People who speak less can become clumsy

People who speak less can become clumsy

Seven bad habits are bad for your brain health. Look at how many of them you have: 1.

Long-term satiety: Modern nutritional studies have found that substances that are called ‘fibroblast growth factors’ in the brain increase significantly after eating too much.

If you eat for a long time, it will inevitably lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, premature brain failure and mental decline.

In terms of the amount of diet, “eating to be full” is still a dietary requirement for quite a lot of people. Many people who eat sea meals three times a day are there. Uncontrolled diets make the stomach, intestines, etcThe digestive system is always in a tense working state, and various internal organs are also overloaded and cannot be maintained.


Despise breakfast: not eating breakfast makes people’s blood sugar exceed normal supply, insufficient nutritional supply to the brain, and harmful to the brain for a long time.

In addition, breakfast quality is closely related to intellectual development.

According to research, children who eat high-protein breakfast generally have relatively long periods of optimal thinking in the classroom, while vegetarian children’s mood and energy decline relatively quickly.

Overdose: Children with overdose often have a long IQ.


Long-term smoking: Studies by German medical scientists have shown that perennial smoking causes brain tissue to shrink to varying degrees and is prone to senile dementia.

Because long-term smoking can cause cerebral arteriosclerosis, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain, neurons deform and brain atrophy.


Lack of sleep: The main way the brain eliminates fatigue is sleep.

Lack of long-term sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.


Few words: There are leaf areas of specialized language in the brain. Frequent speaking also promotes brain development and exercises brain function.

There should be more words that are rich in content and have alternative philosophy or logic.

Silent and unsmiling are not necessarily smart all day.


Air pollution: The brain is the organ that consumes the most oxygen in the body, consuming an average of 500-600 liters of oxygen per minute.

Only a large supply of oxygen can improve the efficiency of the brain.

When using the brain, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to air hygiene in the working environment.


Sleeping under the covers: The carbon dioxide concentration in the breathing quilt rises, the oxygen concentration continuously decreases, and continuous vertical intake of air is harmful to the brain.

Moms must learn to choose milk powder based on the age of the child

Moms must learn to choose milk powder based on the age of the child

Core Tip: Babies need different nutrition at different ages, and milk powder should also be selected according to the age of the baby.

  Infants under one year of age need 110 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight, which is about three times that of adults.

Its weight gain mainly comes from the energy provided by the absorbed food.

The Children’s Nutrition Research Office of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics pointed out that Wu Guangchi pointed out that the digestive system of infants and young children’s bodies is not strong, and milk is the best for all infants.

However, children of different ages choose certain types of milk, which is very particular about them.

  Infant chooses infant formula within 1 year of age. Children’s immunity and intelligence develop rapidly, and a lot of nutrition is needed to ensure the development of intelligence and physical function.

At this time, it is necessary to choose infant formula milk specially designed for the needs of the infants to supplement the nutritional components to ensure the children’s comprehensive and adequate supply.

  After the age of 3, formula milk is selected through the rapid development of the body’s bones and the gradual improvement of the intellectual system. Children after the age of 3 need more energy and nutrition guarantee.

The formula milk should be aimed at the nutritional needs of children, and enhance some of the micronutrients necessary to promote children’s physical and intellectual development, especially vitamins A, D, K and mineral elements calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. to promote bone growth.

  Pre-primary selection of pure milk has experienced an increase in age, and children’s contact with the outside world has gradually increased, and they are more susceptible to external stimuli. Unhealthy acidity can easily form at this time.

Calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and other trace minerals in pure milk are alkaline elements, which can avoid the formation of acidic constitution to a certain extent, and can also provide all kinds of nutrients required by the body.

Characters and identification methods of habitat and mature land

Characters and identification methods of habitat and mature land

The habitat is the Scrophulariaceae plant Rehmannia glutinosa (Gaerin) Libosch.


Huelchingensis (Chao et Schih) Hsiao)], used as a tuber.

Fresh Radix: Qingre, Shengjin, Liangxue; Rehmannia Root: Qingre, Shengjin, Runzao, Stomach, rupture, new birth, pain relief, menstruation, golden sore, cooling blood, stop bleeding; Rehmannia glutinosa: nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, regulating menstruation, bloodFalse headache, liver pain.

