Fresh fish are killed and eaten, but the toxins are still alive!

Fresh fish are killed and eaten, but the toxins are still alive!

“Fresh live fish, kill now.

“It’s a tempting sign often made by restaurants.

Many people believe that live fish can be eaten fresh to ensure better taste and nutrition.

But in fact, it is uncertain science to eat fish immediately after slaughter, and it is possible to eat toxins into the body.

  Fresh live fish will be in a stiff phase immediately after being slaughtered.

At this time, the energy metabolism in the fish is still in progress, and a variety of biochemical changes will occur.

At this stage, small amounts of lactic acid and phosphoric acid are produced in the fish meat to inhibit the reproduction and growth of spoilage microorganisms.

At this time, the fish meat was still weakly acidic and the meat was hardened. The protein in the fish tissue has not been decomposed to produce amino acids, and amino acids are the main component of umami.

If you cook at this time, the taste is almost poor, and the nutrients cannot be fully absorbed by the body, and the acidic meat will affect digestion.

In addition, there may be some toxins, parasites or bacteria in the fish, and these harmful substances that have not died may also enter the human body.

  Two to five hours after the fish is slaughtered, some of the enzymes in the fish’s meat begin to function, breaking down the protein into amino acids, and making the fish’s meat tender and delicate.

At the same time, metabolism in the fish body has stopped, most of the toxins have been discharged, and the bacteria have died, so this is the best time for cooking.

In more than 6 hours, the fish will rot and become soft, and the microorganisms will multiply, and the fish will easily deteriorate.

Therefore, if you want to eat delicious and nutritious fresh fish, it is best to put it in the refrigerator freezer for two to three hours after slaughtering.

If placed indoors, if the room temperature is high, the time will be shortened to 1 hour, and if the room temperature is low, the time will be extended to 5 hours.

  So how do you tell if the fish is fresh?

Here is a way to teach everyone to put the fish you bought home in the water. If the fish swims back and forth as soon as it enters the water, it means that the fish is fresh and needs to be kept for a while after being killed;When you float up and your stomach is up, you may have started to breed bacteria and you should eat it immediately.

10 to 11 pm to fall asleep best attention to rest time is also a health priority

10 to 11 pm to fall asleep best attention to rest time is also a health priority

Eighty percent of sleep disorders come from the psychological “95% of people should have 7-8 hours of sleep each day, but a small number of people only need 6 hours of sleep, and a small number of people need 9 hours to sleep enough.

Zhang Xi said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, but the change will not be too great.

There are often company white-collar workers in Zhang Xi’s outpatient clinics, media practitioners and other high-income people seek treatment for sleep disorders, 80% of which are caused by psychological factors.

  ”These people are mainly under pressure from work, working long hours, sleep deprivation and chronic lack of sleep.

He said that these people often have inappropriate work and sleep schedules. They often work late, and then chat with colleagues and friends, eat and drink in the middle of the night, sleep at two or three in the morning, and get up at eight or nine in the morning.The sleep period is artificially predicted and is medically known as the “sleep phase delay syndrome”.

  The best time to fall asleep at 10-11 pm “The best time to fall asleep is 10-11 pm, getting up at 6 am is the right shift.

However, people with sleep-phase syndrome don’t have the same life and work rhythms as those in normal society, and they can lose varying amounts of sleep every day.

Zhang Xi said that over time, these people must be lack of sleep.

  The most common symptoms of people who lack sleep are: lack of focus, dizziness, and decreased alertness to problems.

People with insufficient sleep for a long time suffer from memory loss, which affects the body’s immune function, is prone to colds, and causes internal dysfunction.

At the same time, long-term lack of consciousness also has an impact on the psychology. Most of them will be emotionally unstable, easily excited, and lose their temper.

He said that freckles in the bladder of women with insufficient sleep are caused by endocrine disruption by lack of consciousness.

In addition, long-term insomnia will lead to heart rhythm disorders and frequent premature beats, but often no organic complications can be detected.

  Sleeping too long is not healthy If you sleep too long, you need to go to the hospital to screen for excessive sleepiness and sleep apnea.

Zhang Xi pointed out that sleep apnea is a type of sleep under hypoxic conditions, which is more severe than hypoxia at high altitude, and the human body is always sleeping.

It impairs the quality of our sleep and makes people hiccup during the day. It also damages brain health.

