Farewell to The Devil at Noon

Farewell to “The Devil at Noon”

Nowadays, the anxiety market of investors and houseworms is sluggish, college students are anxious to find work, white-collar workers are anxious and working overtime, and foreign builders are anxious to get wages at the end of the year.
Because we suddenly step into a modern society with high speed, the pace of life is fast, competition is fiercer, people ‘s psychological pressure is increasing, leading to an increase in the incidence of depression and an increasing number of patients.
  Depression is known as “the most prevalent emotional illness in the 21st century.”
According to reports, depression in Chinese college and high school students accounts for more than 20% of the total number, among which the prevalence of depression in college students in Beijing has reached 23.
It is estimated that by 2020, Chinese patients with depression may surpass cancer patients and become the second largest human disease after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  Mother Teresa of India once said: “Hunger means not only lack of food, but the craving for love; cold naked means not only lack of clothes, but deprivation of human dignity; homelessness does not mean only the lack of shelter.Instead, it means being rejected and condemned.
The incidence of depression is related to socio-psychological factors, genetics, physiological changes in the human body, and neuroendocrine.
Chinese society is in a transition period, competition is increasingly intensified and pervasive; various temptations of interest can be seen everywhere, causing the current society’s mentality to be fickle, manifested in people’s anxiety about widening income gaps, anxiety about imperfect legal system, and public safety and social changeThe deepening of anxiety and impetuousness has evolved into anxiety and depression; some citizens cannot handle interpersonal relationships correctly; many college students have high pressures for study and employment; mental and emotional instability; and weak psychological ability to withstand setbacks.
  From this point of view, depression is a “wolf” living around us, threatening everyone’s health at all times.
In modern society, although depression is a serious threat to the health of the general public, some patients with depression have not been found by doctors and patients for a long time.
  Relevant experts remind the general public: they should actively detect and diagnose depression in a timely manner to reduce the burden of depression on society; they should be content and able to do what they can; participate more in social activities, make more friends, participate in sports, entertainmentActivities; relatively weak personality, paranoids strive to self-regulate, maintain a good attitude, or be cautious in entering the stock market; society must care for patients with depression; patients should maintain a good attitude, often open up with psychiatrists, and actively communicate openly with family and friends,Coupled with the appropriate amount of medication, the disease will definitely be cured.
  Relevant health departments should also introduce measures to improve public mental health, popularize relevant knowledge, train a group of skilled counselors and psychologists, introduce advanced equipment and technology, and vigorously develop mental health.

How to make your abdominal muscles stand out

How to make your abdominal muscles stand out

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Xiaobian Life has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

  According to the survey, their constitutions are generally weak, they are susceptible to flu and headaches, and because of their lack of “kinetics”, over time, unfortunate organizations under the skin often conduct “meetings” freely, causing their lower abdomen to bulge.Hypertrophy and other symptoms of obesity.

  Clinicians in Japan point out that excessive obesity damages the appearance of white-collar men and poses a great threat to health. For example, the liver, hypertension, and diabetes of adults known as lifestyle-related diseases are likely to findCome to your door.
  In order to practically prevent the breeding of excess traces in the body, and prevent it from being a monster in the body, Japanese sports medical experts have arranged a set of effective simple freehand exercises for white-collar men. As long as they practice 2-3 times a week, the lower abdomen is easy to generate.Where it is organized, tough and strong muscle tissue will be generated. In this way, the body will become fit and people will feel energetic, which will enable people to cope with daily work efficiently. The specific method is as follows: 1. Lie on your back,Hold your feet tightly together and lift them up 10 cm. Hold this action for about 10 seconds, then lower your feet and repeat this set of exercises 50 times. The effect will be better if you do it 100 times.

  Second, the body is lying flat, feet are close together, knee joint is flexed, hands are placed on the back of the head, rotated and aligned, face is up, head is slightly raised, eyes are directed to his knee, head is moved 50-100 times.

  Third, sit on the chair facing forward, with the upper body straight, twist the chair with both hands tightly, point your feet together, lift up behind your face, enter the support for 10-20 seconds, and then lower it. Repeat this set of actions 100 times.

