Mix and match more nutritious-coarse rice chicken fruit salad

Mix and match more nutritious-coarse rice chicken fruit salad

Life, don’t be too real with yourself, without such rules, just casual!

Some small mistakes are allowed in the kitchen!

  Everyone has eaten salad. Can you mix rice with salad?

Hehe, I did it!

I made coarse rice last time, and there was a small bowl of rice left. I paired it with fruits and followed Western practices to mix and match. I made this flour rice chicken shredded fruit salad.

Very healthy and comprehensive.

And the universe is very low!

  I have always preferred coarse rice, not how good it tastes, and its nutritional content is really high.

This Wednesday, I dried with coarse rice. In addition to the large amount of fiber supplements, it is good for weight loss, because it contains vitamin B2.

Something is missing in my body recently, the most obvious symptom is a crack in the corners of the lips.

The most common symptoms of vitamin B2 are glossitis, cheilitis, and cheilitis.

  Coarse rice chicken fruit salad ingredients: a bowl of coarse rice (I added green soybeans to this meal, which is healthy and nutritionally complementary), 100 grams of cooked chicken, one orange, a small amount of bell pepper (not added, I want to make itThe color is better, only added), onion (optional), 20 grams of raisins, a small amount of mint (optional, or some other dried herbs can also be used) practices: 1, the chicken is shredded into filaments, and mint is chopped.

  2. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl, add a small amount of sesame oil, salt and black pepper.

  3. Mix well.

Room temperature is too high beware of neonatal fever with pneumonia in winter

Room temperature is too high beware of neonatal fever with pneumonia in winter

Core Tips: Poor temperature regulation of newborns, dry air in air-conditioned rooms, and easy infection of respiratory mucosa, pneumonia and other diseases.

  Mr. Wu Chang ‘s daughter has not yet reached the full moon. Recently, she suddenly did not like to eat milk. She may cough even if she eats a little. She vomited foam and held it at Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

  Mr. Zhang sighed in the ward yesterday. He was hospitalized a few days after being discharged.

This resonated with other parents. It turned out that several newborn babies in the same ward were discharged shortly afterwards and returned to the hospital due to neonatal pneumonia.

Peng Qiaoying, chief physician of the neonatal department of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that many of these babies are not frozen, but are “hot”.

  According to reports, many young fathers and mothers are afraid that the babies who have just left the hospital will catch cold when they are in the winter. The air conditioner in the room is turned on very high, but the ventilation is not good, causing the baby’s temperature to be too high.

The newborn’s body temperature is poorly adjusted, and the air-conditioned room air is dry, which can easily cause the baby’s respiratory mucosal infection and pneumonia and other diseases.
In addition, winter and spring are already the season of high incidence of respiratory diseases, and colds in adults are easily transmitted to newborns with poor resistance.

  Experts suggest that there are newborns in the home. The indoor indoor temperature should be appropriate in winter. The room temperature should be maintained at about 26 ° C and the humidity should be 50%. Humidifiers can be used appropriately.

Pay attention to keeping the indoor air fresh. Ventilate for two hours each morning and afternoon. When one room is ventilated, you can carry your baby to another room.

Barley glutinous rice porridge has health benefits

Barley glutinous rice porridge has health benefits

After getting used to rice, millet, and even black rice, do you still want to change to a new flavor?

Feng Baili recommends that the elderly and the sick can eat barley, which has an adjuvant treatment effect on hypertension.

  Indica rice, also known as ravioli, is a kind of small grains. It is rich in mineral elements, especially trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, which are necessary for the human body. It has excellent health care and therapeutic effects.

In addition, the nutrient extracts contained in barley kernel have antipyretic and analgesic effects and lower blood pressure. Coix kernel oil has an excitatory effect on breathing and the heart at low concentrations, and an inhibitory effect at high concentrations, which can significantly enlarge the pulmonary blood vesselsTo improve blood circulation in the lungs.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley cold, entering the spleen, lung, and kidney meridians, has the functions of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the lungs, clearing heat, and soaking wet.

