Autumn detox tricks to be an unburdened beauty_1

Fall detox tricks to be an unburdened beauty

Modern people are more and more aware of detoxification and beauty. Only by removing toxins from the body in time can we maintain good health and beautiful skin.

So how is detoxification most effective in daily life?

Teach you how to detox in the fall, and be an unburdened beauty ever since.

Hypertension is too high, it is not discharged in time, it is easy to accumulate on the wall of blood vessels, narrow the blood vessels, and cause diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Foods that can lower cholesterol are: onions, fungus, mushrooms.

Stagnation is the source of the human body’s acute toxins, which can re-enter the body and reduce immunity. Women with long-term constipation may even develop acne.

Health experts say that foods containing crude fiber can promote bowel movements and eliminate bowel movements, such as whole wheat, oats, corn, and celery.

The skin is also an important detoxification organ of the human body.

For example, when we have a cold, old people often say that drinking more water and sweating under the quilt will allow the toxins to be expelled quickly.

When you exercise too much or get tired, you will find back pain and leg weakness, which is caused by continuous exercise or accumulation of lactic acid produced in the body by labor.

Do more massage and exercise after exercise to promote blood circulation, which can prevent lactic acid accumulation and relieve soreness.

And drinking some vinegar or sour fruit juice can also relieve soreness.

Water is the best recipe for detoxification. It can replace toxins and carry out body fluid circulation to bring toxins out of the body.

Drink 8 glasses of water every day, and it is best to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning.

Many foods often add artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. for better looking, long lasting unique taste, or continuous shelf life.

These are enjoyments for our mouths and “toxins” for our bodies.

Therefore, the most important detox measure is prevention, and we must try our best to choose natural and healthy green food.

The lymphatic system is the most important detoxification circulation system of the human body, and has long been engaged in the role of a toxin recycling station.

Lymph fluid flowing around the body recovers toxins from the body to the lymph nodes, where the toxins are filtered, decomposed into non-toxic substances, and then filtered from the lymph to the blood, sent to the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc., and are replaced outside the body.

Therefore, whole body massage is very beneficial for promoting lymph circulation, and can also achieve the effect of detoxification.

The lung is one of the organs most likely to accumulate toxins.

Because the human body inhales about 1,000 liters of air into the lungs every day, and many bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances floating in the air also enter the lungs.

Therefore, there must be protective measures in places with severe air pollution.

In addition, you can often practice deep breathing in fresh air or actively cough a few times to help detoxify your lungs.

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Men dare not tell women four secrets

Men dare not tell women four secrets

Women’s secrets are usually written in diaries, locked in place, and even posted in the whispers of close friends’ ears . so what about men?

Usually in my heart.

Women’s secrets usually need to be shared, while men’s secrets are arbitrary and can only be chewed by themselves.

  Secret one: His emotional record case: JACKY, 32 years old, company project manager-Before I got married, I had a girlfriend and she broke up for various reasons.

I suffered a lot until I married my current wife.

I have n’t told my wife about this past experience, but she does n’t know what she ‘s heard. She always pesters me to ask about it. Sometimes I inadvertently overlook her, and she asks me with jealousy: How did you treat her?

Wouldn’t it be as indifferent as to me?

Makes me confused.

  I really want to tell her not to be so interested in my past in the future, but I’m afraid she’s misunderstood deeper, I don’t know how to speak.

  Men’s thoughts: Almost every man has a colorful love life, but in the hearts of men, “the woman in the past” and “the woman in the present” are two planets, and men are unwilling to tell all this to womenIt ‘s not that men are ashamed of it. Even men who think that more educated women love to be jealous. If a man exposes his “ugliness” by himself, will he have a good life in the future?

Therefore, all this becomes an extremely depressing secret for men.

  Woman’s response: Let his emotional experience become a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?

Smart women know not to dig traps.


Keywords: 1.

Brokenheartedness: Because it is a loss of face, it is not mentioned.


Online dating: Men will not admit this kind of unrighteous behavior.


Encounter: The feeling of stealing makes men feel wonderful, and the best way to enjoy it is to keep it as a secret.


Admiration: For married men, this is his secret secret.