Originally produced in Wenxian County, Meng County, Wuling, Bo’ai, Fuyang and other counties in Henan Province, almost all provinces and autonomous regions in China are introduced and cultivated.

  Plant characteristics Perennial herbaceous plants are 25-40 cm high. The whole plant is grayish white villous and glandular hairs. The roots and stems are thick and tender, and they are blocky, replacing or group hammer-shaped, with a diameter of 2.



5 cm, the surface is orange-yellow, with half-moon joints and bud marks. The stem leaves are clumpy or oblong, 3?
10 cm, width 1.

5?4 cm, apex short, a part gradually narrowed, under the petiole, the edge has irregular blunt teeth, the leaves are wrinkled, purple underneath.

In May, the flowers were taken out from the leaves, only a few of the sessile leaves, the sparse racemes at the top of the plug; the flowers and other species, 5 lobes; the corolla purple, often with yellow bands insidePurple stripes, about 4 cm long, the corolla tube is slightly curved, and the tip 5 is lobed, showing a two-lip shape.

Stamens 4, 2-strong, inserted at the base of the corolla tube, ovate upper, 2-loculed, singularly sessate, sessate, ovate or apically persistent.

  Identify the cross section of this product: the number of cork cells.

Cortical parenchyma cells are loosely distributed; overlapping secretory cells contain orange oil droplets; occasionally stone cells.

The phloem is wider and the secretory cells increase.

The layer is formed into a loop.

The xylem is broad; the catheter is sparse and divided into radial.

Rehmannia root powder is dark brown.

The cork cells are light brown, and the cross-section attachments are neatly arranged.

The parenchyma cells are round and contain round nucleus.

The secretory cells are similar in shape to normal parenchyma cells and contain orange or orange-red oil droplets.

The edge of the pit and the mesh conduit are about 92 μm in diameter.

  2 g of this product powder was taken, 20 ml of methanol was added, and the mixture was heated under reflux for 1 hour, allowed to cool, filtered, and the filtrate was recovered to 5 ml of methanol as a test solution.

Another sterol reference substance was added with methanol to make 0 per 1 ml.

A 5 mg solution was used as a reference solution.

According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix VIB) test, 5 μl of each of the above two solutions was taken and spotted on the same silica gel G thin layer plate, and chloroform-methanol-water (14:6:1) was used as a developing solvent to be taken out.Dry, spray with anisaldehyde test solution, heat at 105 ° C until the spots are clear.

In the chromatogram of the test sample, spots of the same color are prominent at the position corresponding to the chromatogram of the reference substance.

  Cooked land is known as hip flask flower, mountain smoke, mountain smoke, and mountain cabbage.

  Source Scrophulariae

Root of the block.

  Rehmannia glutinosa, widely cultivated as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the underground, is named after its underground roots are yellowish white.

It is native to Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places.

  Plant form perennial herb, the whole plant has white villous and glandular hairs.

Leaf-based plexus, obovate-lanceolate, base gradually narrowed into stalks, irregular blunt teeth on the edges, leaf surface shrunken, slightly purple underneath.

The stalks are extracted from the leaves, inflorescences in abundance; petals 5 lobed; corolla bell-shaped, slightly 2-lipate, purplish red, often with yellowish purple stripes on the inside.

Capsule globose or ovoid, with petals and style.
Flowering 4?
June, fruit 7?

  Born on the hillside, Tian Hao, roadside.

Mainly produced in Henan, Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang; more cultivation.
  Harvesting in the autumn, remove the head, the roots, fresh ground; roots melted to 80% dry, and the inside becomes black, kneaded into a group, for the rehmannia; raw land plus yellow wine steamed to black, is rehmannia.

  The traits are freshly yellow spindle-shaped or embedded in strips, often condensed into beads in the middle; the surface is light orange, wrinkled, lenticels and buds; fleshy, fragile, yellow-white in section, orange-red dots in the skin; slightly sweet,Slightly bitter.

Rehmannia glutinosa irregular irregular mass; surface gray-brown or brown-black, extremely shrinking; tough, cross-brown black, shiny, sticky; slightly sweet.

  The chemical composition contains catalpol, various amino acids and sugars, mannitol, β-sitosterol and campesterol.

  Sexual taste is fresh and cold, sweet and bitter.

Rehmannia glutinosa is cold and sweet.

Rehmannia glutinosa is cold and sweet.