Therefore, “Qi Min Si Shu” once pointed out, “Mi Yi people’s heart and spleen, especially suitable for pregnant women with old age, glutinous rice is porridge, the taste is beautiful.”

  Feng Baili suggested that elderly people, patients and pregnant women can cook porridge with glutinous rice and glutinous rice. If you like pasta, you can also buy barley flour and make it into noodles and buns.Eating more processed foods such as indica biscuit can also have certain health effects.

Measure how many twists and turns your love will have

Measure how many twists and turns your love will have

When you are holding a treasure map by yourself and searching for treasures according to the map, at the last level, you are standing at a crossroads. Where will your first intuitive treasure be?

  A, go straight ahead B, slowly go backward C, quietly go right D, quietly go left E, in fact, the analysis of results at your feet: A love twists and turns index: 55.

In love, you will cut love at the last minute and make your twists and turns boundless.

  B Love twist index: 80.

In love, you are susceptible to the influence of outsiders, while lack of security makes emotions fluctuate.

  C love twist index: 20.

In love, you have strong willpower, and you will overcome any difficulties one by one, and you will never give up.

  D love twists and turns index: 90.

In love, you tend to hesitate, love to be horny, and make yourself think too much and increase your pain.

  E love twist index: 70.

In love, your inclusiveness will resolve many previous misunderstandings and quarrels and calm down the twists and turns.

It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

It’s wrong to brush your teeth like this

In order to maintain oral and dental hygiene in life, we need to brush our teeth every day. Brushing can remove the threat of bacteria and effectively protect the health of our teeth.

But do you really brush your teeth?

Brushing habits, details will also affect the health of the teeth.

Now let ‘s talk about five common mistakes when brushing your teeth!

  Five common wrong brushing methods. Too many people brush their teeth with cold water. They are accustomed to directly tap water to brush their teeth with cold water, but they will stimulate people with sensitive dentin and are not conducive to the effective substances in toothpaste.

  It is advisable to use warm water near body temperature when brushing your teeth.

  Too strong brushing with a stiff toothbrush can cause permanent damage to the protective enamel, resulting in tooth sensitivity, damage to the teeth, and gum shrinkage.

It is best to buy a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth gently in a circle, at least twice a day, about 2 minutes each time.

In addition, the smaller toothbrush head can be easily rotated in the mouth, and the flexible handle is more conducive to cleaning the posterior molar.

  A horizontal brush survey shows that more than 90% of Chinese people use a horizontal brushing method.

  But in fact, this is a wrong way of brushing. The horizontal brushing can not remove the garbage in the gap between the teeth. At the same time, it may cause problems such as wedge defects at the root of the teeth, gum damage, and sensitive dentin.

  Too short brushing time Too many people brush their teeth for a short time, even less than one minute. This does not effectively remove dental plaque, which can easily lead to dental caries and gum disease.

  It is recommended not to shorten the brushing time by 2 minutes, and to thoroughly clean all parts of the teeth, including the easy places such as the gaps and teeth.

  Excessive use of scrub toothpastes Some toothpastes, especially toothpastes that have the ability to remove tartar, contain scrub particles.

In addition to cleaning tartar, it will corrode the enamel and shrink the gums.

The fluoride in toothpaste is what we really need.

  A good way to brush your teeth. 1. The vertical brush method is to place the tip of the toothbrush bristles at the junction of the gums and crowns. Tilt it slightly in the direction of the teeth. Brush downwards when you brush your teeth, and brush upwards when you brush your teeth.Brush both the outside and the occlusal surface.

Repeated brushing several times on the same area.

This method can effectively eliminate plaque and soft dirt, and can stimulate the gums to keep the shape of the gums normal.

  2. The tremor method refers to that the bristles make a 45-degree angle with the teeth when brushing, so that part of the bristles enter the gap between the gums and the tooth surface, and the other part extends into the gap between the teeth and makes short-term tremors.

When the occlusal surface of the brush is used, the bristles should lie flat on the tooth surface, making a short distance back and forth.