Bad habits make you lose sexual well-being

Bad habits make you lose sexual well-being

According to a survey, approximately 30% of women in the US age group 18-59 years have low long-term sexual desire; 27% of adult women under the age of 40 cannot reach orgasm, and 13% -15% have pain during intercourse.

This situation is very common among women around the world, and most people attribute it to the heavy burden of work, children, and housework.

  However, the US “Fitness” magazine recently pointed out that this is related to five daily habits of women: Habit one: Taking contraceptives Oral contraceptives are one of the most common contraceptive methods for women, which is highly efficient and easy to use.

However, as a sex hormone drug, it breaks the normal hormonal balance of the human body and affects the secretion of male and female hormones. This will reduce vaginal lubricating fluid secretion and cause discomfort or pain due to dryness during sexual intercourse.

  Habit 2: There are cleanliness. Many women love cleanliness too much and prefer to use scented sanitary napkins during menstruation or clean the genitals with excessive vaginal cleansing agents. This will destroy the natural acid and alkali environment in the vagina, cause genital discomfort, and increase moldThe possibility of infection.

These symptoms directly affect the quality of sexual life.

In fact, the vagina has a self-cleaning function, and it is sufficient to rinse it with hot water.

  Habit 3: Excessive exercise Persevering in physical exercise will not only help physical health and prevent disease, but also improve sexual arousal ability and enhance orgasm.

However, excessive and intensive exercise programs gradually become exhausted and unable to have sex.

When excessive exercise makes the body’s trace content less than 15%, estrogen that controls sexual passion will reduce secretion, making it difficult for women to raise “sexual interest.”

Therefore, when you want to improve the quality of sexual life through physical exercise, you must control the scale.

  Habit 4: Smoking nicotine in tobacco can cause arterial contractions and reduce blood flow to the vagina.

Reproductive organs become less sensitive due to reduced blood flow, making sexual arousal and orgasm obstructive.

  Habit 5: Taking certain drugs, anti-allergic drugs to suppress the decay of glandular secretions will cause natural vaginal lubricating fluid to decrease, causing pain in sexual cross-linking; high blood pressure and antidepressants make muscles and tissues around the reproductive organs too loose, making it difficult for womenReach orgasm.

  Make exercise help women to swim: The frog and butterfly must be applied to the muscles of the thighs and pelvis. These two postures are often used for long-term exercise. Because of the strong abdominal muscles, they can also improve women’s sexual function. When having sex, Feels even better.

  Bicycle: This is the most easily absorbed exercise method, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Jogging / walking: It has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Keeping exercise for more than 30 minutes a day will help to lose weight, which can increase women’s sexual desire.

  Volleyball: The exercise effect on the arm muscles and abdominal muscles is particularly obvious. At the same time, it is also very helpful to improve your sensitivity, so that you can strengthen your collaboration ability and enjoy more fun between bed changes.

  Suitable for men’s skating: Skating is a high-volume exercise, it will increase men’s lung capacity, these will help men to fight more sexually.

  Riding: It can exercise the agility and coordination of men’s body, and can make men’s whole body muscles exercised, especially the leg muscles, making men more brave and powerful in sex.

  Favorable waist and arm exercises: When men are having sex, waist, back, fractures and arms play a very important role and become the main focus. Therefore, you can do more targeted exercises on these areas, such as push-ups, Dumbbells, single and parallel bars exercise, twisting waist extension exercise and so on.

Analysis of the relationship between baby and toys

Analysis of the relationship between baby and toys

Toys are tools for games, and games cannot be separated from toys.

The game is the nature of the baby, toys are the material decomposition of the game, the baby must play without toys.

Froebel, the world’s “father of early childhood education”, regards baby’s toys as “blessings” and has designed a series of toys specifically for baby’s development needs.

  The famous Italian educator Montessori believes that: “The essence of children is work (activity), work is play, toys are materials for children’s work, and there are toys that do not fail their work; there are toys that can arouse children’s work interest, In order to focus on learning, and to help them construct and develop themselves.

The provision and application of toys are directly related to the effect of children’s learning.