  Function Indications Fresh Radix Qingreshengjinjin, after cooling, stop bleeding; used for hot wind injury Yin, tongue cramps, hair spots and rash, vomiting blood, blood stasis, sore throat.

Rehmannia glutinosa, heat and cool blood, nourishing yin, Shengjin; used for fever, polydipsia, rash, yin deficiency, vomiting blood, blood stasis, diabetes, infectious hepatitis.

  Morphological characteristics: Perennial erect herb.

The plant height is 10-30cm, and the whole is densely covered with white glandular hairs.

Stems purple.

Also more basal, rosette-like, ovate to oblong, serrate.

Racemes terminal, calyx tuberculate, petal teeth 5, corolla purple, ca. 4 cm, 2 lip-shaped, lobes 5, two-sided coat, flowering 4–5 months.

Fruit ovate to long ovate, seed small.

  Identification of Radix Rehmannia by medicinal materials: many irregular clusters are fast or oblong, the middle is inflated, the two sections are slightly thin, and the length is 6?
12cm, diameter 3?
6cm, some are thin, long strips, slightly flat and curved.

The surface is brownish or brownish-grey, extremely shrinking, with irregular cross-curved lines.

Weight, soft and tough, not easy to break, brown or black black, shiny, sticky.

The taste is slightly sweet.
  Rehmannia rehmannia: irregular pieces, pieces, size, and thickness.

The surface is black, shiny and sticky.

It is soft and well-made, not easy to break, black and shiny at both ends, shiny and sweet.

Freckle beauty therapy

Freckle beauty therapy

Click to buy Urban life Skin is subject to various pollution and radiation, so it is particularly easy to cause skin problems such as long spots.

Here are three recommended freckle treatments.

. one, wolfberry beauty materials: 120 grams of fresh wolfberry, 60 grams of dried wolfberry, water.

  Method: wolfberry has been added with water for boiling and replacing tea, without any restriction.

  Second, Chinese melon seed kernel beauty materials: 5 grams of winter melon seeds, 6 grams of orange peel, 12 grams of peach blossom, flour.

  Method: Mix the materials and grind them into fine powder, then use rice soup to serve after meals. Served 3 times a day for several months, the surface can become white and tender and smooth.

  Third, watermelon seed kernel material: 50 grams of watermelon seed kernels, 200 grams of osmanthus, 100 grams of orange peel.

  Method: Mix the ingredients into fine powder, and take rice soup after meals, 3 spoons a day, one spoon at a time. It will turn white after taking one month.

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin_1

Improve the three major conditions that harm the skin

A long-term bad lifestyle easily leads to skin problems, so we are no longer “red powder” beauty!

  Situation 1: Facing the computer crisis: Facing the computer all day directly affects skin color.

The radiation from the computer will cause the skin to quickly lose moisture, making the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust on the fluorescent screen will be adsorbed to the skin.

  Training improvement plan: 1.

Increase the number of times you wash your face, such as washing your face twice in the morning and afternoon, to relax your skin and make your breathing smoother.


Drink more fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices are “cleansers” for the body, which can dissolve toxins in cells and excrete them.

  Situation two: staying up late and suffering from anorexia: after working overtime and staying up late, tiredness and lack of consciousness lead to obvious lack of water. You must know that the lack of water can make your face rosy.

  Take action: 1.

Do morning exercises on your cheeks: rub your hands together for 1 minute, and then feel the palms of your hands warm, then massage your jaws, forehead, and ears from bottom to top until you feel warm.

Raising the temperature of the skin can speed up blood circulation.

  Intimate reminder: Massage with the strength of the abdomen, preferably with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

The massage sequence is from bottom to top, from inside to outside, moving slowly along the speed of breathing.


Products with moisturizing mask + ruddy complexion: Apply the hydrating and moisturizing mask on the face, and the nutrients in the mask enter the pores. After replenishing moisture and nutrition, immediately absorb the rosy skin products, and the complexion will look good immediately.

  Intimate reminder: skin care products are best light and thin emulsion, if the thickness of cream products can not be thick, the skin absorbs quickly.

  Do not drink coffee and tea when your skin is dehydrated. These two things will make the body’s water quickly volatilize and metabolize, making the skin more dehydrated.

  Situation three: The days when “good friends” came to crisis: the visit of “good friends”, completely backache and abdominal pain, more often, his face was serious.

  Try this: a small glass of red wine, warm belly and beautiful skin, a small glass a day, can make the cheeks rosy and radiant.

