Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough

Seven Food Therapies for Spring Cough

Spring is here, and influenza is coming along. I accidentally caught it and coughed. What should I do?

The following dietary methods may help you.

  1, Yuzhu porridge material: Yuzhu 15g fresh double, previous rice 50g.

  Method: Wash and chop the Yuzhu, add water decoction to take the juice to remove the residue, and use the Yuzhu juice to make porridge (should add water to make porridge).

Take 2 warm meals in the morning and evening.

One week is a course of treatment, and the second course of treatment is stopped for one week.

  2. Lily pear sugar material: Lily 10g (fresh lily is better, double the amount), 1 pear, 15g white sugar.

  Method: Wash the lily and slice the pear.

Lily, pear, and sugar are mixed into a bowl, steamed, and served cold once.

2 times a day.

  3, peanut sugar rock sugar material: peanut rice 100?
150g, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the peanut rice, add rock sugar and water and cook it together, eat peanut rice soup, eat 3 times a day.

  4, Tremella material: 5g Tremella, 1 egg, 60g rock sugar, lard amount.

  Method: Soak the white fungus in warm water for about 30 minutes. After the hair is thoroughly penetrated, remove the impurities, wash and divide the flakes, and then boil with an appropriate amount of water.

Boil the rock sugar with water, beat into the eggs, mix with water, and stir well. Boil in a pan and stir. Pour the egg sugar juice into the white fungus pan. When the pan is raised, add the pig aboveoil.

  5, cane pulp porridge material: a few fresh sugar cane, the previous rice 50g.

  Method: Add 400ml of previous rice to cook porridge, then wash and chop fresh sugarcane, squeeze about 150ml of juice, add it to the porridge and take it.

2 times a day, morning and evening.

  6. Garlic white sugar juice material: 15g garlic head, 30g white sugar.

  Method: Peel and smash the garlic head, add about 500ml of sugar and boiling water, and soak for 5 hours before taking.

Take 1 dose daily in 3 divided servings, even 4 servings?
5 days.

  7, pine nut kernel porridge material: pine nut 20g, glutinous rice 50g, honey amount.

  Method: Punch the pine nuts into a mud, add 500ml water with glutinous rice, cook into a thick porridge with simmer, then mix in honey, and take it twice a day and warm.

Four health porridges to help Yang Qi rise

Four health porridges to help Yang Qi rise

Add some amaranth, leek, celery, etc. to the porridge, which can not only elevate the protrusions, but also help the sun rise, which is an ideal health food.

Here are four health porridges: Amaranth porridge. Pour the previous rice into the pot and add water to boil. Then add the washed amaranth to cook the same porridge.

In the spring, other vegetables are more expensive on the market, and amaranth is a good seasonal disease.

Absolutely, research data show that eating wild vegetables such as amaranth can help increase the resistance of organisms.

Leek porridge first boil the previous rice with water, then participate in the washing and chopped leek and cook for porridge.

Leek has been a gourmet vegetable since ancient times. It can be used for vitamins A, B, C and sugars, amino acids, and flavoring to kill germs.

Spring eclipse can help Yang and promote breeding.

Celery porridge Wash the celery with roots, boil it with water, and cook the juice with the previous rice to make porridge.

Celery is available in all seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and in the off-season season of spring and vegetables, fresh celery is one of the favorite vegetables of many people.

It includes amino acids, aunts and vitamins A, B, and C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., especially the content of calcium and phosphorus is high, containing 8 calcium per 100 grams of celery.

5mg, phosphorus 61mg, quite suitable for fluffy children.

Jujube porridge is made from red dates. The porridge was previously cooked with rice. The ratio of rice to red dates was 2: 1.

The qualified beneficial effects of jujubes are calm in nature, able to nourish the blood and stabilize the blood, and can last for a long time when the disease is debilitating, and people who hate poor function are edible.

Another folk saying goes: “To make the skin good, add red dates to the porridge.

“It can be seen that the red date porridge is also very good for making the skin beautiful and beautiful.

Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

In fact, women want to be beautiful forever, even young, so it has become a topic of never aging, but there are 8 taboos in health, you must not touch it!

  Executive women do not have fewer roots than men. The pace of work is also becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to generate huge stress mentally. Physical overload is not good for health, and women want to live young and beautiful, and to be eternal.Young, keep away from the 8 taboos below!