Each part can brush 2-3 teeth.

Brush both inside and outside of the teeth.

Although this method is also a horizontal brush, because it is a short-range horizontal brush, it basically trembles horizontally at the original position. It is arranged with a large horizontal brushing, which will not damage the tooth anatomy and will not easily hurt the gums.

  3. Physiological brushing means that the front end of the bristles of the tooth is in contact with the tooth surface, and then it is gently brushed toward the gums.

This method includes food that slightly stimulates the gum as it passes through the gums, promotes blood circulation to the gums, and helps keep periodontal tissues healthy.

In short, brush your teeth gently, not too hard, but repeatedly.

Every side of the tooth must be brushed, especially the rearmost molars. Be sure to extend the toothbrush into it.

If you combine the previous methods, the effect will be better.

Every time you brush your teeth, if you are not assured, you can also look in the mirror to see if it is clean. Only by taking it seriously can you ensure the effect of brushing your teeth.

Appetite reflects your health

Appetite reflects your health

Occasionally, the lack of appetite is mostly a signal of spleen and stomach deficiency, while refractory food is often the onset of atrophic gastritis, and even the possibility of gastric cancer and squamous cell carcinoma.

Intractable anorexia is still often a sign of liver depression, psychosis, and depression.

If anorexia is accompanied by nausea, it is often a signal of renal failure and uremia, late-stage diabetes acidosis, and ketone poisoning.

Hypothyroidism will also have varying degrees of appetite deterioration.

  In contrast to the lack of appetite, the appetite is greatly increased.

If you find that you have a sudden hyper appetite, it is mostly a sign of fire in your stomach. Hyperthyroidism and psychosis also have obvious hyper appetite. If you like to eat foreign objects, such as candles, coal, clay, raw rice, etc., it is mostly pediatric accumulation.And a precursor to mental illness.

  A normal person’s mouth is not dry or thirsty, and he knows what to eat. This is called “mouth neutralization”, which indicates that the stomach gas is normal and the body fluid is sufficient.

On the contrary, once the body is out of yin and yang, and the organs are sick, it will lose the feeling of “neutralization of the mouth”. It will show some signals in taste, taste and other aspects: bitterness indicates liver heat or biliary disease; sweetness indicates heat of the spleen; salty mouthMore hints of kidney deficiency, due to the spread of kidney deficiency and kidney fluid; acid mouth is a sign of liver gas overflow, and more hints of liver deficiency; mouth smell is a precursor of lung heat.

Sudden loss of taste in the elderly is often a precursor to cerebral infarction.

Patients who have been bedridden for a long time and who do not want to eat for a long time, if they suddenly want to eat something one day, they may be back to life.

Cross cured my chronic low back pain

“Cross” cured my chronic low back pain

Zhang Laobo had suffered from the fourth and fifth intervertebral disc herniation in the past few years. Although he was cured, he had chronic low back pain.
In March 2005, doctors recommended massage to treat chronic low back pain.
After returning home, Zhang Laobo tried a few times and felt that his waist was very comfortable. He insisted on practicing every day.
A month later, Zhang Laobo felt that his waist strength was stronger than in the past. After one year, Zhang Laobo’s chronic low back pain disappeared and has not been repeated.
Zhang Laobo’s massage method is summarized as “Cross”: “Push” After the two hands are heated, they are placed in the middle of the lumbar vertebrae and pushed 30-50 times from top to bottom to produce a local heat.
銆€銆€”Pinch” Stretch your feet forward, or bend your knees, or sit up.
Pinch and lift the waist muscles for 15 to 20 times.
銆€銆€”鎻? Take a sitting position.
The two fingers are close together, placed in the left and right lumbar vertebrae, and the palms are inward, slowly squatting up and down, until the fever.
銆€銆€鈥淩olling鈥?Two hands clenched the fists, rolled the waist and rolled around, massaged, from bottom to top, from top to bottom, repeated many times.
The head can be tilted back and forward.
銆€銆€”Press” with both hands on the hips, press the thumb at the waist, press firmly, and rotate the button, first press the clockwise direction, then press the 36 turns counterclockwise.
銆€銆€”鍙? With both hands and a half fist, use the back of the two punches (the palm of the hand outwards) to gently rub the lumbosacral part (without causing pain), and carry out the left and right at the same time, each time 30 times.
銆€銆€”Catch” with both hands on the hips, the thumb is in front, pressing on the waist side, the other four fingers from the sides of the lumbar vertebrae, rubbing the skin with the fingertips, grabbing the tailbone from the waist, both hands simultaneously, each grasping36 times.
銆€銆€”Shake” With both hands on the waist, press the palm of your hand at the waist (inward of the palm), and quickly shake up and down 15-20 times.
銆€銆€鈥淧ress鈥?to take the seat, press the fingertip of the left or right finger to press the middle point for 1-2 minutes.
銆€銆€”Point” Take the seat, press the finger points on both legs with the fingertips of the two hands (the knee joint, the middle of the nest), and press for 1-2 minutes to make the pressed, numb, and bulging feeling.