Children should not eat diet pills


Children should not eat diet pills

Following the popularity of various diet pills in various parts of the country, Chengdu has quietly raised fattening drugs at the end of last year.

By the beginning of March, sales of fertilizers in Chengdu have soared, and consumers have gradually changed from women to children. Taking fattening drugs has become a new trend in children’s 鈥渉ealth care鈥?

銆€銆€According to a pharmacy salesperson in Shuimohe, Chengdu, although the fattening drugs are mainly for women, many buyers buy them for their children.

In the pharmacy, a couple with their five-year-old son to buy medicine, they said that the child did not eat very much, the body has been very weak, and often caught a cold, the pharmacy salesperson listened to them, recommended a kind of fattening pills.

The child’s mother was hesitant and asked the salesperson’s child if he had a fattening drug. The salesperson pointed to the instructions on the box and said, 鈥淭he children on the instructions are in the first place. Why can’t they be used?

According to media reports, at present, the fertilizers in the cabinets in Chengdu have water, pills and capsules. Although the “applicable people” of these fattening drugs include children, the author sees in the instructions for drugs.The function of the fattening medicine is mainly for adult women. Some medicines on the packaging indicate that the medicine has the therapeutic effect on the female abdomen and the developmental delay, and some also indicate that there is drowsiness after taking the food.

Among these fattening drugs, except for the supplementation of a fertiliser in Hong Kong to children under the age of 8, the rest did not indicate the child’s dose.

Most parents buy anti-fertilizer drugs, mainly for the appetizer and spleen, and solve the anorexia function.

銆€銆€In response to the phenomenon of children taking fattening drugs, the expert opinion is that children should not be allowed to take it.

They believe that fattening drugs for adult women, although there is appetizing and spleen, the role of anorexia, but also treat women’s abdomen and flat chest, children may lead to precocious puberty after eating, boys appear feminine characteristics.

Children are anorexia and do not buy medicines indiscriminately. The doctor should diagnose the prescription.

Children’s school mood is low, eat coarse grains


Children’s school mood is low, eat coarse grains

As soon as I started school, many schoolchildren appeared 鈥渇ake syndromes鈥? and their moods were low and their spirits were not good.

Nutrition experts suggest that after the winter holiday and the Spring Festival, the child’s diet should be adjusted. The staple food should be changed to eat whole grains, which will help to improve the child’s concentration, and can increase the feeling of fullness, help maintain health, and not fat.

銆€銆€At the end of a happy winter holiday, is your baby’s baby feeling depressed, mentally unsatisfactory, and the symptoms of the 鈥渇ailure syndrome鈥?

銆€銆€Dong’s Foundation nutrition team experts said that whole grains replace expected fiber, vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals, leading to increased and prolonged satiety, maintaining and controlling body weight, reducing cardiovascular disease, and the incidence of cancer.Prevention of type 2 diabetes, etc.

銆€銆€There is a reason for getting fat. Whole grains are too small to be fat!

The 2013 study by Tufts University in the United States recorded the dietary status of 792 children in grades 3 to 6 and found that children who ate less than one whole grain per day had a higher rate of obesity than they did every day.

5 children are 40% higher.

In the study, the 10-year-old boy, who is also 136 cm tall, eats less than one whole grain, and loses more than one.

5 more than 1.


This study defines a whole valley as a bowl of 100% whole grain breakfast cereal chips, half bowl of cooked oatmeal, a piece of 100% whole grain bread, equivalent to Taiwan’s half bowl of rice.

銆€銆€The earliest is that the Dong Foundation’s 2010 survey of nearly 5,000 national first-year and second-year schoolchildren’s parents found that nearly 50% of the children’s diets were completely free of whole grains, and nearly 70% of the parents had little or no home-based supply.About 60% of them think that children do not like to eat and not supply; in addition, only 35% of schoolchildren eat vegetables every day, and 24% eat fruits every day.

銆€銆€The child “eats soft and does not eat hard” eats all the cereals to help language development experts say that modern children’s diet is too delicate, accustomed to eating soft and not hard, just touch the whole valley when you often feel like eating dry, hard, difficult to bite””, etc., but parents should not stop the supply completely, because the taste and preferences of food can be cultivated from childhood.

