Good guys do n’t wait to be cultivated

Good guys do n’t wait to be cultivated

Many people in their 20s have generally gone through their own love process and have reached a stage of consciousness of marriage, but they cannot develop further because they are not in the right time.

As soon as he entered 30-year-old biology, the bachelor men around him suddenly decreased, and even the chance of falling in love became difficult to grasp.

By the age of 35, it was almost time to seriously consider the issue of marriage, but the object of my heart had never appeared, which was really anxious.

After all, looking for food, looking up to this age, and don’t want to lower the standard for men . isn’t it possible to think like this?

Even if you have to lower the standard to find it, how can you adjust and change your mood?

  Answer: Examining the criteria for choosing a man and experiencing a pair of wise eyes to marry is by no means the ultimate goal.

A husband is a partner who has been living together for decades. If he wants to have a child, he is also an important person to be the father of this child.

For such a husband, would it be happy to have the same idea of “finally catching it after lowering the standard” to get married and live together?

The marriage partner should really choose “this person is good” from the heart.

There is no need to give up on a favorite male.

  However, favorite content is a problem.

In your own mind, “the marriage partner must have to do something else, otherwise it will not work”, there are several conditions like this, please count them clearly.

If there are more than five men, it is more difficult to find men with all these conditions.

How difficult it is, you have already seen many men who have matured, so you must already know it!

Therefore, please reasonably consider the conditions for selecting the other party one by one and carefully summarize one or two.

If you do that, the range of candidates for marriage will suddenly expand a lot.

  Next, if you meet a male who meets all of your qualifications, it is advisable to socialize first.

Focus on each other’s strengths and make plans to cultivate them into excellent men.

Men can grow into excellent men by cultivating relationships with women.

The “good man” that has been shaped is often the result of the dedicated training of his wife or girlfriend.

Practicing to recognize men’s eyes in such a way (that is, to identify those men who will shine after being carved) may be a necessary talent for mature women.

  Worries about the marriage partner of prescription note 1, you should choose from the bottom of your heart!

  2 Choose a man’s benchmark, and you need two conditions that you will never accept if you don’t!

  3Mature women, the point is to cultivate their “good man” spirit!

Honey fasting detox diet method 3 days fast thin 2 kg (2)

Honey fasting detox diet method 3 days fast thin 2 kg (2)

Weight loss three-stage class 1 day primary class People who have never had weight loss experience before, and who are uneasy about eating things, can choose to start on Saturday or Sunday.
Let the stomach rest, the body will feel brisk.
  2nd middle class The first time I tried honey to lose weight, or someone who wants to lose weight.
The 2nd grade class can achieve the desired result!
The peristalsis of the intestines is faster, and the stools accumulated in the intestines are discharged.
  On the 3rd high class, if you really want to improve your physical fitness, you must perform it for 3 days.
The internal organs will be completely adjusted, and the toxins in the body will be easily discharged.
The gastrointestinal condition is getting better, and constipation or dryness will be improved.
Do not lose more than 3 days for honey to lose weight, so as not to cause difficulty in eating after weight loss.
  Winning point!
Diet after weight loss The stomach after weight loss is as sensitive as the baby’s stomach. Too much to restore normal diet and over-stimulate the stomach and intestines, there will be abdominal pain or diarrhea.
So be sure to go through the process of eating slowly!
  1st class Primary class No need to eat food, as long as avoid fried food, eat easy to digest food is OK.
  Middle-class class on the 2nd, please eat porridge for breakfast and lunch every other day.
Add soft boiled vegetables, tofu soup, etc. for dinner.
The normal diet can be resumed after the fourth day.
  On the 3rd, the high-end class will eat porridge for the three meals the next day. For dinner, you can add the vegetables to the porridge.
Beginning on the fifth day, add light and soft tofu or greens.
After the sixth day, slowly return to normal diet depending on your physical condition. Do not eat sweet, spicy or salty food.
If you don’t feel hungry, you don’t need to take three meals.
When you feel hungry, please drink honey water or tea.
  润肠+排毒身体清又轻  将蜂蜜溶于开水或花草茶中连续喝1-3天,这几天就进行只喝蜂蜜、不吃其他食物的半断食法,目的在于让平日辛劳的内脏放假The stomach will shrink as the amount of food intake decreases, and the weight will follow down.
  Reduced to make sense > Reduced calorie intake & massive discharge of body waste Can only lose weight if you eat honey?
After knowing the characteristics of honey, you can unveil the mysterious power of it!
  100 grams of honey has 294 kcal, eat 150-200 per day, the calorie intake is equal to 441-588 kcal, one day to take these calories, of course, will not become fat, but also will become thinner, the stomach will not eatTherefore, the body is also allowed to rest.
In addition, honey has digestive enzymes and moisturizing effects, so that the stomach that does not eat other things all the time still keeps crawling, eliminating waste and dirt in the body, and even constipation can be improved by touching honey. This is otherThe advantages of sugar are not good!
  Regular honey weight loss can prevent weight gain, and people who have a large distance from the target weight can easily lose weight by repeating honey weight loss!
  对照表:不同减肥天数VS定期减肥计划  身材略胖体重超出10KG  3日蜂蜜减肥法1次/1个月2次/1个月  2日蜂蜜减肥法2次/1个月3次/1个月  1日蜂蜜减肥法每周都可以实行  1餐蜂蜜减肥法想到就做,晚餐最有效