“Mr. Lu Xun once said,” Games are children’s angels.

We must pay attention to children’s growth, we must pay attention to children’s play; to pay attention to children’s play, we must know the toys used by children.

In fact, if you look at the history of preschool education at home and abroad, you can clearly see that those who highlight preschool education must recognize the educational value of toys.

Contemporary preschool education research and practice also fully prove that toys have an irreplaceable role in promoting the development of baby’s cognitive ability.

  Promoting perception and improving perception is the main way for babies to recognize external things and increase their knowledge.

In the middle of a child’s life, as the speech ability is relatively low, the information obtained by the baby is mainly image information obtained through perception, and toys with their vivid and exaggerated images, bright and bright colors stimulate the baby to use various senses to contact.

In the process of contacting with toys, the baby sees, hears, tastes, touches, and touches toys of different materials, which strengthens the sensory sensibility and observation ability and promotes the improvement of perception ability.

  Parents should create a rich environment of toys for babies at home.

  Toy preparation should take into account the toy’s color, size, shape and other characteristics, to prepare different colors for the baby, serious and obvious toys, the size of the toy should consider the baby’s height characteristics.

In addition, in the process of the baby’s contact with the toy, parents should strengthen the guidance of the baby’s perception ability, so that the baby can “jump” to pick apples.

If you can guide your baby to touch velvet, silk, plastic toys, let him talk about feelings.

Take a look, let him see the different colors of the toys, let him choose the toys that he likes to play, compare the shades of the colors of the toys, and let the baby have a preliminary awareness of the colors.

Every move allows him to feel the weight of the toy, and also allows him to lift balloons and big blocks, and talk about the heavier ones.

  Promoting baby language development The toy itself is a tool for the baby’s expression and expression. Compared with the socially established language symbol system, the toy is a more convenient “language” for the baby.

The toy is a “wordless book”, which is more like a “syllabus” or an open “textbook”, leaving the learner with an autonomous restructuring of opposition, a space for imagination, and a desire for expression for the babyThe baby can express freely to create a suitable language environment.

  Babies develop their own spoken language while playing with toys.

  The exchange of toys, the exchange of gameplay, and the reset of language between babies make progress in the subtle way.

“Can I play with your trolley?

“Can I join you in the game of building blocks?”

“Can I trade my ducklings for your ducklings?”



“”let’s play together.

“I’m playing, I’ll play it for you later.”

“You can see the use of politeness in the conversation between the two babies. They used politeness so appropriately.

  The baby will produce a lot of “muttering” phenomenon in the process of contact with the toy.

  The production of these “talks to oneself” has a significant role in the development of baby language.

When my daughter was playing in the “Doll House”, she would pick up a rag doll, place it on a small stool, and smiled and said to her, “The doll is beautiful but not as good as Allison.

Allison wants to dress the doll as beautiful as Allison.

“Jia Jia began to put on the rag doll.

“Extend your legs, raise your hands, and just pull the clothes on. Mom said that and she was obedient, and the clothes were ready.

“In the process of dialogue, Jiajia can grind his language in a logical and logical way, and she also uses her mother’s language to dress her dolls.

  The language of early babies fully demonstrated their verbal skills in a pretend identity, without having to worry about whether they were right or wrong.When Jiajia “speaks to herself,” she can pretend her mother’s voice, intonation, and movement when she is dressing herself.

She can think of it as her mother talking, not her own.

  Toys can also promote the reorganization of baby’s written language. For example, in the “kitten fishing” set of toys, the symbols of these toys, such as “bait” and “fishing rod”, can give the baby a preliminary understanding of the meaning of the text.Toys, counting toys, etc., can directly train your baby’s understanding of written text.

  In the process of playing various toys, the baby uses precise and specific language to change the language creatively with specific perception and action, thereby developing the cognition and understanding of the real world transformed by language.

Therefore, parents should make full use of toys to train their baby’s language skills.

  Promoting the development of baby’s imagination. Toys have the universal characteristics of virtuality or symbolism, and are marked with “pretend”, which provides the baby with full freedom or space for imagination.

