How to do postpartum obesity two tricks to teach you the perfect transformation


How to do postpartum obesity two tricks to teach you the perfect transformation

Too many new mothers, after the production, in addition to caring for the children, the most concerned about how to lose weight after childbirth.

In fact, after giving birth, women can promote physical weight loss after birth through scientific methods within one year after delivery, and restore their pre-pregnancy body shape.

There are many ways to lose weight after childbirth. Reasonable exercise and adjustment of diet are common.

Experts recommend the second method of postpartum weight loss, teach you how to become a slim hot mom.

銆€銆€Wonderful Method One: Exercise Weight Loss – Burning Master, repairing line movement to lose weight, as the name suggests, is to accelerate the accidental burning of the human body through daily exercise to achieve the effect of repairing lines.

Too many new mothers question whether postpartum exercise can cause uterine prolapse.

In fact, proper exercise after childbirth will help the body shape return to its pre-pregnancy state, but it will not leave behind.

銆€銆€1, postpartum contraction anus – restore vaginal tightening postpartum mother can lie in bed to do some small exercise, such as contraction of the anus, tightening the vagina exercise, these can help the pelvic floor muscles, and the vagina returns to the original tightness.

It’s about three times a day, five to ten times each time.

銆€銆€2, lying on the bed – exercise the shoulders and thigh muscles in the bed to do the appropriate leg lift, stretch legs and other sports, or slightly raise the head, insist on doing a few daily, do a few groups every day, do your best.

This will help to exercise your shoulder muscles as well as the recovery of the back muscles and thigh muscles.

These exercises can be done one or two days after the mother gives birth.

銆€銆€3, sit-ups – exercise abdominal repair abdominal abdomen during pregnancy, excessive diet can cause excessive accumulation of abdominal abdomen, abdominal wall relaxation is caused by the rectus abdominis in the late abdomen in the abdomen of the rectus abdominis separated by the two sides.

It is recommended to do the breathing exercises to tighten the abdomen and then carry out other exercises in the abdomen.

銆€銆€4, yoga – shaping the body line postpartum mother can use their spare time to learn yoga, not only slimming beauty, but also relieve lumbar pain, but also peace of mind, you can also learn belly dance and other shaping body dance.

銆€銆€5, 6000 steps per day – burning 濮?reduce the length of watching TV, walk more; when answering the phone, talk while walking; more to accompany the children to exercise; diligent housework, enjoy the energy of body and mind; more stairs.

銆€銆€The second method: diet weight loss – scientific nursed back to health, weight loss diet, that is, through adjustment, by changing the diet structure to achieve weight loss goals.

Since the mother gave birth to a baby is a golden age to restore the body, at this stage, it is forbidden to change the weight loss effect with drought. On the contrary, it is necessary to eat well.

It is very important to decide whether or not to lose weight after the postpartum diet.

銆€銆€In order to increase the amount of milk, the new mother should drink a lot of soup to promote milk. If the amount of meat is reduced at this time, not only fattening, but also easy to cause constipation, weight loss becomes more difficult.

Therefore, after the birth, you want to slim down the body of the hot mom, not only to enrich their diet, reasonable and balanced diet, but at the same time, do not repeat too much conversion, let your body pile up aunt.

銆€銆€Postpartum weight loss diet recommendation: 1, 钖忎粊姘? 钖?porridge – eliminate edema after the mother’s body will have different degrees of edema, this time we must know to eliminate edema.

The best way to eliminate edema is to eat coix seed.

Coix seed water, barley porridge are good choices.

銆€銆€2, “Five treasures” oats, red dates, walnuts, bananas, dragon fruit – drive away postpartum constipation mothers postpartum easy constipation, the body accident can not prevent the ultimate postpartum can not lose weight.

There are 5 treasures to deal with constipation: oats, red dates, walnuts, bananas, dragon fruit.

銆€銆€Bananas are best eaten with honey, the effect is better; and walnuts can go to buy a bag of walnut powder in the supermarket, which can be used for brewing; oats are shelled and unshelled.

Shelled can be porridge, no shell can be added with soy milk; red dates are to nourish the blood and qi, with gas, it is easier to laxative; and dragon fruit is mainly black seed has a strong laxative function, immediatelyEffective.

銆€銆€3, seaweed, mushrooms – low calorie in the daily menu to increase the amount of vegetables, increase the body fullness is not easy to get fat, try to choose low calorie food.

Eat more seafood such as fresh shrimp, fresh fish, soybeans, tofu, low-fat milk and other foods with high protein content and low trace amounts.

Rice can be reduced and replaced with chestnut, purple potato, potato, etc.

Liuqiu words health


“Liuqiu” words health

Cheng Hongting, People’s Liberation Army 306 Hospital, cadre ward brand quality management office Zuo Tianyu editor Li Qiu, is the 13th solar terms in the 24th solar eclipse, is the first solar term in the autumn, marking the official start of the Mengqiu season.

“Autumn” means that the summer is coming to the cold, and it is the transitional season when the weather turns from hot to cold and then from cold to cold.

Health Precautions 1.

Eat lightly.

The variety of foods should be varied, pay attention to the combination of color, fragrance, taste, shape and quality to stimulate appetite.

The diet is regular, and you should not eat after eating.