5 Hot Breast Enhancements

5 Hot Breast Enhancements

Every girl wants to have a proud tibia, and they must do everything they can.

Breast enhancement medicated is popular among small breasted beauties.

When taking breast enhancement medicated diet, you should seize the right time.
13 days is the best time for breast enhancement, 18th?
24 days is the next best time.

  Anchovy schisandra soup 500 grams of anchovies, 10 grams of schisandra, wash schisandra, boil water to remove residue, and then add anchovy into schisandra soup and cook it.

  Gui Ling Chicken Soup 10 grams of angelica, 20 grams of astragalus, 1 chicken leg, wash and cut the chicken legs into water, boil it over high heat, add astragalus, stew to 7 minutes, add angelica, and cook for about 5 minutesJust add some salt.

  Pigtail lotus seed red date soup 1 pigtail, 8 red dates, 100g of lotus seeds, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine each amount, heat pigtail in boiling water to remove fishy smell, add water and spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, boil about 1500 ml of soupJuice, add red dates, lotus seeds, and cook for another half an hour on low heat, add seasonings and eat immediately.

  Rice porridge, barley kernels, 150 grams, rice, 250 grams, wash the barley kernels, rice, as usual, cook porridge, add some sugar or brown sugar when eating.

  Angelica carp soup Angelica, 15 grams each of Baiji, Astragalus, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 jujubes, 1 carp (about 600 grams), wash the Chinese angelica, Baiji, Astragalus and Chinese wolfberry; remove the seeds from the jujube;Mixed intestines, add the right amount of water, cook together in the pot until the carp is cooked, season with salt, MSG, and drink the carp meat.

  Editor’s Note: Because there is a difference in the physical quality of each person, the use of medicated breasts is best under the guidance of Chinese medicine. According to the specific physical conditions of the individual, dialectical conditioning!

Female meditation yoga is both health and beauty

Female meditation yoga is both health and beauty

Yoga is popular in women’s life to a certain extent. The charm of yoga is to make women healthier and the body to have a slight relaxation. In yoga, teachers began to ask scholars to perform meditation exercises to relax the body.Reach the efficacy of yoga.

  One form of exercise that is prevalent in the United States is “meditation.”

Spend 10 to 40 minutes of meditation every day, focusing on one breath, a word or an image, and you can train yourself not to think about the past and the future, or to focus on the current moment and go beyond it by fully accepting reality.

Meditation can not only exercise the body, but more importantly, it can change people’s internal emotions and achieve a true “cultivation.”

  Meditation can help people reduce stress.

Regular meditation regulates the nerves of the brain and relaxes the stressed brain.

Therefore, it is easier for meditators to reach a calm and happy state than ordinary people.

Well-known leader Heather Graham once practiced meditation under the guidance of a doctor, practicing 20 minutes a day after waking up and 20 minutes in the afternoon. She said: “In the past I used to worry about things for a long time because of small things.Meaningless.