In the process of baby’s contact with toys, the phenomenon of replacing objects with people or objects often occurs, that is, using toys as real objects or people in real life.

Parents need to be “careful people” for toys, and think carefully about the use of toys to inspire the baby’s imagination.

  Some time ago I found out that my daughter likes playing “light sticks” very much, so I organized a “magic light stick” family activity, and the participants were all daughter’s children.

The activity is mainly for everyone to say what is acceptable for the stick and perform the purpose of the light stick on the spot.

The daughter said, “You can be chalk.

The chalk is so long that the teacher does not need to change it.

“Ding Ding said,” You can be noodles.

So thick, the noodles can be much less.

“” Can also be a twig.

It is a small branch without leaves in winter.

“. I didn’t think of it before.

Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality


Beware of sub-health affecting sleep quality

In the business districts of large and medium cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, we always see such scenes.

At five o’clock early in the morning, crowds at work appeared on the street.

They hurriedly walked, their faces were yellow, and there were dark bags under their eyes.

Shuttle down the street, between the office buildings, there seems to be a heavy burden on his shoulders.

How to keep away from sub-health?


hzh {display: none; }  好睡眠成了现代人的梦想  棉花涨价了、房子涨价了、汽油涨价了……一时间,我们吃、穿、住、行的成本,都止不住的Raise up.
In the face of all this, our wages have remained motionless.

Searching for the word “stress” on the Internet will result in hundreds of millions of messages.

Indeed, “stress” has become the keyword of today’s office workers, and another keyword-“insomnia” has been derived.

  According to a survey by authoritative agencies, 80% of people with irregular diets and sleep in modern Chinese cities are overworked, and close to 60% are in an overworked state; the proportion of subhealth is 76%.

Many people have long periods of irregular sleep and short sleep periods, which results in poor sleep even on vacations. They either sleep lightly or wake up early.

In this way, absolute sleep has cruelly become our dream.

  Oryzanol makes you sleep well until dawn and insomnia is not a trivial matter.

Data show that if a person does not sleep for two consecutive nights, his blood pressure will rise; if he only sleeps for 4 hours every night, his insulin secretion will decrease; such a week can cause healthy people to develop pre-diabetes symptoms.

Insufficient sleep time or abnormal diabetes cause obesity.

British scientists have found that staying up all night will greatly increase the possibility of upstream ulcers. This is because during sleep, some of the proteins that help regulate the function of the internal tract are most active.

Another study confirms that the proportion of people who have had a heart attack and those without a history of heart disease, a higher proportion of people continue to work and sleep only 5 hours per night.

The probability is that people who work more than 60 hours per week are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease than people who work less than 40 hours per week. Even people who only sleep less than 5 hours on average for 2 nights in a week have heart disease.The risk will also be 2-3 times higher than normal people.

  Go to the hospital because of insomnia, the doctor gave Kaigu Weisu tablets more.

Because oryzanol can regulate autonomic nerves, soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve fatigue, at the same time can stabilize emotions, relieve anxiety and tension, and is suitable for the treatment of insomnia caused by modern work and life stress.

  The simplest way to absorb natural oryzanol is commonly used in rice oil. Some people say that life is like a playing field. The first half is based on academic qualifications, performance, and income ratio.

The first half took advantage of the situation, obeying orders;

I hope you take care of both the top and the bottom, both games.

Therefore, no matter how busy and tired you must take care of your body and restore a healthy life concept to incorporate every bit of life.

  The brand new Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vitamin Oil is a high-nutrition healthy oil. It is unique in natural oryzanol, and also contains high levels of phytosterols and natural vitamin E. It can be used in daily diet to prevent oxidation, anti-fatigue, and anti-fatigue.Aging, triple fight against sub-health.

Urban white-collar workers who are stressed and have poor sleep can adjust their physical condition through daily consumption of rice oil to improve sleep quality and easily bid farewell to sub-health.

Popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea’s rice oil, let us enjoy healthy food while having accurate and good sleep.

