Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious

Confinement’s medicated diet is healthy and delicious

After giving birth, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, the new mother must focus on warming up the ingredients and post-natal medicated meals.

It has a positive effect on promoting postpartum rehabilitation.

  1. Raw materials of Sishen pig liver porridge: 30g of pork liver (pig heart), 3 lotus seeds, 20g of barley kernels, 15g of barley fruit, 30g of Huaishan yam, 200ml of Yuenao soup

  Method: Soak lotus seeds and coix seed with Yuenai Tang for two hours.

Wash the yam and pork liver (pig heart) and dice.

Cover the above ingredients with high heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

  Nutrition secrets This porridge can warm the kidneys and spleen, promote metabolism, smooth excretion, help to fall asleep and reduce fatigue.

Consuming 3 days before a cesarean or small birth can also prevent wound inflammation.

  2. Raw material of sesame oil pork liver: 150g of pork liver, 4 slices of ginger with skin, 30ml of black sesame oil, 200ml of Yuenai soup.

  Method: Wash the pork liver and cut it to a thickness of 1 cm.

Brush and cut the thin slices of ginger: black sesame oil into the pot and heat on high heat, add ginger, turn to low heat, simmer until the ginger slices are wrinkled but not burnt, turn to high heat, and stir-fry the porkDiscoloration.

Finally, add Yue Nai Soup and boil.

Turn off the heat immediately and eat while hot.

  The secret of nutrition has the effect of reducing slag and promoting the metabolism of lochia, and the black sesame oil baked by slow fire is mild and not dry, which is more suitable for the new mother who is physically weak.

  3. Guigui fish soup material: 300g fish, angelica 3g, astragalus 3g, ginger 15g, black sesame oil 30ml, Yuenao soup 600ml.

  Practice: Wash fish for later use.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Add fish, Angelica, Astragalus and Yuenai soup, boil, turn to low heat, cover with 5 minutes, turn off, and serve.

  During confinement, various fish can be eaten alternately, and river fish is recommended.

  4. Shouwu pig heart material: Shouwu 9g, pig heart 150g, sesame oil burst ginger 4 pieces, black sesame oil 15ml, Yuenao soup 400ml.

  Method: Wash and cut pig heart into 1cm thickness.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Turn to high heat and add pork heart to fry until discolored.

Let the tsunabe soup boil, turn off the heat and eat while hot.

  Shouwu can nourish liver and kidney, nourish essence and blood.

The sweetness is thick and yin.

  5. Eucommia ulmoides waist material: 9g Eucommia, a pair of pork loin, 15g sesame oil ginger, 15ml black sesame oil, 400ml Yuenai soup.

  Method: After washing the pork loin, soak it in water for two hours, cut it in half, and remove the white urine glands inside.

After Eucommia ulmoides were washed, it was added to Yue Nai Tang and covered, then boiled, then simmered for half an hour, and the juice was reserved.

  Cut the cleaned pork loin obliquely into several cracks on the surface and cut into small pieces of 3 cm wide.

Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Turn to high heat and stir-fry the waist flower until it changes color.

Add spare soup and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat immediately and eat while hot.

  Pork loin has the effect of nourishing kidney and diuresis.

Eucommia can promote the synthesis and decomposition of protein and collagen in human bones and muscles, promote metabolism and prevent osteoporosis, and have a good preventive effect on postpartum body back pain and osteoporosis.

  6, Shiquan fish soup materials: 300g fish, 15g sesame oil burst ginger, 30ml black sesame oil, 600ml Yuenao soup.

Shiquanbao (Dangshen 3g, Astragalus 6g, Shuji, Angelica, Poria, Atractylodes, Atractylodes, Chuanxiong 3g each, Cinnamon 0.

5g, licorice 1g) Method: Wash the fish for later use.Heat black sesame oil, then add sesame oil to burst ginger.

Add fish, Shiquan medicine pack and Yuenai soup and bring to low heat.

Cover and cook for 5 minutes before turning off.

  The Chinese medicine in Shiquanbao can inhibit the increase of ester peroxides, and has a variety of diseases, and the effect of prolonging life.

Applicable to the deficiency of blood gas or chronic illness, chlorosis, mental fatigue, waist and knee weakness and other symptoms.

  Three key tips for confinement diet: The first week of phased supplementation is to focus on metabolic detoxification, that is, to eliminate lochia, waste water, waste gas and old waste, let the old things in the body be cleaned, and proper nutritional supplements can ensureNecessary nutrition, without burdening the body; the second week is mainly to contract the pelvis and uterus.