  Avoid drinking alcohol to worry about professional women always encounter some setbacks and blows at work, some people often borrow alcohol to worry about, or take drinking as a fashionable behavior in modern lifestyle.

At that time, borrowing alcohol to dispel sorrow and even sorrow.

The result of drunken drinking is that a large amount of alcohol enters the body, and first of all, the nervous system is damaged, which is very dangerous.

  Due to the wide contact with women, professional women will encounter a variety of men. Among them, there are many outstanding people. If there is no better moral cultivation, extramarital affairs will result, and often the family will be at odds with the divorce.

Japanese sociologists have conducted a survey: the proportion of divorced women to family happiness, the former life shortened by about 5 years.

For couples who live with each other day and night, if they often quarrel, disagree, fight, and refuse to give up, it will lead to disorders of the internal secretion system, dysfunction of internal organs, and suffer from various physiological diseases, leading to premature aging and reduced life expectancy.

  It is inevitable to avoid the worries of depression and depression in your life. It is not appropriate to keep the worries and depression in your heart. You should learn how to adjust your mind when you are in a bad mood, and try to find ways to vent or transfer., Have a good view of the mountains and rivers, make your mind open and love life.

  Don’t blindly lose weight and love beauty, everyone has it, especially for professional women. Many people do everything possible to reduce their excess aunts in their bodies. Weight loss teas, diet meals and other weight loss measures are dazzling.

People who want to lose weight want to see results quickly, desperately diet, and as a result lose weight, their bodies collapse.

  Avoid smoking and boring. At present, many women use smoking as a fashion. In fact, smoking is harmful but not harmful. Tobacco is particularly harmful to women’s health.

According to statistics: The incidence of heart disease in smoking women is 10 times higher than that of normal people, which makes menopause 1 to 3 years earlier. The deformed children caused by smoking in pregnant women are non-smokers 2.

5 times, smoking in young women can inhibit facial blood circulation and accelerate aging.

  Avoid overloading work and avoid intensifying competition. The working rhythm of modern professional women is becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to produce huge stress mentally. The mental and physical overload is very detrimental to health.

If you don’t pay attention to rest and regulation, the central nervous system’s continuous tension will cause excessive psychological reflexes. Over time, it can lead to increased sympathetic nerve excitement, endocrine dysfunction, and various diseases. Therefore, professional women should pay attention to psychological tension.To achieve a combination of work and rest, relaxation, reasonable arrangements for work, study and life, and physical exercise.

  Avoid drinking too much tea. Most professional women have the habit of drinking tea. Tea can eliminate fatigue, refresh the mind, and improve work efficiency.

There are too many benefits to drinking tea, but too much theophylline also has disadvantages. Tea is an effective gastric acid secretion stimulant, and long-term excessive gastric acid secretion is an important pathogenic factor for gastric ulcers. Therefore, it should be added to teaA small amount of milk and sugar to keep the gastric mucosa local or reduce gastric acid irritation.

  It is necessary to avoid professional makeup for professional women because of their work needs, and it is necessary to make proper makeup for themselves. However, for professional needs, they must not be used because of the high-end cosmetics currently on the market.Lead and a large amount of preservatives can temporarily cover the stains, but they do not cure the symptoms. Too many women pin their beauty hopes on the endless stream of cosmetics and ignore their own health.

Chemicals can severely irritate the skin, and powder particles can easily double pores and block the skin’s respiratory function.

How to remove oral odor

How to remove oral odor

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that we must treat the bad odor in the mouth as soon as possible. Our current life is busy and our daily routine is abnormal.

Can easily cause various diseases.

Professor Tan Jin, the director of the Department of Stomatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in our peace, this strange phenomenon often occurs, that is, we don’t feel any physical illness, but the mouth has a strange smell.

  Oral bitterness is often associated with bile metabolic disorders.

Usually the mouth bitter reflects the liver and gallbladder hotness or phlegm fever internal disturbance. In the diet, you should not eat hot products such as spicy, sliced, grilled, etc., you can eat cool soups, such as wolfberry leaf egg soup, chrysanthemum, rice, melon sugar, fresh bamboo shootsMeat etc.

  Dysfunction of the digestive system of the chewing gum can cause abnormal secretion of various digestive enzymes, especially the increase of amylase content in saliva, which stimulates the taste buds on the tongue and feels sweet.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is hot and sweet.