  It is also normal for three or four hours to make up for weekends. “People who lack sleep on weekdays can sleep appropriately for three or four hours on weekends.

Zhang Xi believes that proper supplementary sleep on the weekend is good for helping people with work stress to recover their energy and production.

He suggested that people with impaired vision should work hard during the day to perform outdoor activities and physical exercise, develop good sleep hygiene habits, maintain a peaceful attitude, do not lie in bed, watch TV, read newspapers and think about things, so as not to violate sleep time.

For people with insomnia, there is no need to “talk about tiger color changes” with sleeping pills, and reasonable use is probably a must.

Four health porridges to help Yang Qi rise

Four health porridges to help Yang Qi rise

Add some amaranth, leek, celery, etc. to the porridge, which can not only elevate the protrusions, but also help the sun rise, which is an ideal health food.

Here are four health porridges: Amaranth porridge. Pour the previous rice into the pot and add water to boil. Then add the washed amaranth to cook the same porridge.

In the spring, other vegetables are more expensive on the market, and amaranth is a good seasonal disease.

Absolutely, research data show that eating wild vegetables such as amaranth can help increase the resistance of organisms.

Leek porridge first boil the previous rice with water, then participate in the washing and chopped leek and cook for porridge.

Leek has been a gourmet vegetable since ancient times. It can be used for vitamins A, B, C and sugars, amino acids, and flavoring to kill germs.

Spring eclipse can help Yang and promote breeding.

Celery porridge Wash the celery with roots, boil it with water, and cook the juice with the previous rice to make porridge.

Celery is available in all seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and in the off-season season of spring and vegetables, fresh celery is one of the favorite vegetables of many people.

It includes amino acids, aunts and vitamins A, B, and C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., especially the content of calcium and phosphorus is high, containing 8 calcium per 100 grams of celery.

5mg, phosphorus 61mg, quite suitable for fluffy children.

Jujube porridge is made from red dates. The porridge was previously cooked with rice. The ratio of rice to red dates was 2: 1.

The qualified beneficial effects of jujubes are calm in nature, able to nourish the blood and stabilize the blood, and can last for a long time when the disease is debilitating, and people who hate poor function are edible.

Another folk saying goes: “To make the skin good, add red dates to the porridge.

“It can be seen that the red date porridge is also very good for making the skin beautiful and beautiful.

Reminder: Did you brush your toothbrush right?

Reminder: Did you brush your toothbrush right?

Brushing your teeth and washing your face is the most common thing in life, but what puzzles many people is, why do you still have bleeding gums or bad breath when you brush your teeth every day?

“Brushing is useless, it’s about how you brush your teeth.

“Professor Chen Shixuan, director of the oral cavity of Beijing You’an Hospital, said that most people don’t get the corresponding effect by brushing their teeth.

  Professor Chen Shiquan said that in addition to brushing his teeth in the morning and evening, it is best to brush it after each meal. If there is no condition, he should also rinse his mouth with water. The brushing at night is especially important.

A health poll showed that 60 out of 4353 respondents were surveyed.

4% said they would brush their teeth twice a day, and 31.

7% brush their teeth only once a day, and only 7 brush their teeth more than twice a day.


This is undoubtedly, nearly 90% of the respondents did not brush their teeth enough.

“If you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed at night, food debris and residues left after eating during the day will accumulate in the gaps between teeth and cracks in the teeth and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

In addition, as oral mastication and speech activity cease at night, saliva secretion is also greatly reduced, which causes the decay of oral self-cleaning function, which is more conducive to the proliferation of bacteria, and the acid produced by fermentation will also corrode teeth.

“Professor Chen Shizhen said.

  Brushing your teeth is by no means routine, and many people are reluctant to spend more time brushing their teeth.

The survey showed that 60.

4% of people brush their teeth in 1-2 minutes, 23.

8% were less than 1 minute, 15.

8% of people spend more than two minutes, correspondingly more than 80% of them do n’t have enough time to brush their teeth.

“Brushing is not long enough, and brushing is equivalent to white brushing.

“Professor Chen Shizhen said that in addition to its massage and cleaning effect, toothpaste also has sterilization and other health care functions. Toothpaste does not make sufficient contact with the teeth, and the contact time is too short, and it will not fully perform its function.

Each brushing time is preferably about 3 minutes, so that the teeth are in a high concentration of fluoride environment, and the anti-calcification and anti-caries ability of the surface is improved.