Meditation has taught me that inner peace is the most important thing. If you have this peace, you have everything.

“Some brain and nervous system experts use sophisticated imaging techniques to test and make it more exciting. In deep meditation, the brain and the body also experience subtle changes. Meditation can train the brain and reshape the brain.The brain rebuilds balance when facing mental problems such as depression and excessive excitement.

  Meditation also plays a major role in functional illness.

Many medical studies have proven that meditation can prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, prostate disease, prevent, reduce or control pain caused by cancer, chronic diseases such as cancer, and improve human immunity.

Some researchers have said that the more the meditator’s technology surpasses, the better his immune system functions.

Joan Cabernet Zern opens the first meditation decompression clinic.

He has used meditation to help over 1.

40,000 people relieved the pain caused by the disease.

  Meditation is actually a very simple matter.

On the grass in the park, in spacious indoor venues, or on comfortable chairs, all are places suitable for meditation.

There are various ways of meditation, including: meditation (cross-legged sitting), casual meditation (straight or slightly reclined on the seat), slow walking meditation (at the beginning of each stepIt is easy to slow down, and then completely unaware of your own pace), transcendental meditation (repeatedly repeating a Brahma syllable), music meditation (close your eyes and transfer music to sleepiness), etc.

The time required for meditation can vary from minutes to an hour depending on individual habits.

With the development of society, meditation as a culture changes at the same time.

It is no longer a mystery or even a very popular lifestyle.

Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement


Anti-acne mark principle: Prevention is the main supplement

Finally say goodbye to the painful acne, but the acne is gone, but the acne mark is left.

Looking at these traces, dark or light, or dark or gray, you are very distressed.

There are actually ways to remove these acne marks.

However, just like fighting acne, removing acne marks is also a hard and outstanding struggle.

You need perseverance and patience to achieve flawless beauty.

  The prevention of acne marks is mainly at any time, and we should uphold this principle: prevention is the priority, and treatment is the supplement.

Wait until the acne marks have formed, and of course it is better to prevent them before they appear.

  Therefore, do not squeeze yourself during the period of acne swelling and inflammation.

Most severe acne scars are related to squeezing on your own.

Unsterilized skin and finger instruments, unprofessional methods, and incorrect judgment of the degree of acne are all incorrect methods.

In this way, it is easy to hurt the dermis when squeezing acne, and the pits and stains left are a regret that cannot be eliminated for life.

  Two types of acne scars: once the skin is damaged by improper compression, the skin cavity is actually a slight scar and is permanent.

  Don’t hope that a certain skin care product can help you fill these holes.

Acne marks and acne scars are leftover products of acne, which clarifies the cause.

  Many friends are busy looking for various secret recipes for clearing acne under the constant complication of acne. In a series of continuous exercises, this is even more harmful to the fragile facial environment.

  Sometimes it can cause more new acne or cause skin damage.

Therefore, when removing acne, you should make clear the method and focus of removing acne.

After the acne is cured, focus on the acne marks.

  Acne marks: Usually, after the acne has subsided, there will be dark red or light red acne marks. After a few days, you will become scared when you find that the color becomes darker or darker brown. At this time, the pigment has settled into the dermisIt is also difficult for any skin care product to rejuvenate and completely eliminate these residual traces.

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help

How to treat six nephritis diet recipes to help

Nephritis is a group of diabetes mellitus that is mediated by immune and participates in the proliferation medium, which eventually leads to inflammatory changes in the inherent tissues of the kidney and causes varying degrees of renal dysfunction. If you want to have good nephritis, here is a recommended dietetic method.A certain type of diet is as follows: . 2 Chen bamboo leaf tea: Chen Pei, Chen scoop, 10 grams each, 20 fresh bamboo leaves, sugar.

Decoction until boiling, add sugar, this medicinal tea functions to relieve swelling, is suitable for nephritis, spleen deficiency, dampness and edema.

  Dried corn beard soup: 60 g of dried corn shall be fried with water and 500 ml to 250 ml, once served, once in the morning and evening, 1 g of potassium, 3 times a day.

Functional diuretic, suitable for nephritis edema.

  Pakchoi rice porridge: 500 grams of cabbage, 60 grams of barley.