Sweet taste reflects the heat of the spleen, which is different from real heat and deficient heat.

Those who are really hot will drink dry mouth and will have yellow urine.

Deficiency in food intake reduces fatigue and fatigue.

In the diet, those who are really hot should avoid hot and spicy products, such as tofu and hot fire, such as tofu cabbage soup, fange pot catfish soup, wild amaranth soup and so on.

Deficiency fever can eat lotus seed sugar water, Huaishan lotus seed boiling duck, Dangshen Huaishan boiling raw fish and so on.

  Oral acid Chinese medicine believes that oral acid is weak in the spleen and stomach, or the liver is hot.

When the liver is hot, the mouth is sour and bitter, the ribs are full of pain, irritability, headache, dizziness, yellow urine, and dry stool.

In terms of diet, those with a hot liver should not eat hot and spicy products such as spicy, fried, and cool products, such as sashimi wolfberry soup, chamomile previous rice porridge, and kelp Mingzi soup.

Those with insufficient spleen deficiency should eat products for strengthening the spleen and warming the stomach, such as Dangshen and Qizi Huaishan pot chicken, pepper pot pork belly, bonito rice porridge and so on.

  Oral salty Chinese medicine believes that oral salty is caused by superior kidney fluid.

Overwork, old age, and chronic illness lead to kidney deficiency.

In terms of diet, those with kidney yin deficiency should not eat hot and hot things, and should eat nourishing yin and kidney, such as Huaishan wolfberry stewed water fish, Huangjing Huaishan stewed hen, sea cucumber glutinous rice porridge, Huaishan wolfberry pot and duck.

Those with deficiency of kidney yang should not eat cold cold and cold injury kidney products, should eat warm kidney and impotence, such as antler gum ginger rice porridge, wolfberry chestnut stewed mutton, aconite stewed dog meat, antler slice stewed lean meat and so on.

Morning exercise adds health points

Morning exercise adds health points

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Here is a selection of some health knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body and live a healthy and happy day!

  Always hear office workers say “work is too busy, no time to exercise.”

Exercise does take time, but as long as you have the heart, you can turn it to zero.

Today, I will introduce several fitness methods based on minutes. You can also choose according to personal needs to find a fitness combination that suits you.

Don’t use time as an excuse anymore, these sports can’t take up much of your time.

  In the 8 minutes before the morning, the physical function of middle-aged people began to decline. It is very important to strengthen self-care on a daily basis.

If you don’t have enough time, you can make full use of the time before the morning to exercise.

  Comb your fingers for one minute. Use your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head to comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head.

Prevents cerebral vascular disease and darkens hair.

  Gently rub the earwheels for one minute with both fingers to gently rub the left and right earwheels, especially tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms.

  Rotate your eyes for one minute. The eyeballs can move clockwise and counterclockwise, which can make you stand out.

  Tooth-rolling the tongue for one minute gently taps the teeth to make the teeth and gums circulate and strengthen the teeth; rolling the tongue can make the tongue move freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Rub your nose with your thumb for one minute and rub your nose up and down with both hands to prevent nasal congestion and runny nose caused by cold in the morning.

  Extension and flexion of the limbs for one minute through the extension and flexion movement, makes the blood quickly return to the whole body, supply enough oxygen and blood to the heart and brain system, and enhance the displacement of the limbs’ large and small joints.

  The abdomen and anus can be repeatedly contracted for one minute to raise the anus, which can enhance the contraction of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Step on the soles of the feet for one minute and alternately step on the soles of the feet with both heels to make the soles feel warm.

Stepping on the soles of the feet has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Replenishing energy for 5 minutes to extend work in the body or in front of the computer, often appear dizzy, stiff waist, this is the signal that the body needs to relax.

At this time, it is best to put down the work at hand and do the following set of gymnastics. It only takes 5 minutes to help you stretch your body and replenish your weight.

  Stretch your whole body upright, legs apart slightly wider than shoulders, fingers crossed.

First palm down, straight up, press palm down; then raise the palm to the top of the head, change palm up and twist upwards.

  The upper arm’s tensile stress is raised, the palms are opposite, and then the elbow is used as the center to bend.

First, hold the left elbow with the palm of your right hand and stretch it to the right; then hold the elbow with your left palm and stretch it to the left.

  Tilt your right hand on your hips, extend your left hand upwards, then bend your body to the right, then change sides.