  You can brush your teeth, and you need a good toothbrush. Professor Chen Shizhen said that after brushing, you should repeatedly wash the toothbrush with water, dry the bristles, and place the brush head up in a ventilated place.

Toothbrush bristles should be changed or used for about three months.

The survey showed that 44.

3% of people change their toothbrushes in about three months, but still have 20.

4% of people change their toothbrush in three to six months, more than 9.

6% of people change their toothbrushes more than half a year.

Professor Chen Shizhen proposed that in addition to changing toothbrushes regularly, people should also change toothpastes regularly.

Otherwise, because of the single toothpaste and plaster, the oral flora will be unbalanced and oral ulcers will appear.

Four principles of beauty and skin care recipes

Four principles of beauty and skin care recipes

As the years go by, unpleasant wrinkles will creep up to the corners of your eyes, forehead, cheeks.

But if eaten properly, the occurrence of wrinkles can be enlarged.

Not long ago, American dermatologist Beth, after years of scientific research and clinical practice, proposed four principles of beauty, skin care, and anti-wrinkle recipes, which deserve attention.

  As the years go by, unpleasant wrinkles will creep up to the corners of your eyes, forehead, cheeks.

But if eaten properly, the occurrence of wrinkles can be enlarged.

Not long ago, American dermatologist Beth, after years of scientific research and clinical practice, proposed four principles of beauty, skin care, and anti-wrinkle recipes, which deserve attention.

Eating more vitamins such as pork bone soup, beef bone soup, chicken skin, chicken bone soup, etc. can enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Human skin is divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The main factor affecting skin beauty is the dermis.

The dermis is made of elastic fibers, and the main substance that makes up elastic fibers is chondroitin sulfate.

If the human body lacks this chondroitin, the skin will lose its elasticity and wrinkles will appear.

Therefore, eating more foods rich in cellulose sulfate can delay the occurrence of skin wrinkles and keep the skin elastic and delicate.

Eat more foods such as vitamins and nucleic acids, such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., can eliminate age spots.

Cutting-edge research has found that supplementing with nucleic acid foods can delay aging and prevent skin wrinkles.

The researchers targeted 30 women and gave them 800 milligrams of nucleic acid and a moderate amount of vitamin C daily.

After one month of observation, the age spots on the abdomen of 9 people disappeared, the wrinkles on the abdomen of 5 people disappeared, and the rough skin of 8 people became richer and richer, and the skin of others was better than before.

Eat more alkaline and alkaline foods that are acidic. Alkaline foods are not determined by taste, but they mean that the food eventually becomes acidic or alkaline after entering the body.

Alkaline foods include most vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood.

Studies have shown that excessive acidic foods make the blood acidic and increase the levels of lactic acid and uric acid in the blood.

These substances come to the skin surface with sweat, which will make the skin inactive and lose elasticity, especially the skin of some skin is weak, easy to crack when exposed to cold wind or sun exposure.

Eating more alkaline foods can make the blood appear weakly alkaline, reduce the content of lactic acid and urea, and reduce the erosion and damage to the skin.

  Eat more retinal collagen foods such as pigskin, trotters, turtles, etc.

According to nutritionists, protein is found in every 100 grams of pig skin.

4%, 2 for pork.

5 times, while my aunt has only 2.

27 grams, half of pork.

Especially the protein in the skin, the main component is collagen.

This collagen has the function of increasing skin water storage, moisturizing the skin, and maintaining the balance of moisture inside and outside the skin tissue cells.

Collagen is the main raw material for the growth of skin cells. It can make human skin plump, white and tender, reduce or eliminate wrinkles, and make people attract young.

Regaining the charm of the electric eye only takes 1 minute a day


Regaining the charm of the electric eye only takes 1 minute a day

Do you have eyes for love?

Watch out for crow’s feet!

Crow’s feet are usually appendages produced by trailing smiles. Once they appear, they are not helpless.

The following editor will teach you the magic formula of reducing crow’s feet.

  Crow’s feet refers to the wrinkles that appear between the corners of the eyes and the corners of the human body. Its lines are similar to those on the tails of fish, so it is called the crow’s feet.

Crow’s feet are a common wrinkle in facial skin aging.

It refers to the texture of the skin radiating from the outer condyle area when smiling, and it also appears when resting at rest with age.