  The uterus recovers quickly within two weeks after giving birth. At this time, diet can help to make it shrink better; the third week is the real nourishing tonic week.

  Second: For mild hot supplements, you must choose slow-baking and 100% pure black sesame oil and bursting ginger.

Ginger has the effects of strengthening the stomach, removing cold, dehumidification, sweating, etc., can promote appetite and increase metabolism.

  However, it should not be detonated, otherwise it may easily lead to symptoms such as fire and cough.

  Third: Rice alcohol Hualu as soup for all meals and drinks. Rice wine can stimulate qi and blood circulation, pass through the collaterals, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help the mother to discharge the waste water and waste accumulated during pregnancy from the body, so as to repair it well.Internal organs to prevent sagging.

Chewing slowly is a good way to keep healthy

Chewing slowly is a good way to keep healthy

Although it is a simple oral movement, it is not only related to the oral cavity, it also has a great impact on human health and disease prevention.

If you develop a habit of chewing slowly while eating, it is also a good way to maintain health.

  Chinese medical scientists and health homes are very concerned about chewing slowly.

“Nonday’s non-daily finishing” cloud: “Eat must be chewed slowly, with the liquid to send it, then the taste is scattered in the spleen, the Chinese color is filled with muscle.

When it is thick, it only fills the stomach and stomach with bad flour.

“Old and old Hengyan” cloud: “Into the stomach there are three, a cremation, rotten cooking; two mouth, chewing also; three abdomen, into the stomach self-chemical.

“The Secret of Foreigners’ Longevity” also states: “Choose every bite of food until the food is self-contained. If you want to further confirm the knowledge of slow food, please open the Jewish Code, in the book: Slow Food Longevity.

“Modern medical research has confirmed that there are many benefits to chewing slowly: 1.

Promoting digestion can reduce the burden of high blood pressure, help digestion, and improve the efficiency of nutritional supplementation.


Anti-cancer effect Chewing can increase saliva secretion, so that the food is fully stirred by saliva, and the carcinogens in the transformed food are converted into harmless substances.

American medical scientists have found that chewing has a neutralizing effect on carcinogens. Researchers add saliva to carcinogens, and carcinogens can lose their carcinogenic effects.


Prevention of obesity Chewing and obesity also have a close relationship.

In the human brain, there is a center for controlling appetite. It takes more time to chew food. The appetite center can issue correct instructions, so that people have a proper diet and have a feeling of fullness. If this continues, it can naturally avoid obesity.


Neutralizing salt in foods is not good for your health.

After chewing and chewing, the food can gradually release the minerals secreted by the cells, and the potassium can neutralize the salt in the body.


Promoting blood circulation and chewing has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain.

When chewing, the mandibular muscle pulls the blood vessels in the part, accelerates the flow of blood near the temple, and improves the blood circulation of the heart and brain.

In addition, chewing can also relax the brain nerves, relieve mental stress, and have a great fracture to human health.


The cosmetic effect of chewing chewing helps to develop the expression around the mouth and make the facial capillaries smooth, which is good for preventing wrinkles and improving facial nutrition.


The solid tooth action and chewing can strengthen the tooth activity and exert the effect of solid teeth to prevent and prevent the jaw from loosening.


Anti-aging effect to the elderly, gastrointestinal dysfunction, weakened swallowing reflexes, slow chewing can penetrate the anti-mite, help digestion, anti-aging effect.

Office workers can practice cervical cancer to prevent cervical spondylosis

Office workers can practice cervical cancer to prevent cervical spondylosis

Recently, many people will find that the surrounding bones and joints of their entire body are about the same. The soreness is getting worse. Lu Songhua, the attending physician of the Department of Orthopaedics of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visited the live broadcast room of the newspaper and explained the causes of bone and joint pain and diseases in springFor this reason, I also recommended the simple complications of bone and joint strains-“Mi Zi Cao” and “Si Zi San” formulas.

  Wind, cold, and wetness can easily induce joint pain. Lu Songhua explained that traditional Chinese medicine recognizes that changes in nature have a corresponding relationship with human symptoms. Right now, there are factors that cause bone and joint pain and related diseases.

  ”‘Wind is the strength of all diseases’. It is early spring. The main force of spring is wind. It is the season when wind evils easily invade the human body.