  Secret 2: Cases of various “feminine” psychological needs: Cui Tao, 36, Vice President of the Company-In the eyes of many people, I am the so-called “successful person”: owning a high salary, a big house, a famous car, in fact, I also haveUnknown secrets, some of which are tired, I also want to rest on the front of my wife to let my heart rest; I feel aggrieved and sad at the outside, and I also want to cry very quickly; sometimes I also want to imagineThe child lived carefree like that, or spoiled her . but I was also afraid that my wife’s knowledge would affect my “glorious” image in her mind.

  Men’s thoughts: In terms of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women, but both women and men have formalized and absoluteized men. It seems that men mean masculinity, strong, pragmatic, carefree, not sloppy .… In fact, otherwise, men also have a lot of unknown “feminine needs”, but just secrets that they only do not say, and women can’t open it for a look.

  Women’s response: A man is a “face” animal, and he likes women’s appreciation and worship. Therefore, this secret of a man is very delicate and cannot be easily solved.

A woman just faces calmly, understands herself, and understands in her heart. Do n’t tell her, and do n’t encourage him to be “weak” or “childish” because of love. Otherwise, men will think you look down on him.It was unbearable to him; his admiration for vanity and rotten beauty was unspoken, and it would only anger him.


Keywords: 1.

Vanity: It is difficult to make more money in your pocket, but it is easier to make yourself like a rich person.


Weakness: Men also have a weak side and cannot be made public.


Smelly: Men usually die and do n’t admit they love dressing up. This is also a “secret” for men.


Childish: It looks like Lai Pi is coquettish, but it is not suitable for large-scale development.

  Secret three: The so-called “man’s own affairs” Case: Liu Ming, 30 years old, media reporter-during leisure time after work, I often meet up with a group of friends. Everyone laughs, drinks, and feels very comfortable.

But my wife is always uneasy, and sometimes I have to make several phone calls in a night and chase: Where are you?With whom?

What are you doing

Make people tire.

There are also things about my work, she always asks.

Knowing that she did it because of concern, but I really don’t want her to interfere too much with these things of mine.

  Men’s thoughts: Women work on details, love to communicate, love to ask questions, and even get horny.

  And men often think that it’s the man’s business, and women don’t need to go to fuss at all, because men’s affairs must be done by men.

  Women’s Response: When your husband needs you to be a wife, don’t try to be a planner for his work and life.

Everyone has a psychological need to have their own living space, and men are no exception, so women’s wise choice is: let him go crazy, what fox friends and dogs, work conditions.
A piece of his “reservation land”, he will cultivate!


Keywords: 1.

Work status: Some work needs to be kept secret in order not to bring daytime things into the night.

Therefore, men do not like women to interfere.


Entertainment: Men like to play with same-sex friends, but don’t like women to get involved.


Dream of getting rich: The desire to get rich overnight is almost a dream of almost every man, but he has to carry his wife on his back, hoping that one day he will give his beloved woman a big surprise.

  Secret 4: Worries about sex Case: ANSON, 40 years old, company employee-My wife and I are more harmonious in sex, but I always worry and worry involuntarily, some worry about whether my size is long enough, madeThe number of times and whether the time is satisfactory to her . But these worries of me are not willing to let my wife know, let alone her to take the initiative to make a statement.

  Men’s thoughts: Sex is a man’s life-long event, he cares a lot, and thinks about it every six minutes.

Sex is an important cornerstone of men’s self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter what man is, he is unwilling to admit that he is incompetent in sexual matters.

Men are more or less concerned about their sexual abilities.

It’s a big secret that cannot be known to women.

  Women’s response: Behind men’s “sexual” vigor, there is actually a struggle.

Therefore, the appreciation and trust from his wife is the best “Viagra” of a man, unless he is the cause of the situation “slide”. As a wife, he should be impassioned and not to be ignored.


Keywords: 1.

Times: Men usually make false reports and overreport.


How long to do: In terms of duration, men are secretive, and don’t be jealous of being a wife.


“There is disease in the widow”: The safest specification is not to kill!