  The severity of crow’s feet can be divided into 4 types: the slightest smile shows the slightest crow’s feet. As long as the face does not make an expression, the lines cannot be seen, and only when you smile, you will be found.

  Even if you do n’t smile a little, there are small fine-grained crow’s feet, and the dynamic lines become static lines. Even if you do n’t make any expressions, the ends of the eyes are still small.

  When the serious does not smile, the crow’s feet are deep and the crow’s feet are gradually serious. If you do not smile, the crow’s feet are also deep when there is no expression, and there is no way to use it for concealer!

  The most serious tridents appearing at the corners of the eyes are not only deep crow’s feet. The ends of the lines are also divided into multiple branches, which can be noticed even from a distance!

  Stick to massage every day to drive away crow’s feet!

  The best time to use eye cream is when crow’s feet have not yet appeared!

Eye cream is too much to be easily absorbed, only two “peas” the size of mung bean.

Be sure to avoid the skin around your eyes when applying eye cream first and then cream!

In addition to using professional eye care products, you must add the correct massage techniques to help eliminate them effectively, so do n’t be lazy!


Eye Cream Massage The ring finger around the eye. Take the soybean-sized eye cream and evenly apply anti-aging eye cream around the eyes. Massage in a circular motion counterclockwise.

Then press the middle finger and ring finger on both sides of the eyes, and slowly rub the skin on the side of the eye. Be sure to massage gently with the ring finger of the other hand in a circular motion.


Insertion to promote circulation When the eye cream has not been completely absorbed, use the thumb from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, slowly and deeply into the eye socket, remember to stay for about 3 seconds for each interruption.

Finally, use the strength of the thumb and abdomen to suppress the sides of the nose to promote blood circulation throughout the face.


Lifting the End of the Eyes Use the palms of both hands to warm the eye essence. Starting from the end of the eyes, gently pull gently towards the ears from the thumb’s fingertips, counting from 1 to 5, then let go.

Repeat 5 times.

Then use your index and middle fingers to gently open the crow’s feet at the end of your eyes.


Grasp the crow’s feet with your five fingers gently from bottom to top, along the circumference of the eye sockets, and slowly use the power of your fingers to pinch.

While pinching, you should pinch the location of the crow’s feet more carefully, and pay attention to the degree when pressing, as if the lines should be pinched and disappeared.

Chewing slowly is a good way to keep healthy

Chewing slowly is a good way to keep healthy

Although it is a simple oral movement, it is not only related to the oral cavity, it also has a great impact on human health and disease prevention.

If you develop a habit of chewing slowly while eating, it is also a good way to maintain health.

  Chinese medical scientists and health homes are very concerned about chewing slowly.

“Nonday’s non-daily finishing” cloud: “Eat must be chewed slowly, with the liquid to send it, then the taste is scattered in the spleen, the Chinese color is filled with muscle.

When it is thick, it only fills the stomach and stomach with bad flour.

“Old and old Hengyan” cloud: “Into the stomach there are three, a cremation, rotten cooking; two mouth, chewing also; three abdomen, into the stomach self-chemical.

“The Secret of Foreigners’ Longevity” also states: “Choose every bite of food until the food is self-contained. If you want to further confirm the knowledge of slow food, please open the Jewish Code, in the book: Slow Food Longevity.

“Modern medical research has confirmed that there are many benefits to chewing slowly: 1.

Promoting digestion can reduce the burden of high blood pressure, help digestion, and improve the efficiency of nutritional supplementation.


Anti-cancer effect Chewing can increase saliva secretion, so that the food is fully stirred by saliva, and the carcinogens in the transformed food are converted into harmless substances.

American medical scientists have found that chewing has a neutralizing effect on carcinogens. Researchers add saliva to carcinogens, and carcinogens can lose their carcinogenic effects.


Prevention of obesity Chewing and obesity also have a close relationship.

In the human brain, there is a center for controlling appetite. It takes more time to chew food. The appetite center can issue correct instructions, so that people have a proper diet and have a feeling of fullness. If this continues, it can naturally avoid obesity.


Neutralizing salt in foods is not good for your health.

After chewing and chewing, the food can gradually release the minerals secreted by the cells, and the potassium can neutralize the salt in the body.


Promoting blood circulation and chewing has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain.

When chewing, the mandibular muscle pulls the blood vessels in the part, accelerates the flow of blood near the temple, and improves the blood circulation of the heart and brain.