  Health Tips Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vido Rice Oil is suitable for Chinese cooking (frying and frying). There is a wonderful use.-When steaming rice, add a small spoonful of Golden Dragon Fish Valley Vido rice oil, which can directly reduce the essence of rice and cook it.The rice is crystallized and soft and has a better taste!

Ancient training: the highest state of health


Ancient training: the highest state of health

The best health is to raise your heart.

There are so many ways for modern people to maintain their health, but they forget that it is better to keep their health.

The best health is compassion.

In the “The Doctrine of the Mean”: “Skilled by the way, the Taoist to the benevolence” “Daude will have its life.”

“A person with a path, a compassionate person, will certainly be a good life.”

01 people with compassion will become more harmonious.

A compassionate person never cares.

They always think about the problem from the perspective of the other side and excuse them.

Being offended by others, emotions are not easy to go to extremes.

They can accommodate people, be able to understand people, and they are often in a state of peace.

Ge Hongyun, a well-known health worker in the Jin Dynasty: “They often have their own self-residence, and they are quiet, and the disaster is not dry.”

“The inner peace of mind, there is a problem in the body.

Because the mood is stable, it will not rise and fall, so the blood will not stagnate.

They open their hearts, forgive others, and release anger, worry, and fear. Naturally, blood is usually unimpeded.

The so-called heart is one inch wide, and the disease is retired. Forgiveness is the best prescription.

02 people have a compassionate heart, they will know how to be grateful.

It is not a matter of course for parents to raise us, we must know how to be grateful.

Naturally, everything is for us to take, and it is not taken for granted. We are part of nature and enjoy the gift of nature.

The world does not revolve around us. Understand this point, talents will have a humble heart, and they will know how to give thanks to others.

Those who don’t know how to be grateful are always the only ones in the sky and the earth. They don’t know humility, they are always arrogant, demanding nothing, greedy and arrogant.

Chow Yun-fat, Shaw Shaw, Bill Gates, these rich people just choose to be naked because they know how to be grateful.

Everyone is demanding wealth, but they choose to return wealth to the public good and thank the public.

They never think that they have possessed wealth, but they humbly face the world.

They have no greed and stagnation in their hearts, but they live simple and transparent.

The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has a saying: “When you end your days, you are going to be 100 years old,” “Dru is not dangerous.”

Those who ask for nothing, who do not understand gratitude, have lost their virtues, and sooner or later they have to suffer from suffering.

03 people with compassion will become kind.

In the Tang Dynasty, the famous doctor Sun Sizhen was in the middle of the “Thousands of Gold”: “The husband is a self-sufficient person. The sex is self-sufficient. Everything inside and outside is not known, and disasters are also ineffective.
“To be kind, not to invade, is the road to health.”

After Li Ka-shing retired, he was fascinated by public welfare and went to various public welfare organizations to bring warmth and happiness to people.

He sometimes has to work until the early hours of the morning, even more busy than before retirement.

The family can’t stand it, hope that he can cherish his body, but he is busy and more and more spiritual.

He said: The most important thing for a person is the happiness inside. The material richness is only accumulation, and more is the inner happiness and prosperity.

Modern medicine also believes that a happy state of mind can greatly enhance the immunity of people, enhance their ability to resist disease, and help treat diseases and prevent diseases.

There is a charitable heart that makes people happy, it makes people live longer and is the source of health.

Yan Sunsi said: “The virtues can’t be overcome, and the liquid jade Jindan is replaced by Yanshou.

“A person who does not pay attention to moral cultivation, even taking Ling Dan Qiong, can not prolong life.

The best health care is to raise the heart and raise a compassionate heart.Those who are compassionate, treat others with love, are tolerant and generous, do not serve things, do not hurt things, do not worry or fear, so they can live longer.

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Eat more, not fat, be careful, it’s a long bug in your stomach.


Eat more, not fat, be careful, it’s a long bug in your stomach.

People are very aware of the parasitic diseases in children, but for the investigation of adults, deworming has paid little attention. It is believed that urban people have good sanitation conditions and will not suffer from parasitic diseases. Some people even think that adults will not happen.Grade parasitic disease.

銆€銆€Don’t think that only a few years old will be born with insects. In fact, adults and children have equal opportunities.