Four principles of beauty and skin care recipes

Four principles of beauty and skin care recipes

As the years go by, unpleasant wrinkles will creep up to the corners of your eyes, forehead, cheeks.

But if eaten properly, the occurrence of wrinkles can be enlarged.

Not long ago, American dermatologist Beth, after years of scientific research and clinical practice, proposed four principles of beauty, skin care, and anti-wrinkle recipes, which deserve attention.

  As the years go by, unpleasant wrinkles will creep up to the corners of your eyes, forehead, cheeks.

But if eaten properly, the occurrence of wrinkles can be enlarged.

Not long ago, American dermatologist Beth, after years of scientific research and clinical practice, proposed four principles of beauty, skin care, and anti-wrinkle recipes, which deserve attention.

Eating more vitamins such as pork bone soup, beef bone soup, chicken skin, chicken bone soup, etc. can enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Human skin is divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The main factor affecting skin beauty is the dermis.

The dermis is made of elastic fibers, and the main substance that makes up elastic fibers is chondroitin sulfate.

If the human body lacks this chondroitin, the skin will lose its elasticity and wrinkles will appear.

Therefore, eating more foods rich in cellulose sulfate can delay the occurrence of skin wrinkles and keep the skin elastic and delicate.

Eat more foods such as vitamins and nucleic acids, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., can eliminate age spots.

Cutting-edge research has found that supplementing with nucleic acid foods can delay aging and prevent skin wrinkles.

The researchers targeted 30 women and gave them 800 milligrams of nucleic acid and a moderate amount of vitamin C daily.

After one month of observation, the age spots on the abdomen of 9 people disappeared, the wrinkles on the abdomen of 5 people disappeared, and the rough skin of 8 people became richer and richer, and the skin of others was better than before.

Eat more alkaline and alkaline foods that are acidic. Alkaline foods are not determined by taste, but they mean that the food eventually becomes acidic or alkaline after entering the body.

Alkaline foods include most vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood.

Studies have shown that excessive acidic foods make the blood acidic and increase the levels of lactic acid and uric acid in the blood.

These substances come to the skin surface with sweat, which will make the skin inactive and lose elasticity, especially the skin of some skin is weak, easy to crack when exposed to cold wind or sun exposure.

Eating more alkaline foods can make the blood appear weakly alkaline, reduce the content of lactic acid and urea, and reduce the erosion and damage to the skin.

  Eat more retinal collagen foods such as pigskin, trotters, turtles, etc.

According to nutritionists, protein is found in every 100 grams of pig skin.

4%, 2 for pork.

5 times, while my aunt has only 2.

27 grams, half of pork.

Especially the protein in the skin, the main component is collagen.

This collagen has the function of increasing skin water storage, moisturizing the skin, and maintaining the balance of moisture inside and outside the skin tissue cells.

Collagen is the main raw material for the growth of skin cells. It can make human skin plump, white and tender, reduce or eliminate wrinkles, and make people attract young.

Meditation helps mental health

Meditation helps mental health

Meditation not only makes you feel comfortable and calm, but it can also improve your brain structure and really strengthen your brain. This is a sample that scientists have transformed in recent research.

  Scientists from top universities in the United States conducted a successful experiment on the efficacy of meditation with a quantifiable method. They asked the volunteers to look at an LCD screen. When an image appeared, the volunteers were asked to take action.Quickly press a button.

Usually, after the image appears, people need 200 to 300 milliseconds to react with the push of a button, but people who lack sleep need continuous time and sometimes can’t even respond.

  Researchers asked volunteers to take throbbing button tests before and after meditation, and compared them to other tests that were performed concurrently, such as tests related to sleep, reading, and conversation.

Experiments have shown that meditation enables volunteers to achieve good results in responding, especially when they have not slept overnight, the refreshing effect of meditation is very significant.

  At the Massachusetts General Hospital, researchers used magnetic resonance imaging equipment to clarify the brain mechanism of meditation. They used this technique to scan the brains of 15 habitual meditators and then compared the scan results with those of 15 other ordinary people.Brain for comparison.

They found that the meditator’s cerebral cortex is thicker in some places than the average person, in areas that involve attention and processing of sensory information.

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Newborns do not have to take Hooka Tea!