In addition, chewing can also relax the brain nerves, relieve mental stress, and have a great fracture to human health.


The cosmetic effect of chewing chewing helps to develop the expression around the mouth and make the facial capillaries smooth, which is good for preventing wrinkles and improving facial nutrition.


The solid tooth action and chewing can strengthen the tooth activity and exert the effect of solid teeth to prevent and prevent the jaw from loosening.


Anti-aging effect to the elderly, gastrointestinal dysfunction, weakened swallowing reflexes, slow chewing can penetrate the anti-mite, help digestion, anti-aging effect.

Measure how many twists and turns your love will have

Measure how many twists and turns your love will have

When you are holding a treasure map by yourself and searching for treasures according to the map, at the last level, you are standing at a crossroads. Where will your first intuitive treasure be?

  A, go straight ahead B, slowly go backward C, quietly go right D, quietly go left E, in fact, the analysis of results at your feet: A love twists and turns index: 55.

In love, you will cut love at the last minute and make your twists and turns boundless.

  B Love twist index: 80.

In love, you are susceptible to the influence of outsiders, while lack of security makes emotions fluctuate.

  C love twist index: 20.

In love, you have strong willpower, and you will overcome any difficulties one by one, and you will never give up.

  D love twists and turns index: 90.

In love, you tend to hesitate, love to be horny, and make yourself think too much and increase your pain.

  E love twist index: 70.

In love, your inclusiveness will resolve many previous misunderstandings and quarrels and calm down the twists and turns.

Bad habits make you lose sexual well-being

Bad habits make you lose sexual well-being

According to a survey, approximately 30% of women in the US age group 18-59 years have low long-term sexual desire; 27% of adult women under the age of 40 cannot reach orgasm, and 13% -15% have pain during intercourse.

This situation is very common among women around the world, and most people attribute it to the heavy burden of work, children, and housework.

  However, the US “Fitness” magazine recently pointed out that this is related to five daily habits of women: Habit one: Taking contraceptives Oral contraceptives are one of the most common contraceptive methods for women, which is highly efficient and easy to use.

However, as a sex hormone drug, it breaks the normal hormonal balance of the human body and affects the secretion of male and female hormones. This will reduce vaginal lubricating fluid secretion and cause discomfort or pain due to dryness during sexual intercourse.

  Habit 2: There are cleanliness. Many women love cleanliness too much and prefer to use scented sanitary napkins during menstruation or clean the genitals with excessive vaginal cleansing agents. This will destroy the natural acid and alkali environment in the vagina, cause genital discomfort, and increase moldThe possibility of infection.

These symptoms directly affect the quality of sexual life.

In fact, the vagina has a self-cleaning function, and it is sufficient to rinse it with hot water.

  Habit 3: Excessive exercise Persevering in physical exercise will not only help physical health and prevent disease, but also improve sexual arousal ability and enhance orgasm.

However, excessive and intensive exercise programs gradually become exhausted and unable to have sex.

When excessive exercise makes the body’s trace content less than 15%, estrogen that controls sexual passion will reduce secretion, making it difficult for women to raise “sexual interest.”

Therefore, when you want to improve the quality of sexual life through physical exercise, you must control the scale.

  Habit 4: Smoking nicotine in tobacco can cause arterial contractions and reduce blood flow to the vagina.

Reproductive organs become less sensitive due to reduced blood flow, making sexual arousal and orgasm obstructive.

  Habit 5: Taking certain drugs, anti-allergic drugs to suppress the decay of glandular secretions will cause natural vaginal lubricating fluid to decrease, causing pain in sexual cross-linking; high blood pressure and antidepressants make muscles and tissues around the reproductive organs too loose, making it difficult for womenReach orgasm.

  Make exercise help women to swim: The frog and butterfly must be applied to the muscles of the thighs and pelvis. These two postures are often used for long-term exercise. Because of the strong abdominal muscles, they can also improve women’s sexual function. When having sex, Feels even better.

  Bicycle: This is the most easily absorbed exercise method, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Jogging / walking: It has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Keeping exercise for more than 30 minutes a day will help to lose weight, which can increase women’s sexual desire.

  Volleyball: The exercise effect on the arm muscles and abdominal muscles is particularly obvious. At the same time, it is also very helpful to improve your sensitivity, so that you can strengthen your collaboration ability and enjoy more fun between bed changes.

