried with water and 500 ml to 250 ml, once served, once in the morning and evening, 1 g of potassium, 3 times a day.

Functional diuretic, suitable for nephritis edema.

  Pakchoi rice porridge: 500 grams of cabbage, 60 grams of barley.

Cook the porridge with rice, add the washed and chopped cabbage, the vegetables are hot, and do not cook for a long time.

Eat without salt or low salt, 2 times a day.

  Red bean carp: 100 grams of red bean, one carp (250?
500 g).

Remove the carp from the internal organs, wash them out, and simmer for an hour with no salt.

Day 1?
2 times.

Diuretic swelling, suitable for nephritis edema.

  Garlic Steamed Watermelon: Garlic 30?
45 grams, one watermelon (about 1500 grams).

First dig a hole in the watermelon skin, peel the garlic and add the inside of the watermelon, then plug the hole with the dug melon skin, cover the hole with a small dish upwards, and steam through the water.

Eat it in portions during the hot day.

Lishui swelling, suitable for children with acute nephritis.

  Red bean steamed black-bone chicken: a black-bone hen (weighing about 1500 grams), 300 grams of red beans, one spoon of rice wine, depilated after slaughtered with fine salt, laparotomy, washed, drained, cut into small pieces, washedTake a large porcelain pot, pour half of the chicken pieces first, then half of the red beans, cover with chicken pieces and dirty people, and drizzle with rice wine.

For sweet lovers, add sugar to the chicken nuggets and sprinkle a small spoonful of salt.

Steam over high heat for 3 hours.

  Precautions Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can not only provide the body with multivitamins, transitions and small amounts, but also promote the recovery of renal function. At this time, the supply of sugar should be sufficient.

A bad mood

A bad mood

Have you ever wanted to thunder at someone for no reason?

Or weep for the little things you usually don’t care about?

In daily life, people occasionally have weird tempers, complaints, and irritability, and this serious emotion seems to have no reason to emerge.

  But in fact bad things are always attributed to some annoyances, some quarrels with her husband or missed promotion.

Weird temperament and depression are not the same as depression. Bad moods automatically disappear for hours or days.

Once you know that you are in a bad mood, how to cope with it next is very important. Your coping style may stop your bad mood.

If your mood is getting worse, it means that you have not been able to cope well.

Here are some ideas and practices on how to deal with a bad mood and not let the mood continue.

These suggestions are general references. If it is a special situation such as depression, anxiety or low mood after wounding, it must be a different matter and professional medical treatment is required.

  1 Ask yourself: “What the hell happened?

What makes me feel bad?

“Dedicated to solving problems, looking for ways to solve problems.

When you focus on the problem-solving process, you will be pleasantly surprised that the solution to the problem of bad mood conversion is gradually disappearing.

  2 The above-mentioned habitual approach sometimes does not necessarily work. Once things cannot be clarified at that time or in a short time, or the actual situation at that time is disturbed by bad mood, it is impossible to quickly get started and the mood willSo it gets worse.

A more effective way is to adjust your mood quickly, such as singing karaoke, finding someone to talk about your own mind, or finding something simple but mentally mindful to do . Although these methods may not change reality, they canRegulate emotions. With good emotions, when you look back, things become more effective.

  3Sometimes bad mood is not caused by a specific thing or even caused by depression, so don’t think about simple things too seriously and complicated.

If you have the right concept, otherwise you will prolong your mood for the better, and you will have to suffer from some emotions.

  4 Do more happy things.

Although the inner view of things determines his own mood, people still encounter some uncontrollable factors and cannot completely cause bad mood.

At this time, all the spirit or attention is still placed on the place that can not be changed, it will only increase the pain, and finally end up in pity.

When we are sad, we do not prevent us from selectively doing more happy things. Think about the praise and help your friends have given you, the rewards and care given by your boss . Maybe this can change your mood. Do n’t limit yourself to bad moodInextricable!

  5 When you are in a bad mood, run to the cascade and use your dissatisfied fist on the airbag, open your mouth, and punch a few punches on the tree, your mood may become better.

  6 Favorite music, relaxed and cheerful music always takes us back to happy hometown. When you are in a bad mood, listen to your favorite music and you will realize your happy heartbeat.

Of course, when you sing loudly, your mood may become better.