銆€銆€Parents may wish to gradually increase the whole grain ratio from a small amount, so that children gradually become accustomed to the chewy taste of whole grains, and chewing can increase saliva secretion to help digestion, massage gums to help periodontal health, and stimulate brain development.Improve children’s learning ability; preschool chewing and chewing can affect the development of oral teeth and jaws, tongue and lips and other oral organs flexibility, affecting the development of future speaking ability.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that it is best to eat coarse rice, simple and no oil and no sugar. You can also add purple rice, whole millet, whole oats, etc.; snacks replace purple rice red bean soup, flour and barley soup, etc., and whole wheat, full packagePay attention to its whole grain ratio, as well as the oil sugar content.

Liuqiu words health


“Liuqiu” words health

Cheng Hongting, People’s Liberation Army 306 Hospital, cadre ward brand quality management office Zuo Tianyu editor Li Qiu, is the 13th solar terms in the 24th solar eclipse, is the first solar term in the autumn, marking the official start of the Mengqiu season.

“Autumn” means that the summer is coming to the cold, and it is the transitional season when the weather turns from hot to cold and then from cold to cold.

Health Precautions 1.

Eat lightly.

The variety of foods should be varied, pay attention to the combination of color, fragrance, taste, shape and quality to stimulate appetite.

The diet is regular, and you should not eat after eating.

Properly eat some heat-clearing foods such as melon, beans, cabbage, bitter gourd, etc., as well as vitamins, mineral fruits, vegetables, such as pears, apples, bananas, kiwis, peaches, tomatoes, etc., thus consuming the nutrients needed by the body.

It is necessary to properly eat some foods or medicines that have spleen, heat, and dampness. The evils that oxidize heat in the body can be excreted from the urine, and the function of the spleen and stomach can be adjusted, which is the basis for the health of the middle, late autumn and even winter.


Replenish water.

Bitter summer is hot, people are prone to sweating, so pay special attention to hydrating, do not wait until you feel thirsty and then drink water, often, drink a little water.

Try to drink as little as possible, because the wine is also wet.

In addition to mineral water, milk, soy milk, porridge, soup and other liquid foods are also a good way to add moisture.

For example: drink soy milk for breakfast, soup for lunch, porridge for dinner, tea during the day, drink milk before going to bed, etc.

People with bad spleen and stomach can make homemade herbal tea or medicinal porridge, which can be added to lotus seeds, medlar, Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus leaf, loofah, jujube, hawthorn, Amomum, etc. according to personal taste.The traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to take, the spleen and stomach function will slowly return to normal.


Good sleep is more healthy.

The long stagnation heat is the main climatic feature of bitter summer. The human body should also adapt to the laws of nature. Sleep late and get up early, sleep recommendation time: 22:00 at night?
Go to sleep at 23:00, 5:30 in the morning?
Get up at 6:30.

Due to the shortened sleep time at night, nap can improve people’s “fine spirit” in a short period of time, improve the efficiency of the afternoon work, and also improve blood supply to the brain, enhance physical strength and the body’s protective ability.

The data suggest that a proper nap during hot weather can greatly reduce the incidence of cerebrovascular disease.


Adjust the indoor climate.

The indoor climate includes temperature, humidity, sunshine and ventilation.

A suitable indoor climate is an important time to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Mainly to adjust the temperature, the indoor temperature is 25 掳C?
28 掳 C, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 10 掳 C is appropriate, can use the dehumidification function of the air conditioner, the indoor relative humidity is adjusted to 40%?
60%, in such a living environment, the human body will feel very comfortable, good mental state, clear thinking, and more efficient work or study.


Outdoor activities should not be long.

It is not advisable to have diabetes activities, to prevent excessive sweating, but not to sweat.

According to research, the culprit of skin aging is ultraviolet light. When going out, try to apply sunscreen, wear a sun hat or a parasol to avoid staying in the hot sun for too long.

Bitter summer should be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise, especially in the hot noon to avoid heat stroke.

Wear light, spacious and breathable sportswear. Should you rest for 5 hours per exercise?
10 minutes while paying attention to supplementing water and nutrition.

The exercise time should be selected when the temperature is cool in the morning and evening. The location is fresh green, moist and refreshing parks and other green grass greening environment is better.

High temperature weather will affect the emotional regulation center of the human hypothalamus, which will affect people’s mental and emotional.

Therefore, it is also important to calm down and cultivate your spirit after the beginning of autumn.