Breast enhancement without sagging six massage methods


Breast enhancement without sagging six massage methods

It is the dream of every woman to have a full and flexible hair.

And the natural cause and age of growth, many women will be troubled by its slender, drooping top or scattered above.

Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to use massage techniques to achieve breast enhancement, breast enhancement, and create a proud chest.


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Massage the Zhongfu point below the clavicle, and the Tianchi points on both sides of the clavicle, as well as the polar springs under the armpits.


Grab the muscles near the poles with one hand and stretch them upwards.


Grab the muscles near the Tianchi hole with one hand and pull the upper center.

銆€銆€Massage the slender shoulder spurs to remove excess meat from the upper arm and prevent vertical sagging and adjust the length.


While stretching and lifting, the other hand kneads the upper and rear muscles.


Bray down and continue to massage the muscles near the front side of the back and the poles.

銆€銆€The massage vein is at the center of the top, which promotes the circulation of the breast, plumps the chest and prevents sagging.


The hands are pressed against each other and pressed from the center of the center to the root of the clavicle. Repeat 35 times.


Massage the clavicle from both sides of the humerus with both fingers and repeat it 3 times.

銆€銆€Massage the chest to promote the meridian circulation of the chest, making it stronger and stronger.


Grab the muscles under the arm on the other side of the black hand with one hand and pull the massage to the center of the dark.


Place your hands under the top, do the lifting action, and slowly push up, repeating 6 times.

銆€銆€Focus on the massage method 1.

Place your hands on the outside of the breast and press on the tiger’s mouth.


Hands from the inside out, hold the breasts with the palm of your hand, and lift your hands to the upper edge of the upper edge to release the hand.


Repeat 15?
25 times.

銆€銆€Anti-suspension expansion massage method 1.

The right hand lifts the right breast with a tiger’s mouth.


Above the right breast above the left hand, the tiger’s mouth is open, and the other four fingers are close together, and the massage is applied from the outside to the inside.

The massage power should be just right.
From the second, the third rib rib joint; the third, the fourth rib bone joint; the fourth, fifth rib bone joint, a total of segmental breast massage.


After 15 times of right chest massage, massage again, and massage 15 to 20 times, about 4 seconds.

How to grasp sex skills when going out to travel


How to grasp sex skills when going out to travel

Even the dignified lady has a dream of indulgence. The 4,000 young women answered honestly and left us with six real scrolls. The deep desire of women for indulgence in the scrolls is revealed. They may not say, but they are buried.In the bottom of my heart is a secret that cannot be shown: although they are small, they still want to spread a very passionate place in a very place, very time.

銆€銆€Scene 1: Being bitten by him in the eyes of a serious woman, being bitten and making love is like a crime.

In fact, it is this kind of complex that allows the lady’s heart to have a feeling of confrontation and fear, even though they will never say it.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: The bondage is still a restrictive sex for me, but it can’t be called a fetish.

I am always very curious about it, but I have never asked him.