  Maybe these methods are not suitable for everyone. I hope you find your own way to make your mood happier!

Laughing Yoga in India

Laughing Yoga in India

Laughing Yoga in India is a special yoga featuring imitating animal expressions. It includes a total of 24 different laughing expressions, such as the expressions of lions, tigers, apes and other animals.

It can quickly stimulate people’s laughter cells and make people who laugh laugh more than laugh.

It is said that the least loved country in the world is Germany.

Because of the long-term emotional depression, the German government introduced India’s laughing yoga very seriously and became a fashion in a short time.

  Laughing Yoga Warm-up Preparation-Walking in the forest Laughing Yoga is also an exercise, so warming up is just as important.

The scene of practicing Laughing Yoga is usually in an oxygen-rich forest, so walking slowly in the woods is the way to warm up Laughing Yoga.

Can walking time be 10?
For 30 minutes, clap your hands while walking and take deep breaths from time to time.

The goal is to completely relax your body and emotions in preparation for what follows.

  Laughing Yoga Progressive-Learn the expressions of animals under the guidance of yogis, move the facial muscles, and then imitate the animal expressions of yoga teachers, such as lions, tigers, apes, etc.

Indian Laugh Yoga includes a total of 24 different laughter expressions. These expressions look very funny in themselves, even very restrained people. As long as they do as a yogi, they can naturally be immersed in it. The woods will soon be full ofEnergetic laughter.

  Love to laugh YOGA end-adjusted breathing experience experienced a hearty laughter, facial expressions have been relaxed a lot, sweat has come out a bit, and my mood is also very relaxed.

Like other yogas, laughter yoga requires preparation and collection.

Everyone slowly corrected their smiles, adjusted their breathing, and said to themselves aloud “We are the happiest people in the world” and “We are the healthiest people in the world” while walking in the forest.

After the emotions and heartbeat slowly calmed down, everyone left with ease and joy together.

Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality


Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality

In the business districts of large and medium cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, we always see such scenes.

At five o’clock early in the morning, crowds at work appeared on the street.

They hurriedly walked, their faces were yellow, and there were dark bags under their eyes.

Shuttle down the street, between the office buildings, there seems to be a heavy burden on his shoulders.

How to keep away from sub-health?


hzh {display: none; }  好睡眠成了现代人的梦想  棉花涨价了、房子涨价了、汽油涨价了……一时间,我们吃、穿、住、行的成本,都止不住的Raise up.
In the face of all this, our wages have remained motionless.

Searching for the word “stress” on the Internet will result in hundreds of millions of messages.

Indeed, “stress” has become the keyword of today’s office workers, and another keyword-“insomnia” has been derived.

  According to a survey by authoritative agencies, 80% of people with irregular diets and sleep in modern Chinese cities are overworked, and close to 60% are in an overworked state; the proportion of subhealth is 76%.

Many people have long periods of irregular sleep and short sleep periods, which results in poor sleep even on vacations. They either sleep lightly or wake up early.

In this way, absolute sleep has cruelly become our dream.

  Oryzanol makes you sleep well until dawn and insomnia is not a trivial matter.

Data show that if a person does not sleep for two consecutive nights, his blood pressure will rise; if he only sleeps for 4 hours every night, his insulin secretion will decrease; such a week can cause healthy people to develop pre-diabetes symptoms.

Insufficient sleep time or abnormal diabetes cause obesity.

British scientists have found that staying up all night will greatly increase the possibility of upstream ulcers. This is because during sleep, some of the proteins that help regulate the function of the internal tract are most active.

Another study confirms that the proportion of people who have had a heart attack and those without a history of heart disease, a higher proportion of people continue to work and sleep only 5 hours per night.

The probability is that people who work more than 60 hours per week are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease than people who work less than 40 hours per week. Even people who only sleep less than 5 hours on average for 2 nights in a week have heart disease.The risk will also be 2-3 times higher than normal people.

  Go to the hospital because of insomnia, the doctor gave Kaigu Weisu tablets more.

Because oryzanol can regulate autonomic nerves, soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve fatigue, at the same time can stabilize emotions, relieve anxiety and tension, and is suitable for the treatment of insomnia caused by modern work and life stress.

  The simplest way to absorb natural oryzanol is commonly used in rice oil. Some people say that life is like a playing field. The first half is based on academic qualifications, performance, and income ratio.