  With the chest and shoulders extended and the legs separated, the upper body is tilted down to the level, and lifted toward the back to the upper side, the fingers of both hands are crossed, the palms are downward, and the force is reduced backward.

  Stretch your legs to separate your legs, tilt your upper body down to the level, hold your left waist around from the back to support your right waist, press your right hand down your left leg, and then change sides.

  Shape for 4 minutes before bedtime If you are a woman who values your body shape, teach you two bodybuilding exercises before bedtime.

  Lie on your back with thin waist, bend your legs, touch your feet, and lift your upper body and right leg at the same time, with your left elbow touching your right knee, and look at your right knee; return to the posture;Touch your left knee and look at it with your eyes.

Alternate in both directions, persist for 1 minute, or do what you can.

This set of exercises has a good effect of thin waist, which can enhance the strength of the waist.

  Slim legs lie flat, legs tilted 45 degrees, flexion weight lifting in the air, the left leg is bent to align, the right leg tries to step on the leg upwards, and the instep always keeps the foot in hook state;.

Repeat the previous action.

Practice every night for at least 3 minutes.

The main point of the action is to keep the legs clamped at all times, which is good for stretching the muscle lines of the thighs; tightening the back of the feet is good for stretching the muscles of the lower legs.

  Related Links: Four 10-minute diets every day Recently, Freitag, a senior fitness expert in the United States, has created a new fitness method that allows people to lose weight in as little as 10 minutes at a time.

The specific method is to do a fast-walking exercise that enhances vitality every 10 minutes every morning at 6: 50-7: 00; do a fast walk every 10 minutes at noon 12: 20-12: 30; 5: 15-5:25. Do 10-minute exercises for strength training; 8: 50-9: 00 at night, do 10-minute abdominal fat reduction exercises.   If you want to lose weight, the recommended amount of exercise per week is: 5 groups of energy-enhancing exercises, 6 groups of burning quantum exercises, 4 groups of brisk walking, 2 groups of exercises to exercise thigh muscles, 2 groups of exercises to enhance stretching strength, 2 groups of abdominal fat reduction exercises,A total of 21 groups of sports.

10 tips, top secret tips, you will be thin and completely


10 tips, top secret tips, you will be thin and completely

Many fat girls want to lose weight but have no way. Today, I will introduce you to ten effective tricks to help you. I have learned a lot of tips during the weight loss process. I have mastered some tips and recommended some products and methods today.everyone.

銆€銆€1: Why do you drink water in the first place?

Because drinking water is too important for weight loss!

The so-called drinking water must drink warm water, higher than body temperature, about 40 degrees, can promote microcirculation and perfusion peristalsis, accelerate excretion.

Never drink ice water!


Especially girls with endocrine hormones and cold constitution.

Do not drink more than 300 ml each time, drink slowly, avoid excessive swelling and cause stomach expansion.

銆€銆€2: Drink more soup and juice, the right amount of fruit, juice and soup are all homemade. It is strongly recommended to cook red glutinous rice with red bean curd.

When the tea is drunk, drink a thin person for a long time, and the skin becomes better!

The method is simple.

According to the ratio of 1:1:1 boiled to drink water to eat slag, red bean diuretic edema, kidney detoxification, coix seed is also swelling and can also be beautiful skin, buckwheat kernel contains a variety of vitamin B family and cellulose.

銆€銆€3: It is too important to supplement nutrients and health supplements.

People who lose weight will lack nutrients. Don’t lose health in order to lose weight. At the same time, I still pay attention to health.

The health products that are eaten now include bird’s nest soft capsules, sheep placenta capsules, fish protein tablets, soy isoflavone tablets, grape seed oil, fruit and vegetable fiber tablets and multi-dimensional element tablets (21 gold Vita is good), health care products selection brandIt is very important to choose materials and processes that are natural, quality guaranteed, and economical conditions to try.

Eat every day, follow the instructions to eat, although not how to eat for a long time, but the body, spirit, skin is still very good!

All thanks to the credit of eating these!

I suggest you go to the drug store to buy more.

銆€銆€4: Supplementing collagen protein is beneficial for weight loss, and it is a saint of beauty.

FANCL’s collagen fruity drink is highly recommended, a box of ten, drink one every day before going to bed, drink for 2 months.

Make sure your skin is watery and flexible!