Gouteng tea is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription with Gouteng tea as its main medicine.

In the concept of many older parents, hook tea and newborn babies should be protected from the wind, take a shower, and breast milk as soon as possible, it seems that a newborn’s health care routine.

“Open tea” made from hook tea is often used to remove fetal poisons, aid digestion, facilitate bowel movements, prevent convulsions, and defeat fever.

As long as the staff in the Chinese pharmacy listen to it for newborn babies, they will often grab a few medicines and put them into the medicine bag without weighing.

In general, Uncaria tea mainly includes Uncaria, Cicada, Mutong, Rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, Stiff silkworm, Poria cocos, Honeysuckle, Chenpi and other medicines.

  Uncooked vine, also known as double hooked vine, warbler claw wind, is a stalk with branch of Rubiaceae vine.

The preliminary written records of Gouteng’s use of medicine can be found in “Special Records of Famous Doctors” by Tao Hongjing during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The ancient doctors regarded it as light and clear, and regarded it as a special medicine for children. Tao Hongjing pointed out in the book: “Treat children.square.

“The vine has a cool and sweet flavor, has heat-clearing and liver-relieving, and the wind will be shocked.

The chemical constituents of the decoction of modern medicine research include ophylline, isophylline and so on.

In clinical practice, Uncaria grandis is widely infected with headache, dizziness, cold and panic, startle twitch, pregnancy headache, hypertension and other complications.

The main drugs in Uncaria tea are generally heat-clearing, tonic, breath-breathing, spleen-stomach and stomach-melting drugs, which are relatively mild, and are generally safer because of the lighter amount of medicines held by general medical officers.

However, when taking it to newborn babies, especially some premature babies, there are still some issues to be aware of: First, the swallowing function of the child is perfect at birth, and it is very beneficial to regularize the child’s diet.

However, because the lower esophageal sphincter pressure is lower at the “inlet” of the stomach of the child, and the pyloric sphincter is well developed at the “outlet” of the stomach, prone to milking and vomiting are more likely to occur, which is easier for preterm infants.

Therefore, special attention should be paid when feeding. Premature babies are generally not recommended to take hook tea, it can be taken when the weight is close to term.

  Second, the activity of glucose glucosal acetal transferase in neonates is low, especially in premature babies, which is the occurrence of physiological jaundice in newborns.

The heat-clearing and damp-wet medicine in Gouteng tea has some effects on both ends of yellow, and can promote the effect of yellowing.

But when the neonatal jaundice appears abnormally early and the jaundice is more severe, it is usually pathological. At this time, the hook tea has no effect and requires timely medical treatment.

  Third, although the kidneys of newborns have the same number of nephrons as adults, they are still immature in histology, their glomerular filtration function is low, and their renal concentrating function is poor.Use sparingly or with caution.

  Fourth, the amount of decoction in pediatric crochet tea is usually 30?
50ml, twice daily.

When children are born, the taste is well developed. A small amount of sucrose can be added to the soup, but not too much.

Wash your mouth with warm boiling water after feeding to prevent the medicine from irritating your mouth.

  It is important to remind that if your baby is very healthy at birth, you don’t have to take “hook tea”.

When parents think that it is necessary for their children to use hooked tea, they should also consult a doctor first. After understanding the specific situation of the baby, the doctor will prescribe a suitable “hook rattan tea” prescription.

Blind love and hate are all wrong!

Blind love and hate are all wrong!

When his father jumped to the sea and died, Yang Lijuan pointed all the resentment and dissatisfaction to the star Andy Lau, who has been worshipped for 13 years, and believed that Andy Lau’s current behavior was to escape.

From the perspective of psychological analysis, Yang Lijuan has so much anger, resentment and denial, which is the external manifestation of some negative defense mechanisms on her psychological level.

It was these negative psychological defense mechanisms that led her to evade her problems and responsibilities, and believed that Andy Lau was responsible for her father’s suicide by jumping into the sea.

  Anyone’s psychological defense mechanism is based on identification.

The death of Yang Lijuan’s father also meant that he would no longer assume the role that her daughter relied on-a father who only gave but did not have self-needs.

