Chicken Soup Huaishan Dipping Shark Meatballs

Chicken Soup Huaishan Dipping Shark Meatballs

When making meatballs, in order to refresh and flavor, they are often accompanied by crispy ingredients such as horseshoes. The Shage meatballs I talked about this time are the delicious taste that the author recently tasted in a room.

Sha Ge is cheap and delicious, with a sweet and delicious taste. When cooking with meat, the aunt can absorb the meat, and it is cooked instead of meaty and non-greasy.

Huaishan replenishes temper, improves stomach yin, and the combination of several ingredients is tempting. It is specially shared with the princes.

  Ingredients: 200 grams of pork gum, 100 grams of Huaishan, 100 grams of Shage, 15 grams of shallots, 15 grams of garlic (striped), 15 grams of ginger slices, salt, sugar, pepper, and peanut oil.

  Method: Peel and wash Huaishan, cut into pieces for use; Peel and wash Shage, cut into pieces with pork gum and knead into meatballs, set aside; add oil to the saucepan, pat garlic, green onion and ginger slices, add chicken soupHeat up the heat, add Huaishan medium heat and roll for 5 minutes, then lower the meatballs, season with salt, sugar, pepper, and cook on medium heat until the ingredients are cooked through.

Guishen stew


Guishen stew

Ingredients: 1 hen (black-bone chicken is preferred), Angelica sinensis, 15 grams of Codonopsis, seasoning.

  Method: hens are slaughtered and cured; angelica, codonopsis, onion, ginger, rice wine, and salt are placed in the belly of the chicken, put in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until cooked.

  Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening spleen and warming.

Applicable to chronic illness and physical weakness, less nausea; blood deficiency and fever, pale complexion, palpitations and dizziness.

Also used for chronic hepatitis, anemia is liver and spleen blood deficiency.

  Source: Qiankun Business.

Lower yourself in marriage

Lower yourself in marriage

In the husband and wife’s sexual life, there must always be one party to actively invest and give, so that sexual life can continue and the ideal effect can be achieved.

This principle should be understood by the world’s couples.

But many people often unconsciously make two mistakes in a particular life: the first is to change “there is always one party to pay” into “who will pay for it?”

The second is to turn “active pay” into “who should pay”.

  In this way, no matter how good the couple is, it is inevitable that there will be some discomfort.

  For example, when my wife is tired or has other distractions, although I can feel that my husband has a sexual need, I often refuse in my heart: I am so tired, can’t you be considerate of me?

She believes that her husband “should” pay more.

However, the husband was thinking at this time: I know you are tired, but I do have sexual needs, can’t you please me?

If the issue of “openness and honesty” between two people is likely to begin with “who should pay”, it will translate into any difference in sexuality between men and women, and even “go online” to gender equality.

This is still good.

If both sides hold Lei in their hearts, the days will be long and unavoidable.

  In fact, whoever lowers himself or herself when a contradiction occurs between the two people often wins the initiative to resolve the contradiction.

When couples have sexual conflicts, if you lower yourself, first consider what you “should”, and even consider this “should” as your own obligation, then, first, it is easier to understand and understand each other’sDistress; second, neither side can be angry, and the rack can’t quarrel; third, the other party also has to think about their “should”. Even if they don’t say it, they don’t want it at the time, they still have some “guilt.”

Isn’t that better than arguing or holding back for years?

The accumulation of good sentences in Hunan civil servant exam in 2019: Zhuangzi famous words 10


The accumulation of good sentences in Hunan civil servant exam in 2019: Zhuangzi famous words 10


Do not frustrate with things.


Heaven and Earth”[Explanation]Disturbing one’s mind because of foreign objects (so that virtue is gone).


Life has a limit but knowledge not.


Health Master”[Explanation]Human life is limited, and knowledge is infinite.

Ingested with unlimited life to unlimited learning.


One foot, the day is half, and the world is inexhaustible.


The world”[Explanation]One foot long whip stick, half cut every day, will never be cut.

Matter can be divided infinitely.


The husband is confused and easy to use.


Explain the thumb”[Explanation]Small confusion can make people misplace the direction, and big confusion can make people lose their nature.

Explain that pure human nature is the natural nature of human beings, and benevolence and righteousness are not only unhuman, but also traumatic and chaotic.


There is no phase in phase and no phase in phase.


Grand Master”[Explanation]Mutual engagement in the non-intercourse, mutual inaction and inaction.

Making friends to achieve the intersection is out of heart, helplessness is inaction.

This is the “reciprocal exchange.”


If the water is not thick, the negative boat is also weak.


Happy Travel”[Explanation]If the water is not deep, then it has no power to load the big ship.

From the relationship between the big boat and the water, we can at least get the revelation: ask the university to ask, do the big business, must lay down the disposal, the deep foundation.


The husband is not bathed and white, and the black is not black and white.


Tian Yun”[Explanation]The swan does not bathe every day, but the feathers are white; the crows are not exposed every day, but the feathers are black.

Everything comes from its nature and cannot be forcibly changed.


If nothing is done, then it will be more than the world; if it is, it will be insufficient for the world.

Tiandao”[Explanation]Inaction, you can use the world, and feel free to spare; if you are, you will be used by the world, and feel urgent.
To be vain, natural, and inaction, to explain the rule of inaction.


There is no room for growth, and there is room for it to recover.


Health Master”[Explanation]There is no thick gap, so the operation is still wide and there is room for it.