Cook the porridge with rice, add the washed and chopped cabbage, the vegetables are hot, and do not cook for a long time.

Eat without salt or low salt, 2 times a day.

  Red bean carp: 100 grams of red bean, one carp (250?
500 g).

Remove the carp from the internal organs, wash them out, and simmer for an hour with no salt.

Day 1?
2 times.

Diuretic swelling, suitable for nephritis edema.

  Garlic Steamed Watermelon: Garlic 30?
45 grams, one watermelon (about 1500 grams).

First dig a hole in the watermelon skin, peel the garlic and add the inside of the watermelon, then plug the hole with the dug melon skin, cover the hole with a small dish upwards, and steam through the water.

Eat it in portions during the hot day.

Lishui swelling, suitable for children with acute nephritis.

  Red bean steamed black-bone chicken: a black-bone hen (weighing about 1500 grams), 300 grams of red beans, one spoon of rice wine, depilated after slaughtered with fine salt, laparotomy, washed, drained, cut into small pieces, washedTake a large porcelain pot, pour half of the chicken pieces first, then half of the red beans, cover with chicken pieces and dirty people, and drizzle with rice wine.

For sweet lovers, add sugar to the chicken nuggets and sprinkle a small spoonful of salt.

Steam over high heat for 3 hours.

  Precautions Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can not only provide the body with multivitamins, transitions and small amounts, but also promote the recovery of renal function. At this time, the supply of sugar should be sufficient.

Foreskin balanitis can not eat anything


Foreskin balanitis can not eat anything

Foreskin balanitis is one of the complications caused by excessive foreskin. It is a disease of male reproductive infection and poses no serious harm to men.

When you pay attention to the treatment of foreskin balanitis, don’t ignore the dietary conditioning of foreskin balanitis.

What can the foreskin balanitis not eat?

Is there any good diet that can regulate foreskin balanitis?

Foreskin balanitis should eat the therapeutic side 1, red bean 50g, the previous rice 500g, porridge to eat, can clear away heat and detoxification, diuresis and swelling.

2, fresh cilantro leaves 250g, washed, chopped, batter and a little salt, plain oil 500g, heat, add the paste to the oil, fried yellow, and eat.

It can clear away heat and dampness, detoxification and swelling.

3, the amount of fresh green bean sprouts, fried in vegetarian oil, mixed with salt and seasonings, served with food, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

4, 1 loofah, the previous rice 50g, the amount of sugar.

First porridge to semi-cooked, into the loofah to cook porridge, go to the loofah and add sugar, eat porridge, can clear away heat and detoxification, cooling blood to eliminate phlegm.

5, mung bean 50g, the previous rice 100g, a total of porridge to take food, can clear away heat and detoxification, eliminate edema.

What can you eat with foreskin balanitis?

1, avoid the smell of hair, seafood and aquatic products, will increase the penetration and spread after eating, aggravating the condition.

Such as yellow croaker, octopus, black fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products can promote damp heat, can make the disease worse after eating, is not conducive to the decline of inflammation, it should not eat.

2, eat spicy spicy products, spicy stimulation such as pepper, leeks, mustard and other things, can stimulate the local glans resection and expansion, should avoid it.

Strong condiments such as fresh spicy powder, pepper, coffee powder, etc., are not conducive to the recovery of asthma after eating.

3, smoking can make the foreskin balanitis worse, this is because the nicotine in tobacco can weaken the binding of arterial blood and oxygen, wine can promote damp heat, it can be contraindicated.

4, foreskin balanitis bogey Xin Wen food Xin Wen food, such as mutton mutton, pig head meat, dog meat, etc., will increase the condition of foreskin balanitis.

About the foreskin turtle balanitis can not eat anything and eat what is good, here is a brief introduction here, hoping to cause the patient’s understanding, do a good diet conditioning, adjuvant treatment, improve the treatment effect.

Related recommendations Do not let the dermatitis drag into a urinary tract infection dermatitis effective treatment method for the foreskin balanitis diet any taboo? Diet should pay attention to what the foreskin balanitis has any performance will bring some harm to men

8 kinds of behaviors make your liver injured

8 kinds of behaviors make your liver “injured”

According to statistics, there are about 1.