The father’s aggressive behavior with a jump showed that his mentality was seriously out of balance.

On the surface, his behavior seems to be indicting and accusing Andy Lau of “relentlessness” and “coldness”, but when we look at the deep meaning of this tragedy, why is he not using the deadbeat of life, consciousness?The 13-year-old boundless nightmare to his daughter and the endless torture brought to his family.

  Therefore, there is no reason to attribute the fault of Yang Lijuan’s father to Andy Lau. The real reason is that she does not have the ability and opportunity to understand and grasp her own mentality.

I didn’t mean to blame anyone in this tragedy. I just hope that this tragedy will bring people to reflection and alertness. I hope that his father’s death can make Yang Lijuan realize the 13 years of obsession and star worship, but she and sheA beautiful dream of adolescence.

You know, if the growth process has been stagnant in the naive adolescent psychological state, no matter how beautiful, even a special dream will become a bubble, which will die with the wind.

  This incident also reminded parents that they should gradually take precautions and have a rational attitude towards adolescent children, neither stiffly oppose, control, nor blindly obey or indulge.

The following methods can be used as a reference: While understanding the psychological motivation of the child to seek an example, patiently guide the child to see their own potential and development trends, so that they understand their behavior and the real motivation behind it.

Full affirmation and support should be given to the children’s psychological needs for health, and timely psychological intervention should be given to those who are blind or unhealthy to imitate.

In case parents cannot intervene, they can seek the help of a psychiatrist to allow their children to smoothly pass through their adolescent dreams and create a family harmony and social peace.

Five remedies for TCM treatment of toothache


Five remedies for TCM treatment of toothache

Guide: As the saying goes, “Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to kill.”

A tooth hurts, I don’t want to eat it, I want to sleep well, I can’t sleep well, affecting our daily routine and work.

Xiaobian is here to introduce you to several remedies for toothache.

Chinese medicine treatment of toothache, remedy, white wine, pepper, take 5?
10 grams of dried pepper, add water and dried pepper for 3 minutes. After warming, add 50 grams of white wine. After cooling, filter the pepper water, pour it into a small bottle, and use cotton to puncture the water into the toothache.

Chinese herbal decoction 30 grams of dandelion, white peony, 15 grams of licorice, 3 grams of asarum, Shuijianbi, one dose, usually 3 doses.

Suitable for toothache caused by various reasons.

The new cactus takes a fresh and fat cactus, washes it with water, cuts off the acupuncture on the surface, and then cuts into two pieces of the same thickness, and sticks the side with the paste on the toothache of the body. After the reduction, the symptoms can be alleviated.

Watermelon Cuiyi usually collects a few watermelon skins, only take a layer of green clothes, wash it, and then expose it to the sun. After it is completely dry, research it into fine powder, put it into the bottle, and buy 5 cents in the pharmacy.Borne, mix well with 10 grams of watermelon tea powder.

In the case of toothache, wipe the affected area with a cotton bat and apply a proper amount of watermelon green powder, five or six times a day.

Mung bean lychee mung bean cool, lychee temperature, can cure wind and fire toothache.

Grab a handful of mung beans, put seven dried lychees that have been shelled, add boiled water, cook the mung beans, even lychee, eat the mung beans together (smoke the lychee nucleus).

Chinese medicine health has a mouthful, catchy catchy, one back will, 10000 + people collection, benefit endless!

Chinese medicine health has a mouthful, catchy catchy, one back will, 10000 + people collection, benefit endless!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence and development of any disease is caused by pathogenic factors in the human body, causing the struggle of righteousness and evil, leading to the yin and yang qi and blood partial deviation or the dysfunction of the organs.

Therefore, the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to help correct the evil spirits, eliminate the cause, correct the abnormal turbidity of the visceral qi and qi, yin and yang, and restore the normal physiological function of the viscera and meridians, and achieve the purpose of curing the disease.

Sex and taste show some of the properties of the drug, and also show the commonality of some drugs.

Only by knowing and mastering the full performance of each drug, as well as the characteristics of the drugs with the same taste, can comprehensive and accurate understanding and use of drugs.