However, the cold air in winter has not completely subsided, and the temperature difference between day and night is still continuous. In addition, the lower terrain in Lingnan area is likely to cause wet and evil condensation.

So recently there have been wind, cold, and wet conditions.

Lu Songhua said that while bones and joints are responsible for movement and support in the human body, they are yang according to Chinese medicine.

  The three factors of wind, cold, and wet overlap, which are most likely to cause bone and joint pain and disease.

Therefore, for a period of time, people with weak resistance, especially the elderly with basic diseases, may not be able to resist the invasion of evil in nature, and complications such as swelling and pain in the joints of the waist and legs or weakness may occur.
  Joint strain can be externally applied “Sizi San” It is understood that the bone and joint diseases of young people are mainly caused by strain, and the strain is divided into dynamic strain and static strain.

The cause of dynamic strain is excessive exercise. Most of the patients are athletes and manual workers. The stress fractures implanted by Yao Ming some time ago belong to dynamic strain.

  But for the average person, static strain is common.

“Whether it’s sitting, standing, or squatting, our bodies aren’t completely relaxed, and muscles are always maintaining balance.

When we maintain a single posture for a long time, it will cause local muscle strain.

  不少职业都有静态劳损引起的‘职业病’,如打字员低头打字、司机弓着腰开车、售货员穿高跟鞋站着,时间长了会分别导致颈部、腰部、腿部血液流通不畅,渐渐Formation of local static strain.

Lu Songhua said that static strain generally only manifests as local soreness and seizures of activity, which does not have a big impact on life, but symptoms will worsen when it encounters rainy days.

  Once it is determined that the pain is caused by strain, it can be treated with a combination of internal and external methods.

Lu Songhua pointed out that young patients mainly with local joint strains have symptoms of congestion, and drugs for qi and blood circulation can be used for internal treatment, while older patients should consider the whole and consider whether there is a deficiency or other diseases.

  In addition, he also introduced a “Four Zi San” formula: take Fructus corni, white mustard seed, Laizizi, Suzi 60 grams each, stir-fried with salt or heat in a microwave oven, put it in a cloth bag, putApply a hot compress to the pain.

  Lu Songhua also specially reminded that the family members of the office have been working on computers or desks for a long time, and the cervical spine is very prone to problems. To prevent cervical spondylosis, you can do “meter-shaped exercises” every hour: use the head as a “pen” and draw in the air by rotatingMake a word “meter”.

At the same time, pay attention to the warmth of the supplement. When you are tired, you can rub your hands and put it on the Dazhui acupoint at the seventh cervical spine.

Prevent lung brush in the body to prevent lung cancer

Prevent “lung brush” in the body to prevent lung cancer

Preventing lung cancer first protects the body’s “hair brush” smoking is harmful to health. Lung cancer is related to smoking, but it is not the nicotine in tobacco that actually causes lung cancer, but smoking makes the body “hair brush” inactive.
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
The “hair brush” in the lungs helps us clean the human lungs like a big tree upside down. The trunk is called the trachea, then branches left and right, and becomes thinner and finer, finally divided into leaves.
Alveoli are like leaves, and the air is there.
In fact, the inside of human alveoli is absolutely clean.
You might think, “I suck in air, there is so much dust, there is so much to see or not to see.
So why is it absolutely clean and absolutely sterile when it comes to the alveoli?
As I said just now, starting from the trachea, there are 23 levels from “trunk” (trachea) to “leaf” (alveoli).
Of the 23 classifications, the trachea became thinner and thinner.
If the trachea is a tube, the circle inside is not shiny, all are like hair brushes. All the bronchial tubes start from the throat and go down from level to level. The circles around the large and small trachea are “hair brushes””.
What are the “hair brushes” in the lungs? The “hair brushes” should be called “cilia”. They are like wild wheat grown in the field. The wheat is covered with hair.
When the wind blows in the autumn, the field wheat waves billow.
This kind of cilia swing, how many times a minute, is very regular, and it is a swing in one direction, not a random swing.
So dust or any harmful substance comes in and sticks once it is brushed by the cilia brush.
After sticking, swing it in one direction and brush up to the throat.
Passed level by level, and finally all the harmful things were brushed into the throat.
At this time, the throat may be a little itchy, cough and spit it out.
From the bronchi to the lungs, the structure of our body is so delicate and perfect, so that the alveoli must be clean and sterile, maintaining the best state.
Smoking caused the “hair brush” to strike. The real situation is that after smoking, the smoke permeates the trachea and bronchi, all the way to the alveoli, and then the “hair brush” in the bronchus ceases to work and stops.
So which condition is most likely to get lung cancer?
Occasionally, smoking a cigarette, smoking two cigarettes a day, is just a few minutes, then it will be okay to stop for a few minutes, and it will recover after a while.
The problem is that if someone is smoking continuously, his trachea, bronchi, and cilia (“hair brushes”) are paralyzed, and they are not working there.
How many harmful substances are in the air that a person sucks in one day, and as a result, they are piled up today and tomorrow, and they are always piled up. The “hair brush” does not work. How can there be no problem?
So smoking does not directly cause lung cancer, but smoking makes the “hair brush” not to work.
If the pumping is continued all day, one day, one month, one year, three years, and several years, and the “hair brush” does not work well for several years, can this lung be okay?
This is why people who smoke, especially those who smoke a lot, have a high incidence of lung cancer. The reason is here.
Therefore, it is recommended that smokers have regular CT examinations.