The first half took advantage of the situation, obeying orders;

I hope you take care of both the top and the bottom, both games.

Therefore, no matter how busy and tired you must take care of your body and restore a healthy life concept to incorporate every bit of life.

  The brand new Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vitamin Oil is a high-nutrition healthy oil. It is unique in natural oryzanol, and also contains high levels of phytosterols and natural vitamin E. It can be used in daily diet to prevent oxidation, anti-fatigue, and anti-fatigue.Aging, triple fight against sub-health.

Urban white-collar workers who are stressed and have poor sleep can adjust their physical condition through daily consumption of rice oil to improve sleep quality and easily bid farewell to sub-health.

Popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea’s rice oil, let us enjoy healthy food while having accurate and good sleep.

  Health Tips Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vido Rice Oil is suitable for Chinese cooking (frying and frying). There is a wonderful use.-When steaming rice, add a small spoonful of Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vido rice oil, which can directly reduce the essence of rice and cook it.The rice is crystallized and soft and has a better taste!

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin_1

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin

A long-term bad lifestyle easily leads to skin problems, so we are no longer “red powder” beauty!

  Situation 1: Facing the computer crisis: Facing the computer all day directly affects skin color.

The radiation from the computer will cause the skin to quickly lose moisture, making the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust on the fluorescent screen will be adsorbed to the skin.

  Training improvement plan: 1.

Increase the number of times you wash your face, such as washing your face twice in the morning and afternoon, to relax your skin and make your breathing smoother.


Drink more fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices are “cleansers” for the body, which can dissolve toxins in cells and excrete them.

  Situation two: staying up late and suffering from anorexia: after working overtime and staying up late, tiredness and lack of consciousness lead to obvious lack of water. You must know that the lack of water can make your face rosy.

  Take action: 1.

Do morning exercises on your cheeks: rub your hands together for 1 minute, and then feel the palms of your hands warm, then massage your jaws, forehead, and ears from bottom to top until you feel warm.

Raising the temperature of the skin can speed up blood circulation.

  Intimate reminder: Massage with the strength of the abdomen, preferably with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

The massage sequence is from bottom to top, from inside to outside, moving slowly along the speed of breathing.


Products with moisturizing mask + ruddy complexion: Apply the hydrating and moisturizing mask on the face, and the nutrients in the mask enter the pores. After replenishing moisture and nutrition, immediately absorb the rosy skin products, and the complexion will look good immediately.

  Intimate reminder: skin care products are best light and thin emulsion, if the thickness of cream products can not be thick, the skin absorbs quickly.

  Do not drink coffee and tea when your skin is dehydrated. These two things will make the body’s water quickly volatilize and metabolize, making the skin more dehydrated.

  Situation three: The days when “good friends” came to crisis: the visit of “good friends”, completely backache and abdominal pain, more often, his face was serious.

  Try this: a small glass of red wine, warm belly and beautiful skin, a small glass a day, can make the cheeks rosy and radiant.

Affect baby growth

Affect baby growth

According to data from various carbonated beverages, 60% of children who prefer blended carbonated beverages develop normally due to calcium deficiency. Especially, the content of phosphorus in cola-type beverages is too high, which leads to imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, which causes developmental delay.

  Too much sugar in various candies and sweet drinks will affect the trace consumption in the body, cause trace accumulation, and then affect calcium metabolism.

Some professionals believe that if you eat 16% of your total sugar?
18%, it can disturb calcium metabolism in the body, interfere with calcification in the body, and affect growth.

  At the same time, there is the term “virtual calories” in nutritional terms, meaning no nutritional conversion.

Excessive drinks with high sugar content will disturb the digestive system, which will affect normal eating and cause malnutrition.

  Various “junk foods” fried foods, puffed foods, preserved foods, and canned products, because of the large nutritional loss during the production process, also use various additives, such as flavors, preservatives, pigments, etc., although they provide alternativeTrace amounts, but protein, vitamins and other nutrients are very few. Long-term consumption of such foods can lead to malnutrition in children.

Morning exercise adds health points

Morning exercise adds health points

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Here is a selection of some health knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body and live a healthy and happy day!

  Always hear office workers say “work is too busy, no time to exercise.”