Therefore, Zhang Jingyue of the Ming Dynasty said: “A person is sick, and the disease is yin and yang. If you want to save it, then you can only rely on the smell.”

“It is said that only by using the bias of the drug, can the disease be corrected.”

Let’s start with the medicinal properties of common Chinese medicine!

琛ユ皵绫讳汉鍙傜敇琛ュ厓姘旂敓娲ユ恫瀹夌鏅鸿タ娲嬪弬鑻︾敇瀵掔泭姘旈槾涓ゆ晥鍏ㄥ厷鍙傚钩琛ョ泭姘旂敓娲ヨ鍔熸棤姣斿お瀛愬弬娓呰ˉ鍝佹棦琛ユ皵鍙堢敓娲ラ粍鑺俯鍥鸿〃姹楃敓鐤倢 鑴炬箍鐕ュ畨鑳庡湥Stool, yam, yin, yin, yin, lung, spleen and kidney, white lentils, spleen, dampness, diarrhea, spleen, licorice, spleen and lungs, urgency and medicinal Chinese medicine, health, spleen, five-flavored and liver-protecting, spleen and qi with Huaishan.

Angelica blood and Tongmai, ginseng Fuyuan turned the gas.

Baizhu Lishi spleen and stomach health, eight cents longevity cooked land.

Nourishing liver and kidney with Chuanchuan, Ganoderma lucidum can extend life.

Alisma can reduce blood fat, and velvet adds blood.

Gancao Yiqi poison gas reduction, chrysanthemum eyesight treatment of the eye.

Jujube benefits Qi spleen and stomach, honey and lungs to reduce.

The safflower Danshen slurry is scattered, and the Sanqihuoxue can expand the crown.

Hawthorn lipid-lowering blood pressure, Mao Dongqing treatment of cerebral thrombosis.

Headache Tianma and honey immersion, Eucommia strong waist and bones.

Qingmuxiang lowers blood pressure, and benefits water to treat insomnia.

The compatibility of the mouth of the firewood, the yellow scorpion is cold, the aconite is dry and the ginger is hot.

Dried ginger with trichosanthin cures thirst.

If you live with Chuanxiong, you will have a headache.

Citron has white lentils to cool off.

The mulberry white skin has a suricus, and the almonds have a schisandra.

If the wind is good, then the wind will cure the wind.

Huang Qide forsythia is detoxification.

In the mid-summer, the ginger juice is returned, and the fritillary is the melon.

The cloves have a persimmon, the dried ginger stops the sputum, and the dried ginger has a snoring in the summer.

If you have sputum, you can get rid of the sputum, and the platycodon can make the chest wide.

Atractylodes scutellaria is a fetus.

Zhimu, Huangbai’s mountain scorpion is a fire, and the bean drum is thick.

Chen Pi De Bai Shu will spleen.

Attached to Atraction, it will open the stagnation.

Ginseng has five flavors, and Ophiopogon japonicus produces kidney water.

Divergence cold with ephedra, cassia twig and ginger, Asarum white 鑺?鑰?ear, 缇?live 钘?鍔?鑽?銆?銆?

Diffuse wind and heat with mint, burdock mulberry chrysanthemum, Chai Ge Sheng Ma vine, Zidou, good effect.

Heat and diarrhea are delayed, gypsum Zhimu and medlar, reed bamboo leaves, light bamboo leaves, pollen with cumin.

Heat and dampness Sanhuanglong, Kushen Qinpi white fresh skin.

Detoxification honeysuckle, forsythia through the board of blue roots, fish 鑵?閰?閰?鑼嫇 鑼嫇 鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?鍏?; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;Ding.Qingre Liangxue Buffalo Horn, licorice and red peony, Scrophularia sinensis and yin, blood stagnation and heat syndrome; Qingxue medicinal Artemisia annua, Bai Weidi bone silver Bupleurum.

Want to know more about TCM health knowledge, welcome to follow me!

He brought Hong Kong cuisine to Ganzhou and opened it on Taiwan Road in the ancient city of Zhangzhou!


Delicious and healthy!

He brought Hong Kong cuisine to Ganzhou and opened it on Taiwan Road in the ancient city of Zhangzhou!
Delicious and healthy!