However, this is more expensive!

Or if the conditions are better, drink milk and cook the Swallow every morning (the bird’s nest must be true).

銆€銆€5: rub weight loss cream plus massage belt recommended Mahua slimming company’s slimming cream, if not, with Sofitt can also use hot towel to apply fertilizer, thighs and other places, wait for the pores to open, bring gloves evenlyApply, massage until fully absorbed, wrapped in plastic wrap.

After doing this, start skipping the rope for half an hour, the effect of steel!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to move. Buy a thin abdomen massage belt. It takes 50 minutes and the effect is very significant.

銆€銆€6: Multi-sauna massage This method works best after exercise. After exercise, the whole body cells are very active, the transfer is dissipating, and steaming a sauna to ensure you lighter 2 kg!

The sweat is also discharged, and the sleep is good after steaming.

The original sauna can also treat insomnia!

It’s a great deal!

銆€銆€7: Reasonable exercise, so the movement is put behind, because it is really not many girls who find that they love sports.

Exercise is the second most important way to lose weight in addition to dieting.

Swim one or two times a week, play badminton once or twice, climb the mountain once, and do yoga according to the method of the book, every half hour.

And insist on walking where you can walk.

Sports, the first to swim!

The concentration of water is greater than the air, the amount of swimming consumption is larger than the average exercise, it can also enhance the lung capacity, beautify the body curve, let you be thin, and bodybuilding!

銆€銆€8: Vegetarians believe that everyone hears this heart is cold, the benefits of vegetarianism are actually many, can lower blood cholesterol, blood lipids and uric acid, eliminate the burden of the stomach, reduce the accumulation of toxins.

Plants, especially vegetables, contain vitamins, cellulose and water. The carbohydrates contained in them are rare or absent. The monks and vegetarians have become better. This is scientifically based, but not everyone.Suitable for vegetarians, physical workers, athletes and children are not suitable!Suitable for vegetarians are the wife of the family, the elderly and the “three high” fat people.

銆€銆€9: The gluten therapy has the same effect as the vegetarian food mentioned above.

Last year, I watched someone on TV to introduce the health of the valley. I was very curious. Later I read some related books to do it. The effect is very good!

This is a trick that can be said to be a trick.

It is the state of people who choose not to eat alone, more meditation, unless meditation, hibernation and the like.

Drink water in this vortex, eat a piece of watermelon when you are hungry, take a slice of cucumber, try several times, and find that the biggest advantage is that you can eliminate the stool, eliminate the appetite, and make the irritated mood calm.

It seems that the ancients really had a foresight!

However, this requires superhuman perseverance, and the time can not be too long, 3 days a month, and choose not to use your brain when you don’t have to work.

銆€銆€10: Read more books, listen to music more strange?

Reading a book can also lose weight!

The answer is yes, reading, listening to songs can distract and relax the nerves.

It is recommended to listen to some classical music and recommend Li Yundi and Liszt’s piano music.

Vegetarians help relieve rheumatoid arthritis


Vegetarians help relieve rheumatoid arthritis

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are often afflicted with illness and long-term use of drugs.

When the disease is caused, the tea is not fragrant, so the food should be light.

Experts pointed out that patients can also eat gluten-free foods, which is conducive to the health of patients.

銆€銆€Vegetarians who are beneficial to relieve rheumatoid arthritis. The medical researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden recently wrote in the journal Arthritis Research and Treatment that they insist on eating gluten-free protein including nuts, sunflower oil, fruits and vegetables.Food can help patients with rheumatoid arthritis reduce the risk of complications and strokes.

銆€銆€The researchers conducted a one-year trial of 38 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who adhered to gluten-free foods and 28 patients with a balanced diet. They found that patients in the previous control group lost weight more and more.Moreover, the prevalence of hypertension and cardiovascular disease is relatively high.

銆€銆€The researchers explained that gluten-free foods are more conducive to the health of patients with rheumatoid arthritis by excluding animal feces and “bad plasma” such as low-density lipoproteins that may cause vascular division.

銆€銆€Dietary instructions for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (1) diet should be controlled.

The diet should be regular, quantitative, and the food should be soft, hard, cold, and hot.

Do not worry about physical weakness, undernutrition and overeating, increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, and hurt the digestive function.

銆€銆€(2) The diet should be light.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are often afflicted with illness and long-term use of drugs.
When the disease is caused, the tea is not fragrant, so the food should be light.