Moreover, the insects do not necessarily have obvious symptoms. If the insects are not too strong, the insects can be with you without being noticed.

Therefore, it is a common phenomenon for adults to suffer from parasitic diseases.

Adults with parasitic diseases can develop malnutrition, anemia and various diseases of the digestive system, threatening their health.

銆€銆€Therefore, adults should not drink raw water, do not eat unclean food; in addition, before and after meals, wash hands and reduce pollution, this is the necessary way to prevent parasite transmission.

Adults with abdominal pain, diarrhea and dyspepsia should consider the possibility of intestinal parasitic infections.

銆€銆€Where are the bugs?

A person is very good, why do you have parasites?

銆€銆€There are three common parasites: aphids, aphids, and hookworms.

The former two are more common.

As the saying goes, the disease is from the mouth. These parasites are all “eaten” by themselves. Some people who have contacted the renminbi don’t wash their hands and take things directly, such as saying that the fruit is not peeled directly, some kind of summer fruit. The eggs are eaten into the stomach, and grow into adults after every second.

銆€銆€Ten signs of infection with aphids, unreasonable recurring pain around the navel.

銆€銆€Second, the stool is not normal, sometimes dry, sometimes diarrhea.

銆€銆€Third, the wooden board has a rounded white leather block with a finger.

銆€銆€Fourth, eat more, easy to hungry, love snacks, although eating a lot, but not long meat, stunted.

銆€銆€Fifth, there is asthma and fever, but there are no other reasons.

銆€銆€Sixth, the skin often has an unexplained “wind”.

銆€銆€Seven, the white area of the eye has triangular, round or half-moon blue spots.

銆€銆€Eight, sleep at night is easy to wake up, when there are molars, drooling.

銆€銆€Nine, often anorexia, partial eclipse, and even eat some strange things, such as dirt, paper, cloth and so on.

銆€銆€Ten, the surface of the tongue has scattered round or marginal papillary red papules.

銆€銆€With the improvement of living standards, tourism has become a lifestyle, many people go to the “epidemic areas” in the south, facing the clear streams, lakes, if there is a potential danger in the water that does not seem to be clear, when people are soaked inWhen you play in the water or with your hands and feet, you may be infected by pathogens.

After the 90s, what is the health care?


“After the 90s”, what is the health care?

Shoulder and neck physiotherapy, diet therapy, massage and scraping. These words seem to be “middle-aged”, and now gradually enter the life of Keqiao “post-90s” and even “post-95s” young people.

“After the 90s” health, this seemingly unbelievable topic has sparked a lot of heated discussion.

The reporter found that some Keqiao young people want to replace the “game + carbonated drinks” lifestyle with health, while the other young people are looking at the “health economy” and stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

鈥淎fter the 90s鈥?
, she used her health to wake up her spirits. Jia Jia went to work in a cultural and creative unit on Qunyin Road in the city. Every day after work, she went to a yoga studio in the city and practiced an hour of yoga with soft music.

“I am only 26 years old, but I also have a lot of work pressure. Every day I stare at the computer, I already have a lot of ‘occupational diseases’. After practicing yoga, my body is restored and the pressure is released.

Jia Jia said that in the yoga classroom, the “90s”, which is as old as her, accounted for more than half.

“I sat in the office all day, and my body began to gain weight. The condition was very bad. I still caught a cold.

“At this yoga studio, Wang Qiuwen, 24, also called herself a “health school.”

She said that staying up late, not exercising, heavy oil and salt-selling and other lifestyles, making their own state unsatisfactory, using the way of yoga health, so that the state of life has changed, “the body is healthy, work has a spirit!”
鈥?”A yoga studio on the shore of Guagua Lake recently established a neck and neck physiotherapy, back pain repair course, which is aimed at middle-aged and elderly customers. I did not expect young people to become the main force, and practiced because of the problem of shoulder and neck.”There are too many after 90s.