  Suitable for men’s skating: Skating is a high-volume exercise, it will increase men’s lung capacity, these will help men to fight more sexually.

  Riding: It can exercise the agility and coordination of men’s body, and can make men’s whole body muscles exercised, especially the leg muscles, making men more brave and powerful in sex.

  Favorable waist and arm exercises: When men are having sex, waist, back, fractures and arms play a very important role and become the main focus. Therefore, you can do more targeted exercises on these areas, such as push-ups, Dumbbells, single and parallel bars exercise, twisting waist extension exercise and so on.

Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

Let women stay in youth and beautiful health care tips

In fact, women want to be beautiful forever, even young, so it has become a topic of never aging, but there are 8 taboos in health, you must not touch it!

  Executive women do not have fewer roots than men. The pace of work is also becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to generate huge stress mentally. Physical overload is not good for health, and women want to live young and beautiful, and to be eternal.Young, keep away from the 8 taboos below!

  Avoid drinking alcohol to worry about professional women always encounter some setbacks and blows at work, some people often borrow alcohol to worry about, or take drinking as a fashionable behavior in modern lifestyle.

At that time, borrowing alcohol to dispel sorrow and even sorrow.

The result of drunken drinking is that a large amount of alcohol enters the body, and first of all, the nervous system is damaged, which is very dangerous.

  Due to the wide contact with women, professional women will encounter a variety of men. Among them, there are many outstanding people. If there is no better moral cultivation, extramarital affairs will result, and often the family will be at odds with the divorce.

Japanese sociologists have conducted a survey: the proportion of divorced women to family happiness, the former life shortened by about 5 years.

For couples who live with each other day and night, if they often quarrel, disagree, fight, and refuse to give up, it will lead to disorders of the internal secretion system, dysfunction of internal organs, and suffer from various physiological diseases, leading to premature aging and reduced life expectancy.

  It is inevitable to avoid the worries of depression and depression in your life. It is not appropriate to keep the worries and depression in your heart. You should learn how to adjust your mind when you are in a bad mood, and try to find ways to vent or transfer., Have a good view of the mountains and rivers, make your mind open and love life.

  Don’t blindly lose weight and love beauty, everyone has it, especially for professional women. Many people do everything possible to reduce their excess aunts in their bodies. Weight loss teas, diet meals and other weight loss measures are dazzling.

People who want to lose weight want to see results quickly, desperately diet, and as a result lose weight, their bodies collapse.

  Avoid smoking and boring. At present, many women use smoking as a fashion. In fact, smoking is harmful but not harmful. Tobacco is particularly harmful to women’s health.

According to statistics: The incidence of heart disease in smoking women is 10 times higher than that of normal people, which makes menopause 1 to 3 years earlier. The deformed children caused by smoking in pregnant women are non-smokers 2.

5 times, smoking in young women can inhibit facial blood circulation and accelerate aging.

  Avoid overloading work and avoid intensifying competition. The working rhythm of modern professional women is becoming increasingly tense, and it is easy to produce huge stress mentally. The mental and physical overload is very detrimental to health.

If you don’t pay attention to rest and regulation, the central nervous system’s continuous tension will cause excessive psychological reflexes. Over time, it can lead to increased sympathetic nerve excitement, endocrine dysfunction, and various diseases. Therefore, professional women should pay attention to psychological tension.To achieve a combination of work and rest, relaxation, reasonable arrangements for work, study and life, and physical exercise.

  Avoid drinking too much tea. Most professional women have the habit of drinking tea. Tea can eliminate fatigue, refresh the mind, and improve work efficiency.

There are too many benefits to drinking tea, but too much theophylline also has disadvantages. Tea is an effective gastric acid secretion stimulant, and long-term excessive gastric acid secretion is an important pathogenic factor for gastric ulcers. Therefore, it should be added to teaA small amount of milk and sugar to keep the gastric mucosa local or reduce gastric acid irritation.

  It is necessary to avoid professional makeup for professional women because of their work needs, and it is necessary to make proper makeup for themselves. However, for professional needs, they must not be used because of the high-end cosmetics currently on the market.Lead and a large amount of preservatives can temporarily cover the stains, but they do not cure the symptoms. Too many women pin their beauty hopes on the endless stream of cosmetics and ignore their own health.

Chemicals can severely irritate the skin, and powder particles can easily double pores and block the skin’s respiratory function.