Exercise does take time, but as long as you have the heart, you can turn it to zero.

Today, I will introduce several fitness methods based on minutes. You can also choose according to personal needs to find a fitness combination that suits you.

Don’t use time as an excuse anymore, these sports can’t take up much of your time.

  In the 8 minutes before the morning, the physical function of middle-aged people began to decline. It is very important to strengthen self-care on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough time, you can make full use of the time before the morning to exercise.

  Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head.

Prevents cerebral vascular disease and darkens hair.

  Gently rub the earwheels for one minute with both fingers to gently rub the left and right earwheels, especially tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

  Rotate your eyes for one minute. The eyeballs can move clockwise and counterclockwise, which can make you stand out.

  Tooth-rolling the tongue for one minute gently taps the teeth to make the teeth and gums circulate and strengthen the teeth; rolling the tongue can make the tongue move freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Rub your nose with your thumb for one minute and rub your nose up and down with both hands to prevent nasal congestion and runny nose caused by cold in the morning.

  Extension and flexion of the limbs for one minute through the extension and flexion movement, makes the blood quickly return to the whole body, supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system, and enhance the displacement of the limbs’ large and small joints.

  The abdomen and anus can be repeatedly contracted for one minute to raise the anus, which can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Step on the soles of the feet for one minute and alternately step on the soles of the feet with both heels to make the soles feel warm.

Stepping on the soles of the feet has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Replenishing energy for 5 minutes to extend work in the body or in front of the computer, often appear dizzy, stiff waist, this is the signal that the body needs to relax.

At this time, it is best to put down the work at hand and do the following set of gymnastics. It only takes 5 minutes to help you stretch your body and replenish your weight.

  Stretch your whole body upright, legs apart slightly wider than shoulders, fingers crossed.

First palm down, straight up, press palm down; then raise the palm to the top of the head, change palm up and twist upwards.

  The upper arm’s tensile stress is raised, the palms are opposite, and then the elbow is used as the center to bend.

First, hold the left elbow with the palm of your right hand and stretch it to the right; then hold the elbow with your left palm and stretch it to the left.

  Tilt your right hand on your hips, extend your left hand upwards, then bend your body to the right, then change sides.

  With the chest and shoulders extended and the legs separated, the upper body is tilted down to the level, and lifted toward the back to the upper side, the fingers of both hands are crossed, the palms are downward, and the force is reduced backward.

  Stretch your legs to separate your legs, tilt your upper body down to the level, hold your left waist around from the back to support your right waist, press your right hand down your left leg, and then change sides.

  Shape for 4 minutes before bedtime If you are a woman who values your body shape, teach you two bodybuilding exercises before bedtime.

  Lie on your back with thin waist, bend your legs, touch your feet, and lift your upper body and right leg at the same time, with your left elbow touching your right knee, and look at your right knee; return to the posture;Touch your left knee and look at it with your eyes.

Alternate in both directions, persist for 1 minute, or do what you can.

This set of exercises has a good effect of thin waist, which can enhance the strength of the waist.

  Slim legs lie flat, legs tilted 45 degrees, flexion weight lifting in the air, the left leg is bent to align, the right leg tries to step on the leg upwards, and the instep always keeps the foot in hook state;.

Repeat the previous action.

Practice every night for at least 3 minutes.

The main point of the action is to keep the legs clamped at all times, which is good for stretching the muscle lines of the thighs; tightening the back of the feet is good for stretching the muscles of the lower legs.

  Related Links: Four 10-minute diets every day Recently, Freitag, a senior fitness expert in the United States, has created a new fitness method that allows people to lose weight in as little as 10 minutes at a time.

The specific method is to do a fast-walking exercise that enhances vitality every 10 minutes every morning at 6: 50-7: 00; do a fast walk every 10 minutes at noon 12: 20-12: 30; 5: 15-5:25. Do 10-minute exercises for strength training; 8: 50-9: 00 at night, do 10-minute abdominal fat reduction exercises.   If you want to lose weight, the recommended amount of exercise per week is: 5 groups of energy-enhancing exercises, 6 groups of burning quantum exercises, 4 groups of brisk walking, 2 groups of exercises to exercise thigh muscles, 2 groups of exercises to enhance stretching strength, 2 groups of abdominal fat reduction exercises,A total of 21 groups of sports.