There is a very love shop in the ancient city of Luzhou.

Let’s go together today?
Yes, let the busy work slow down about three or five friends, set foot on the bluestone path of Taiwan Road and walk into the sweet spot of “I 鍛?(鐢? Dessert” hidden in the old city.The story of another dessert, I feel that my dessert is more about the ingredients. I also told the boss that the story of him and his lover has returned from Hong Kong to Zhangzhou. This is a warm little shop for couples who love Hong Kong-style desserts.It is their commemoration that every dessert from the selection of materials to the production is very insistent to be an authentic Hong Kong-style dessert. The boss is very concerned about the most subtle details of the ingredients because they insist on hand-made, to maintain the original taste, every dessert hasTheir own unique tastes Generally speaking, people who like to eat sweets are happy. Their bad emotions can be metabolized by sweet foods to make people happy. This sentence I am convinced that I (xia) dessert with itThe unique sweetness is hidden in the ancient city. The two masters built this paradise tile by brick and tile. The second floor is clean and elegant. It can also see the pedestrian desserts in the ancient city through the window, although it is not a necessity for life.浣咺t will really make the bleak and busy life become colorful. The sun in the cloudy sky is more happy, pleasant, satisfying and happy with the sweets in the store. Yang Zhi Ganlu (锟?18)Yang Zhi Ganlu is no longer a new thing. What is the real authentic Yang Zhi Ganlu?

A bowl of authentic Yangzhi nectar is such a composition of Yangzhi nectar. Only need: sago, mango, grapefruit and coconut milk. My dessert adds a crispy crystal bead to the traditional ingredients.The experience of fresh poplar nectar is Yangzhi Ganlu, which is the first item of my sweet dessert. A classic Yangzhi nectar, the most gentle and refreshing selection of fresh and juicy mango, juicy and juicy grapefruit with thickThe thick mango juice bottom, the transparent and soft sago is called 鈥渉uman nectar鈥? which is one of my masterpieces of dessert. The quality of mango directly determines the success or failure of Yangzhi nectar because Yangzhi nectar has useful fresh mango.The sweetness of mango itself has improved due to the season. If the mango used is sweeter, it is a sweet taste. If the mango is sour, then it is a refreshing and refreshing drink.With the big head of the teeth, the crystal beads blasting sago has a warm and spleen, cure the spleen and stomach weakness, the function of indigestion can make the skin restore the natural moisturizing function, make this drink more greasy and more healthy crystal beads exist is aBig鎯奍 like to bite down and have the sago melting in the teeth and the crystal beads bursting in the mouth. The crispy granules and the large particles collide. The taste is rich. The addition of the full-bodied red grapefruit pulp adds to the sweet and rich Yangzhi nectar.The sweet and sour taste both neutralizes the sweetness of the mango and adds a hint of red color to the bottom of the clear yellow juice. After eating the dessert, Xiaobian is satisfied with the smile of the strawberry, Montenegro (锟?24) strawberry, white snow juice,Ice cream, blood glutinous rice . so refreshing and delicious, I still have a lot of ways to keep the summer to eat a bit of my “Sweet Montenegro” in the Xiaobian view, one of the essence of strawberry Montenegro is thatIts white snow juice is better than white snow, and the taste is very good. After the coconut milk and buffalo are sent, it is quickly frozen into a crystal-like crispy bottom. It tastes like a snowflake. The taste of the milk is as sweet as the dairy lovers.The temptation to completely resist the white snow juice is made up of purple rice, blood glutinous rice, citron, corn granules, and all the essences are combined in one. The glutinous balls are sticky and chewy.鍜怟emi ball must be licking the white snow juice, eating white snow juice, penetrating into the gap of the gram ball, biting a mouthful of milk, fragrant girls, the favorite fruit is strawberry or even sweet and delicious, full of rich vitamin C content is low, and beautifulHealthy oh vanilla ice cream ball on the boss homemade strawberry sauce, a bit of ice cream, soft and smooth, a strawberry flesh, refreshing the taste buds, a glutinous rice ball is a feast of lips and teeth. This taste is too rich, raw almond tea (锟?13)For almond tea, it is called the medicinal value of almonds. “There is a divergent cold and cold energy. After the cold, the cold is gone, some people are prone to cold, drink some almond tea to declare the role of Xuanfei and asthma.It can also prevent colds and colons. The almonds are very fragrant. The average milky aroma is a curative taste. It is probably because almonds have a lot of medicinal value and are good for the skin. It is simply a walking body mask and a dessert.Seriously amazing. According to the boss, almond tea is made with almonds. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a pure taste.