One can maintain a better appetite, and the other can maintain a better spleen and stomach function to enhance disease resistance.

銆€銆€(3) The diet cannot be partial.

Chicken, duck, fish, grains, vegetables and fruits should not be ignored, and should be matched with reasonable.

銆€銆€(4) Correctly treat food supplement and medicine supplement.

Whether it is supplement or medicine, it is beneficial to patients with rheumatoid arthritis, but it must be based on the condition and the strength of the spleen and stomach.

Such as milk, soy milk, malted milk, chocolate is a good nutrition, but the body has damp heat or sticky tongue, people eat more but bloating discomfort, do not think about diet; ginseng, white fungus, Ejiao can qi and nourish the blood, but the spleen and stomach are notAnd or the hot and humid intrinsic suits, but the suffocation helps the wet, not only can not go to the disease, add to the pain.

銆€銆€(5) Pay attention to diet.

Some patients with rheumatoid arthritis have a worsening course of disease. If they are sick, they will avoid the mouth, and it will affect the absorption of nutrients for a long time.

Generally speaking, patients with rheumatoid arthritis can eat any diet without having to avoid it.

It is only in the acute phase or acute attack, when the joints are red and swollen, it is not suitable to enter the spicy and stimulating food; the chronic spleen and stomach deficiency, eat less cold fruits and shrimps, crabs, bamboo shoots and the like.

Once the condition is stable, the taboo can be relaxed.

Do you dare to break the valley?


Harvard found it easy to die without eating staple food!

Do you dare to break the valley?
Harvard found it easy to die without eating staple food!

The word 鈥淧u Gu鈥? originated from the 鈥渄o not eat grains鈥?in the ancient Taoist health, and there are two ways of hunger strike, adjusting breathing and not eating staple food and complementary food.

In recent years, the trend of the whole nation’s health care has become more and more fierce. In addition, the interest-seeking institutions of the Valley Health Care Center have deliberately promoted. There are more than 270,000 articles on the Internet alone, and the population of health care is growing, and its benefits are also growing.Being passed on to God.

But the truth is that no matter what kind of valley is dangerous.

And people who have diseases in the body themselves will not aggravate the disease. In the drought state of more than 24 hours, human anabolism will be affected, and ketosis and even acidosis will occur.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that a small reduction in diet actually increased the risk of premature death.

The researchers tracked 15,400 people and found that a trendy diet encourages cutting all the bread, potatoes and pasta in the diet, which may actually do more harm than good.

Because 50% to 55% of the diet in the diet can reduce the risk of premature death, and people who eat less than 40% or more than 70% of the diet have a higher risk of death.

Dr. Ian Johnson of the Drum Bioscience Institute at the Norwich Food Research Center believes that about half of the calories are obtained from the body, with the lowest risk of death and the results are convincing.

Professor Tom Sanders of King’s College London also added: “The most important thing is that a balanced diet provides an extra half of the food energy, which is most beneficial to health.
鈥?Dr. Sarah Sedelman, a syringe at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, recruited 15,528 people after discovering that a substitute for protein or a hypoglycemic diet for pregnant women was widely used as a health and weight loss strategy.Adults up to 64 years of age and track them for 25 years for research.

In the original study group, 6,283 people died during the study period, but those with low consumption died more than 20% more than those with moderate consumption. The researchers believe that these results are estimated to be 50 years old.People with moderate weight intake may live for another 33 years until the age of 83. People with low substitutions can live 4 years to 79 years old. Those with high replacements may live to 82 years old.The crowd is one year less.

This means that too much and too little carbohydrate can be harmful, but the most important is the type of protein, carbohydrates, and the popular animal-based low-carbohydrate diet in North America and Europe.Regarding overall life expectancy, it should be discouraged that shifting to plant-based consumption may help alleviate major morbid conditions.

American scientists have also studied the combined results of previous studies, including 432,000 people from more than 20 countries, confirming their findings.

They found that the biggest risk of reducing glucose is that people use animal foods such as meat and cheese instead.

If they cut the staple food while eating more plant foods such as vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts, the risk is relatively speaking.

In short, the healthiest method is a moderate diet and a balanced diet.

The increasingly popular 鈥渁ll or nothing鈥?exclusion diet in society can seriously damage people’s health.

Article source: 39 health net