However, one night, he said that he could use his tie to tie my hand. I promised it without thinking. Later, he simply tied me up.

A feeling of humiliation comes to my heart, but I really like the feeling of being tied, and the humiliation at this time is nothing.

I think, I finally waited for that excited feeling.

銆€銆€One suggestion: If you really want to try it, start with soft clothing, such as his tie is a good choice.

If you use your hands manually, be careful not to hurt your wrist.

You don’t have to be in the bedroom, you have a lot of space in the room to play.

銆€銆€Scene 2: The pool in the pool is swimming, but why can’t you make love inside?

But I can’t think of it. When I think about it, the ladies begin to blush, and even they want to refuse to welcome.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: We went to Hainan to travel, there is nothing in the resort, especially the swimming pool with the color of the sea is more fascinating.

One night, he invited me to swim, saying that there were fewer people at that time.

Sure enough, only me and him.

When we kissed, we entered the state, the surface of the water was sparkling, and underwater we were already “lawless.”

It is also because of the buoyancy of the water, I enjoy the dreamlike feeling, I see his face has a moonlight afterglow is very beautiful.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: If there is such a chance, it is best to bring a few clothes, so as not to let others suddenly break into your cover.

Do more preparations beforehand, such as foreplay, don’t make the time to make love fall short; use the buoyancy of water, you can try many new postures.

銆€銆€Scene 3: The short-lived joy of shopping happens before the glass mirror. The lady can not only see her, but she can also see his work. Multiple angles and multiple feelings will inspire countless embarrassment.
Of course, he is also.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: I like to go to the elegant shopping center to choose the costumes. The fitting room over there will never feel cramped, especially when I want him to come to me as a staff.

Once, he accompanied me for a day, I was able to trim his tiredness from his bladder, so I specially asked him to come in and sit down while trying on the clothes. I didn’t expect him to see me wearing a sexy dress.Immediately “fired”, we were “crazy” in the fitting room, but fortunately there were no people waiting outside.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: Take a little more clothes into the fitting room, and give you a little more time, even if you are just a love caress.

When the passion comes, please pay more attention to your voice. I would rather make a comment on the costumes and not cause the wind to go out.

銆€銆€Scene 4: The passion of the elevator in the elevator was chosen as the object of the scene because it has many dual features and openness, and this duality is also the driving force for the lady to be excited.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: One Sunday last summer, the day was a bit hot. I went to a newly opened decor store to buy things. The store was remodeled from a granary, so it was very tall and large, and because it was new, so the merchantAnd customers are twos and threes.

After a circle, we went down from the top. We were sitting on a spare freight elevator. I couldn’t think of it just opening the basement to the 10th floor. As soon as we entered, we felt like it was a car for us.As soon as he was entangled in “color”, he actually kissed me, and then the elevator was running between the top and bottom under his control, even though we were as hot as one in the inside.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: It is best to pick old-fashioned elevators that are less popular. From top to bottom, slow is a good thing for you. It is also good to have no probes.

It is better for a woman to wear a long skirt, because the elevator suddenly stops at the first floor, and you can restore the calm beforehand in a short time.

銆€銆€Scene 5: The adult game in the park is the spring glory of the trees, the stimuli that are almost discovered, and the calmness of the day, how can it not be called “missing” of the lady’s flower.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: The forest park in the suburbs is the place where I often date with him. The first is because it is clean, and the second is because we want to breathe fresh air after work.

Unexpectedly, when there was a horror, he saw an adult game with me when he saw no one. I really don’t know if anyone found out that the feeling of hunting is so exciting that I can’t control it, even afterwards.Then a little scared.

銆€銆€One suggestion: Going to the Forest Park is a good idea, and of course other parks with high proprietaryity are also available.

Prepare a little more clothing, or take it in the form of a colony, otherwise you will not even cover anything if someone is approaching.

銆€銆€Scene 6: The crazy space in the car is related to life, but it has not been linked to the point of sexual love. It does not hinder the expectation of what will happen in the car.