200 million hepatitis B surface antigen-positive people, of which 30 million are hepatitis B patients who need treatment. Experts tell us that in fact, a large part of hepatitis B surface antigen-positive people have normal liver function and the virus stops replicating. These people do not need treatment.of.
However, the stable condition does not mean that hepatitis B will never attack. If you don’t pay attention to your life, the “latent” hepatitis B virus in your body is likely to “head up” again, causing the onset of hepatitis B!
Experts remind that the following 8 bad habits will make our liver “very hurt”, and hepatitis B virus carriers should be especially careful.
.hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€1.杩囧害鍠濋厭銆€銆€鐜板湪鐨勭ぞ浼氾紝鍠濋厭鍑犱箮鎴愪簡绀句氦鐨勪竴绉嶄富瑕佹墜娈碉紝鏃犺鏄皥鐢熸剰杩樻槸鏈嬪弸鑱氫細锛屼技涔庡皯浜嗛厭灏卞皯浜嗕竴绉嶆剰澧冿紝鐢氳嚦杩樻湁浜哄父鐢ㄥ枬閰掔殑澶氬皯鏉ヨ瘎瀹氫氦鎯呯殑娣辨祬锛屼簬鏄疘f you have a cup of me, you have to fight for a “no drunk”.
鑳′贡鍚冭嵂銆€銆€娌′汉鏁㈣鑷繁涓€杈堝瓙浠庝笉鍚冭嵂锛屼粠棰勯槻淇濆仴鍒板皬鎰熷啋锛屾病鐥呭悆淇濆仴鍝侊紝鏈夌梾鍚冭嵂锛岃嵂搴楃啓鐔欐敇鏀樼殑浜虹兢锛岀壒浠风殑鑽搧骞垮憡鐗岋紝蹇欑鐨勮嵂鍝侀攢鍞憳鈥︹€hese all indicate that medicine is filling every corner of our lives; and our liver is suffering from the “torture” of these drugs!
Lack of sleep Nowadays, nightlife is becoming more and more abundant, especially in the city. At 12 o’clock in the morning, various entertainment venues are still very lively; even if you don’t go out to play, many people will play online and play cards to forget to sleep.
Insufficient sleep has become a “murderer” that seriously endangers human health.
Depression all day, love anger Life is inevitably suffering from depression, dissatisfaction, resentment, and injustice. In order to seek a psychological balance, we must release these emotions.
However, Pavlov once pointed out: “All stubborn sorrows and anxiety are enough to open the door to disease.
“Occasional release of emotions is beneficial to the body, but long-term depression, anger when you are not moving, is harmful to the body.”
Love to eat greasy oil is indispensable in life; fat is one of the essential nutrients for the human body.
Appropriate intake of fat-containing foods can supply energy to our body and maintain the normal physiological functions of the body.
However, eating too much fatty food with high fat content is a taboo for healthy eating!
Love to eat late at night Rich nightlife, naturally, staying up late.
Especially in the city, the habit of eating late at night is very common. From a slightly healthy drinking sweet soup to a completely unhealthy eating barbecue, staying up late seems to have become a major feature of modern life.
However, eating up late, refreshing the mouth but hurting the body!
Smoking Smoking is harmful and is now well known.
The hazard of smoking is that the smoke produced by tobacco contains thousands of harmful substances. After being inhaled into the human body, it has different degrees of damage to various internal organs, including the liver. It is one of the major risk factors for disease and cancer.
鏌撲笂鍚告瘨銆€銆€瑙f瀽锛氬鍓嶆墍杩帮紝鑲濊剰鏄汉浣撶殑鈥滃寲宸ュ巶鈥濓紝浜轰綋鍚告敹鐨勫悇绉嶇墿璐ㄧ殑杞寲銆佸悎鎴愰兘鏄敱鑲濊剰鏉ュ畬鎴愮殑;鑲濊剰涔熸槸浜轰綋鏈€澶х殑瑙f瘨鍣ㄥ畼锛岃礋璐e垎瑙d汉浣撳惛鏀剁殑Toxic Chemicals.
The alcohol and drugs mentioned above may cause certain damage to the liver, let alone the “drugs” that we smell discolored!