How to thin belly 7 ways to quickly close the belly after childbirth


How to thin belly 7 ways to quickly close the belly after childbirth

There is a joy to add new members to the family, and there are also troubles in the shape of the body. How can the thin belly accelerate most effectively after childbirth?

The following small series recommend 7 effective methods for postpartum reduction of the stomach, you can refer to the mother.

銆€銆€Postpartum abdominal looseness is difficult to recover, so new mothers must not miss the best recovery period.

So how should I reduce my stomach after childbirth?

Take a look at the several methods described below.

銆€銆€Method 1, pay attention to control during pregnancy, weight loss after childbirth, there is no point, the mother’s stomach will be full and enlarged through the increase of pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the abdominal skin will also hoard a large number of aunts while rapidly expanding, and theseOnce we have hoarded it, it is very difficult to remove. After the baby is born, the belly will become loose and the cellulite will appear.

銆€銆€Therefore, mothers should pay attention to weight control during pregnancy. It is more appropriate to increase the weight within 12kg during pregnancy. 1kg in the first trimester, 5kg in the second trimester, and no more than 3kg in the second trimester.

銆€銆€Method 2, after the postpartum tying the belt, wearing a corset strap can provide a supporting force to the abdomen, so under certain pressure, the mother’s stomach is also less likely to deform, can support the contracting uterus, help the stomachRestore.

銆€銆€The corset can help the mother to evenly separate the fat in each part, reducing the production of cellulite. The back of the corset can also help support the mother’s body. Pay attention to personal skin and allergies when choosing a corset.To avoid improper selection of sweat or eczema.

銆€銆€In addition, we must pay attention to not lifting heavy objects after delivery, otherwise it will increase the pressure on the abdomen and affect the recovery of the abdomen and the entire body.

銆€銆€Method 3, do some exercise for thin stomach. If the body recovers better during the month, then from the third week after delivery, you can start to make some tight movements of the belly. Try the elasticity of the belly first, then lie on the bed.The head is raised upwards by about 30 degrees, and it lasts for 1 to 3 seconds. After that, the time is gradually extended according to the body’s condition, and it stays for 10 seconds.

銆€銆€After the month of the month, my mother’s body and physical strength have basically recovered. I can start doing sit-ups, or go to the gym to do some systemic aerobic exercise, and my stomach will become more and more.

There is time on the weekend to do some exercise for abdominal muscles, some cycling, hiking, swimming, etc. These exercises can break down the abdomen and prevent the relaxation of the belly.

銆€銆€Method 4, postpartum belly massage 30 days to 40 days after childbirth, the mother can do a little bit of belly massage every day, first apply some lotion or massage cream on the stomach, then forcefully squeeze a small amount of the abdomen, force oneA little bit of pain is the standard, kneading for 3 seconds to 5 seconds each time, and insisting on doing more than 15 minutes every day.

銆€銆€Conditional mothers can also go to the professional massage shop outside to do oil pressure, or find a professional licensed beautician to do LPG massage, you can achieve the effect of thin belly.

銆€銆€Method 5, to ensure adequate sleep, adequate sleep can help control the volume of tiny cells, promote blood circulation, promote skin dermal fibrosis, and increase skin elasticity.

If your mother has symptoms of insomnia after childbirth, you can insist on 30 minutes to 1 hour of aerobic exercise every day, or take 10 minutes of walking every day, which is good for improving insomnia.