Xiaobian pro test, awesome!

The raw almond pulp is the aroma of pure white thick almond tea. It will only be scattered in the mouth when it is warm. The surface of the almond tea is dotted with sugar osmanthus, just a mouthful of fragrant sesame paste.锟?12) I still remember the taste of the bowl of sesame paste when I was a child. I don’t dare to open my mouth every time I eat it. The black sesame paste is made with pure sesame and polished to make the sesame nutrient value to the utmost extent.
Sesame is sweet, flat, has blood, hair and other effects to eat a bowl, bold day and night!

The graininess of the sesame seeds in the mouth and the soft palate of the small round seeds are instantly incomprehensible. This is even better, but only one point, delicious!

Everyone feels the thick scent of this sesame paste, with a slight sesame grain feeling more and more fragrant, no greasy feeling thick black sesame paste almost no sweet mushy a small amount of smooth entrance, rich and pureIt is quite comfortable in the mouth. Chenpi red bean paste (锟?10) Chenpi red bean paste tastes refreshing, but also nourish the body red bean qi and blood, go to the edema, tangerine peel, stomach and numbness, red bean glutinous rice for a long time, it will be sand-like, then add Guangchen skin and red bean paste.The last feeling of sweetness is smothered with sago, so that the bean paste and sago can be carved with each other. The rock sugar water can make the soup sweet, and the honey can remove the cold and cold ingredients. The sugar varieties have great attention and taste.Delicate, layered and finely tasted, a variety of flavors are endless, red beans are full of sago, and the dried tangerine peel is tasteful. The simple taste of the syrup reflects the boss’s full craftsmanship and heart sugar. (锟?7) Sugar is not a small dumplingThe little sister tastes sweet and not greasy, tastes fragrant and wakes up white sugar, peanuts and sesame seeds are crushed into icing sugar, dressed in white and tender glutinous rice balls, forked a small ball gently鍜珹 simple thing like this will turn into something interesting. It’s not the peanut candy that you can see. It’s not a soft fragrant jade on the plate. It’s the kind of tacit heart that you can only feel in your heart.Induction of glutinous glutinous rice glutinous rice glutinous rice dumplings (锟?16) rich glutinous glutinous glutinous rice with grainy sago hidden in the surface of the coke under the egg yolk, golden tempting just released, let the population water rush before eatingWhen the taro and sago are mixed and evenly eaten, you can use the products of the mouth to eat the winter warm stomach!

Grass Moss (锟?18) Some people say that there is always a special connection between drinks and people. When it is filled with vitamin C, what kind of wonderful chemical reaction will it cause?

The creation of grassy green is a wonderful combination of rosemary, lime, and orange juice. It quickly ignites the Halley comet on the taste bud. People often say: Every individual is not an island. So there are people who meet each other. I think the ingredients are the same.The lemons, oranges and rosemary’s wonderful 閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€匱he fragrance of this drink has its unique fragrance. The top note is: The tea is wrapped in the lime and the middle notes are: the sweetness of the orange juice drives the last bit of sour in the mouth, and finally the rosemary’s premium atmosphere is the whole drink.Aromas add a whole heart of bronze lemon, and the scent of rosemary brings a fresh taste bud experience. The bottom of the tea is soft and refreshing. The kiwifruit is a magical fruit flavor is described asThe combination of strawberry, banana and pineapple is accompanied by tea, and the combination of green and yellow lemons is all without any sense. The lemon aroma is high, and the green tea with low sensation is fresh.鑼禨oup fragrant with the aroma of fresh kiwi integration between heavy and mellow taste, aroma kiwi obviously remind six nights a week 19: 30-22: 30 There are handsome little brother here with bands Oh?
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