“Keqiao’s young people are working hard to start a business. The lifestyle of adults is changing. They no longer use food, drink, and fun to vent their work pressure. Instead, they use their health to repair their bodies and relieve stress.
鈥?Gao Xuemei, the person in charge of the yoga studio, said that there are more and more yoga studios and gyms in Keqiao. Many of them are young people, and their yoga studios are more than half of the 鈥?0s鈥?

“After the 90s”, health care is regarded as an industry in the operation of Keqiao. Young people are blowing up the healthy wind. In addition to the time spent playing games at night and night, they also change the carbonated drinks in their hands into hot tea.Grain and vegetable juices replace the take-out of heavy oil heavy oil.

After the “95” young man Lin Fei belongs to the full “health faction”, especially in the diet, he likes to eat vegetables and fruits, not drinking milk tea, especially carbonated drinks.

“If you don’t even care for your body, how can you create a career you like?”

Lin Fei said, everyone knows that fast foods such as carbonated drinks and heavy oil are not healthy, but there are still many friends around to eat, which leads to high blood pressure and diabetes at a young age. How does this body talk about “young is capital?”鈥濓紝鈥滄墍浠ユ垜瑙夊緱鈥樺勾杞诲氨鏄祫鏈€欑殑鍓嶆彁灏辨槸瑕佹湁濂界殑韬綋銆俆herefore, while not eating unhealthy food, Lin Fei began to make homemade vegetable juice every day, as a supply of the body, as a way of health.

鈥淎 cup of vegetable juice every morning, you will be energized every day.

Lin Fei said that he also made a different mix of vegetable juice recipes for the children and the elderly at home.

What Lin Fei couldn’t think of was that many of his friends fell in love with his vegetable juice, so he smelled the business opportunities.

鈥淚 have cooperated with friends to develop products, use cold pressing technology to squeeze vegetable juice, use the pressed vegetable and fruit residue to produce enzymes, and get involved in the health market of young people.

Lin Fei said that his products now have cholesterol-lowering carrot pineapple juice, warm ginger juice with cold and dehumidification, spinach and Sydney juice with reduced intestinal fat, etc. After Keqiao opened the store, it is very popular.More than 100 young families have become his long-term customers.

In addition to a reasonable mix and match as a way of health, Keqiao’s “post-90s” also created his own “anti-greasy health” program.

: Take-away software, many restaurants called “light food” jumped to the front, selling salads made with vegetables, fruits, and meat.

The person in charge of a light food restaurant said that 鈥減ost-90s鈥?said eating salads as 鈥済razing鈥? which is the 鈥渁nti-greasy鈥?way that many 鈥減ost-90s鈥?young people like.

The doctor said: There is no age limit for health, and regular life is fundamentally “90 after” to start health is not too early?

The reporter consulted Dr. Wang Yuefeng, a doctor of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Keqiao District.

Wang Yuefeng is not surprised by the fact that more and more young people are paying attention to health.

He said that young people are under great pressure to study and work. In addition, unhealthy living habits are also an important reason for many young people to be in a sub-health state, such as not eating breakfast, staying up late, eating greasy food, etc. these will be on the internal organs of the human body.Physical functioning has an impact.

“There is no age limit for health, and young people need health.

“Wang Yuefeng said that the health of young people is very simple, because the body is at the best time in function. What everyone needs to do is to adjust their own life rhythm, to live a regular life, and to develop good habits.”

For how to maintain health, Wang Yuefeng is also known as professional advice: Chinese medicine says “three-point, seven-point raising”, or through good sleep, diet and exercise, in order to restore and balance the body as soon as possible.

The rejuvenation of the health care population also fully demonstrates that people are paying more and more attention to physical health and quality of life.

The important thing is to quit bad habits, stay up late, drink alcohol, smoke, over-recover, high-salt and high-sugar diets. These unhealthy habits seem to be trivial, but they are the chief culprit in many diseases.

The reporter also consulted several psychologists. They believe that some young people are now concerned about health care. In fact, they have a lot to do with workplace concerns and life stress. It is recommended that young people should be self-decompression: learn to relax and live a life and eliminate bad emotions.You can use music, yoga, meditation, etc. to relax; the more effective way is to exercise, travel, and go to nature to take a look.

(All media reporter Wang Si)