銆€銆€Method 6, the postpartum diet intake of cellulose, the Chinese traditional concept that the month will be a big supplement, in fact, this is also an unscientific point of view, do not eat too much greasy tonic after childbirth, eat as much as possible to replace celluloseFood, some kind of rice, whole grain bread.

Some gelatinous foods should also be eaten. Some pig feet, white fungus, beef tendons, fish skins, etc., can make the skin elastic.

銆€銆€In addition, eat less high-salt, high-sugar, fried foods, do not drink two liters a day, timely timely removal of toxins and substitutes in the body, drink more green tea can help replace the body residue, help the recovery of the stomach.

Be careful not to eat or drink less water before going to bed at night.

銆€銆€Method 7, doing abdominal abdomen surgery, some mothers have very different prenatal and postpartum weights. After the production, the degree of abdominal cavity is very serious. At this time, only abdominal abdomen surgery can be used.

Mothers who want to do this kind of surgery must go to plastic surgeons who have experience in word of mouth. If the surgery is not done well, it may leave serious scar marks. Seriously, there may be risks such as bacterial infection and sepsis.

3 advices for those who will step into the workplace

3 advices for those who will step into the workplace

Are you looking for a job instead of handing out leaflets? When many younger brothers and sisters are looking for a job, they often repeat that resumes only cost a lot of money, and most of them are still rocky.

  You know that work is not about love, it’s more like a responsible marriage.

If you just want to find a job, maybe you can send your resume to every unit that has been recruited in the past. If you want to find a good job, then it is best to choose a resume.

This saves money and money.

And it is easy to appear in front of the examiner with a good mental appearance.

  When you go to an interview, not a party to an interview, your appearance is very important.

Some girls are beautifully dressed, but some kind of beauty is not appropriate, and some small holes are punched in the tongue.

There are also people who wear heavy makeup and talk in a pretentious manner. Questions that could have been answered well have to be accented. These are taboo in interviews.

The biggest highlight of office workers’ clothing is not being noticed.

Decent is at least what a company employee should do.

  I remember the girl I was interviewing with was very beautiful and confident.

When I went in with her to face the examiner, I was still a little puzzled.

  She chose English in the first foreign language column and Japanese in the second column.

Ask her how she speaks English, she speaks well, ask her how she speaks Japanese, and she speaks well. Most of the examiners nodded with satisfaction. An older leader asked her to speak a few words in English and Japanese casually, but the girl became redFace said that just did not learn well.

  When I interviewed, they asked me the same question, and I answered truthfully: I really did n’t learn English very well, but I rarely learned it, but I learned French and Korean and showed it on the spot.

When the other person asks what is not your strength, don’t hide your shortcomings, but show your strengths smartly.

  Are you seeking development, not begging? In today’s highly competitive society, work is mostly for survival, and development can only be discussed on the basis of survival.

When the other party asks you about your ideal monthly salary, don’t say enough to eat, drink enough, rent enough to rent a room, this concept is really very general, don’t get too hot and say too much.

Even tell your true thoughts. If you want a monthly salary of around 3,000 yuan, then you might as well say between 2500 yuan and 3500 yuan.

Let each other have a choice.

  The interview checks a person’s comprehensive ability and quality, not some aspects of talent.

When interviewing, don’t beg for a job in a humble capacity.

  When leaving the interview, say thank you to the examiners, and give the most sincere smile.

Some special types of female obesity _1


Certain special types of female obesity

The normal women’s subcutaneous aunt tissue is more abundant than the male, especially the breast, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. The aunt’s fullness in these parts constitutes the unique beauty of women.

銆€銆€It is precisely because of the existence of severe tissues in these parts that the incidence of obesity is twice as high as that of men under the same cause.

The development of female subcutaneous aunts leads to hyperactivity, which is associated with hereditary constitutional abnormalities.

銆€銆€Some people analyzed 275 significant obese patients, and found that only 5 of them were internal sputum, 2 were neurological, and the remaining 268 were replaced with physical factors. Therefore, genetic factors related to micro-metabolism and micro-storage were considered to have different degrees of effects.In various parts of the body, the connective tissue in different parts of the body is slightly accumulated, and also affects the endocrine function, which reduces the basal metabolic rate, causing a slight accumulation and excessive accumulation.

Genetic factors influence the central nervous system to regulate nutrient uptake and energy expenditure.