Explain that doing things depends on “the heavens” and “there is no thickness in between.” This is the core of Zhuangzi’s health theory.

At the same time, it is stated that we must understand the laws of nature and act according to the laws of nature.

The idioms “there are no whole cows” and “more than enough” are all from here.


Although the monks are not cured, the corpse will not be replaced by shackles.


“Easy Travel”[Explanation]Although the chef does not make sacrifices, the ceremonies that preside over the sacrifices will not go over the few cases of setting up sacrifices, instead of the chefs.

This means that although the monks do not perform their duties, the corpse does not have to go beyond his own authority to serve him.

It expresses the thought of Zhuangzi’s inaction and the idiom 鈥渕ore and more 淇庘€?is coming.

6 signals are the kidneys in help!


4 strokes let you promote metabolism and discharge waste!

6 signals are the kidneys in help!
4 strokes let you promote metabolism and discharge waste!

Speaking of organs that work 24 hours a day, everyone’s first reaction will be the heart.

In fact, in addition to the heart, we still have a model worker.

The kidneys filter the metabolic waste 24 hours a day, and any toxins produced by substances, beverages, food, air and emotional stress that enter the body pass through the kidneys.

Day after day, year after year, the kidneys continue to detoxify the body, like the body’s “water purifier”, but in fact the kidneys also need detoxification, the home uses the filter water to know that it has been dirty for a long time.thing.

Our whole body’s blood passes through the kidneys 20 times an hour. Once the toxin is too much, it will cause too much burden of high blood pressure, which will lead to the deterioration of renal function. Not only the extracellular water will not be properly regulated, but also edema will occur.

The six kinds of signals are the kidneys in the rescue. When the body appears in the following six situations, be careful, this is the kidney is sending out a distress signal, once realigned, it will cause irreversible damage to high blood pressure, and even cause uremia.

1, easy to fatigue The toxins inside the body consume the energy of the kidneys, the energy provided by the kidneys is reduced, so there are symptoms such as body tiredness, tiredness, sleepiness and weakness of the limbs.

2, the amount of menstruation is small, or the menstrual period is short, the color of the dark menstrual period is produced and disappeared, is the performance of kidney function is strong, if there are many toxins in the kidney, the menstrual blood will be reduced.

3, mandibular acne face The mandibular part of the face is removed by the kidney, the detoxification of the kidney is insufficient, and excess toxins will be present in the mandible.

4, edema and hypertension management of the body’s fluid operation, the kidneys accumulate toxins, the ability to discharge excess liquid is reduced, there is edema, especially in the morning is prone to edema.

5, urine turbidity, the clarity of foamy urine and the amount of foam, can be very intuitive to determine the health of the kidneys.

Once the kidneys have problems, they will be directly related to diseases such as nephritis, kidney stones, and kidney failure, which may even threaten life.

If the urinary foam suddenly becomes more and more persistent, it will not disappear, indicating that the protein excreted in the urine overlaps, the color of the urine is abnormal, and it is rich in brown color, soy sauce color or turbidity, such as rice water, should attract attention, which means your kidneysomething is wrong.

6, hair loss or excessive white hair Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is fine, its hair is in the hair, and the nutrition of the hair comes from the blood, kidney essence, fine marrow, and bone marrow hematopoiesis, so the vitality of the hair is still in the kidney.

Loss of hair, early appearance of white hair, hair loss and other symptoms may be a problem with your kidneys.

In addition, hearing loss, back pain, all mean kidney problems.

Boiled in a clear water, draining the kidneys for ten years. According to a Canadian naturopathic doctor, coriander can maintain kidney health while removing toxins accumulated in the body.

The best way to detoxify the kidneys with parsley is to mix the parsley juice.

Specific practice: Wash and chop the parsley, add boiling water for 10 minutes.

Then let the boiled parsley cool and filter out the leaves immediately.

Principle: Modern medicine believes that coriander has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Studies have found that eating coriander often eliminates harmful substances in the blood.

Coriander can not only help the kidneys to detoxify, but also publish the effect of diarrhea, which can send out poisonous evils in the human body, and it is very effective in treating measles.

Generally, it is divided into internal and external use. For external use, you can take coriander (with roots and leaves) about half a catty of water, fumigation and scrub the body for about 10 minutes.

It is enough to use about 30 grams for internal use, 1-2 times a day, both for adults and children.

But coriander is not everyone’s favorite. If you can’t accept the taste of coriander, but want to detoxify the kidneys, you can also try this water and two dishes.

One water and two dishes, promote metabolism 1. Drinking water The best detoxification time for the kidneys is 5-7 in the morning. After a night of repair, the toxins are concentrated in the kidneys in the morning. At this time, drink a cup of white water and wash the kidneys.The easiest way to get rid of the body.

Ingesting fresh water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints and muscles, and promotes digestion, allowing waste to be removed from the kidneys and the entire body.

Garbage that has not been excreted in time accumulates in the kidneys, may stick together to form kidney stones, break down and remove these toxins, and drinking water is a good way.

Usually, you should also add a lot of water to ensure that you can drink 2000 ml of water every day. When the color of the urine is too yellow, it means that the water is insufficient.

2, melon winter melon is a kidney detoxification food, it injects juice into the human body, it will stimulate the kidneys to increase urine and excrete toxins from the body.

When eating, you can use winter melon soup or stir-fry, and taste as light as possible.