This view is that obesity is the result of hereditary constitutional abnormalities in lipid metabolism, and even obesity with endocrine dysfunction is no exception, such as obesity caused by gonads or hypoenvironment. Supplementation is not the result of hypogonadism, but is the same inheritance.factor.

The different areas of adults in diabetic patients indicate that the connective tissue has different lipophilic properties in various parts of the body. This phenomenon is only a study of the genetic factors of obesity. If all obese patients are classified as such, there is still evidence of lack of power.

Moreover, if there is no temporary existence of some special parts, how can women complete their own physiological reproductive functions?

Of course impossible.

銆€銆€However, in any case, it is possible to identify several specific types of obesity in women and the association with related diseases based on the distribution of areas of slight accumulation of obesity.

銆€銆€(1) The banded obesity fecal accumulation area is mainly distributed in the tip, lower abdomen, buttocks, chest and thighs, which seems to overproduce the body shape of patients with Lenergy syndrome.

銆€銆€(2) Large trochanter-type obesity feces are mainly distributed in the femoral-sized rotator area and milk, abdomen, pubic palsy, and obesity after menopause mostly belong to this type.

銆€銆€(3) Lower extremity obesity fecal reserve cloth area from the waist down to the recombination department, sometimes complications of the leg and recombination parts, such as progressive mild malnutrition, the formation of the lower body is extremely obese and the upper body is extremely thin.

銆€銆€(4) Upper extremity obesity is mainly caused by obesity caused by back, buttocks, breast, neck, facial area, adrenal cortex growth, tumor and pituitary alkaloma (Cox’s disease).

銆€銆€(5) A small number of obesity mainly accumulates in the humerus, forming a special hypertrophy at the front end, which is a characteristic of certain ethnic groups and belongs to a hereditary disease.

Some merged breasts are slightly stacked, forming a large breast hypertrophy.

銆€銆€Of course, any classification of obese body types is artificial, and there are currently several different methods.

It is necessary to have an appropriate classification of the body type as needed to solve the problem of weight loss and to treat the disease.

The five devil moments of life!

The five “devil moments” of life!

In recent years, a series of studies by experts at home and abroad have found that there are some 鈥渟pecial鈥?dangerous periods in daily life, every month, and every year. Putting them together, you can sum up the five 鈥渄evil moments鈥?in your life.
銆€銆€The dawn of the day is the most dangerous.
The World Health Organization surveyed 4,769 patients with myocardial infarction and found that 28% of people developed symptoms between 6 and 10 in the morning.
Studies have shown that at this time, people’s blood pressure, body temperature becomes lower, blood is thicker, and ischemic stroke is prone to occur.
The survey showed that the number of deaths in the early morning accounted for 60% of the total number of deaths in the day.
銆€銆€Monday and Monday are the most dangerous.
The Germans called Monday “Black Monday.”
According to Finnish scientists, this day is the most dangerous for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, with morbidity and mortality 40% higher than other days.
Experts pointed out that it is best for the elderly to go out on Mondays and go out with family members.
銆€銆€The most dangerous in the middle of the month in January.
In China, this day is also the lunar month.
According to Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” report, scientists have synthesized more than 50 studies and found that doctors and police officers have increased their workload on the full moon night and the number of consultations has increased.
In addition, studies have found that cases of gout and asthma will soar at the full moon.
The British “Independent” wrote that this is because the moon’s profit and loss can affect the body’s hormone balance.
銆€銆€The lunar calendar is dangerous in December.
According to the survey, the number of deaths in the month was the highest in each month of the year, accounting for 10.
Yang Decai, director of the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Medical Association and director of the Department of Rheumatology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that the December of the lunar calendar is the solar calendar in January and February.
“At this time, the human body needs more energy, but the metabolism is slow, so it is prone to digestive system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Experts pointed out that at this time, special attention should be paid to keeping warm; eat more foods with high nutritional value to keep out the cold; and carry out outdoor sports such as jogging.
銆€銆€Middle age is the most dangerous in a lifetime.
When people reach middle age, their physiological conditions begin to change, endocrine disorders will occur, immunity will be reduced, and burdens such as family and work will lead to middle-aged people’s mentality.
銆€銆€In addition, scientists have discovered that human life has a cycle of about 7-8 years.
There are high and low tides in each cycle.
The middle age of the general cycle is the climax, that is, the healthy and stable age; the beginning and end of the cycle is low tide, and the human immunity is weak at this time.