Properly eat some heat-clearing foods such as melon, beans, cabbage, bitter gourd, etc., as well as vitamins, mineral fruits, vegetables, such as pears, apples, bananas, kiwis, peaches, tomatoes, etc., thus consuming the nutrients needed by the body.

It is necessary to properly eat some foods or medicines that have spleen, heat, and dampness. The evils that oxidize heat in the body can be excreted from the urine, and the function of the spleen and stomach can be adjusted, which is the basis for the health of the middle, late autumn and even winter.


Replenish water.

Bitter summer is hot, people are prone to sweating, so pay special attention to hydrating, do not wait until you feel thirsty and then drink water, often, drink a little water.

Try to drink as little as possible, because the wine is also wet.

In addition to mineral water, milk, soy milk, porridge, soup and other liquid foods are also a good way to add moisture.

For example: drink soy milk for breakfast, soup for lunch, porridge for dinner, tea during the day, drink milk before going to bed, etc.

People with bad spleen and stomach can make homemade herbal tea or medicinal porridge, which can be added to lotus seeds, medlar, Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus leaf, loofah, jujube, hawthorn, Amomum, etc. according to personal taste.The traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to take, the spleen and stomach function will slowly return to normal.


Good sleep is more healthy.

The long stagnation heat is the main climatic feature of bitter summer. The human body should also adapt to the laws of nature. Sleep late and get up early, sleep recommendation time: 22:00 at night?
Go to sleep at 23:00, 5:30 in the morning?
Get up at 6:30.

Due to the shortened sleep time at night, nap can improve people’s “fine spirit” in a short period of time, improve the efficiency of the afternoon work, and also improve blood supply to the brain, enhance physical strength and the body’s protective ability.

The data suggest that a proper nap during hot weather can greatly reduce the incidence of cerebrovascular disease.


Adjust the indoor climate.

The indoor climate includes temperature, humidity, sunshine and ventilation.

A suitable indoor climate is an important time to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Mainly to adjust the temperature, the indoor temperature is 25 掳C?
28 掳 C, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 10 掳 C is appropriate, can use the dehumidification function of the air conditioner, the indoor relative humidity is adjusted to 40%?
60%, in such a living environment, the human body will feel very comfortable, good mental state, clear thinking, and more efficient work or study.


Outdoor activities should not be long.

It is not advisable to have diabetes activities, to prevent excessive sweating, but not to sweat.

According to research, the culprit of skin aging is ultraviolet light. When going out, try to apply sunscreen, wear a sun hat or a parasol to avoid staying in the hot sun for too long.

Bitter summer should be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise, especially in the hot noon to avoid heat stroke.

Wear light, spacious and breathable sportswear. Should you rest for 5 hours per exercise?
10 minutes while paying attention to supplementing water and nutrition.

The exercise time should be selected when the temperature is cool in the morning and evening. The location is fresh green, moist and refreshing parks and other green grass greening environment is better.

High temperature weather will affect the emotional regulation center of the human hypothalamus, which will affect people’s mental and emotional.

Therefore, it is also important to calm down and cultivate your spirit after the beginning of autumn.

After the 90s, what is the health care?


“After the 90s”, what is the health care?

Shoulder and neck physiotherapy, diet therapy, massage and scraping. These words seem to be “middle-aged”, and now gradually enter the life of Keqiao “post-90s” and even “post-95s” young people.

“After the 90s” health, this seemingly unbelievable topic has sparked a lot of heated discussion.

The reporter found that some Keqiao young people want to replace the “game + carbonated drinks” lifestyle with health, while the other young people are looking at the “health economy” and stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

鈥淎fter the 90s鈥?
, she used her health to wake up her spirits. Jia Jia went to work in a cultural and creative unit on Qunyin Road in the city. Every day after work, she went to a yoga studio in the city and practiced an hour of yoga with soft music.

“I am only 26 years old, but I also have a lot of work pressure. Every day I stare at the computer, I already have a lot of ‘occupational diseases’. After practicing yoga, my body is restored and the pressure is released.

Jia Jia said that in the yoga classroom, the “90s”, which is as old as her, accounted for more than half.

“I sat in the office all day, and my body began to gain weight. The condition was very bad. I still caught a cold.

“At this yoga studio, Wang Qiuwen, 24, also called herself a “health school.”

She said that staying up late, not exercising, heavy oil and salt-selling and other lifestyles, making their own state unsatisfactory, using the way of yoga health, so that the state of life has changed, “the body is healthy, work has a spirit!”
鈥?”A yoga studio on the shore of Guagua Lake recently established a neck and neck physiotherapy, back pain repair course, which is aimed at middle-aged and elderly customers. I did not expect young people to become the main force, and practiced because of the problem of shoulder and neck.”There are too many after 90s.

“Keqiao’s young people are working hard to start a business. The lifestyle of adults is changing. They no longer use food, drink, and fun to vent their work pressure. Instead, they use their health to repair their bodies and relieve stress.
鈥?Gao Xuemei, the person in charge of the yoga studio, said that there are more and more yoga studios and gyms in Keqiao. Many of them are young people, and their yoga studios are more than half of the 鈥?0s鈥?

“After the 90s”, health care is regarded as an industry in the operation of Keqiao. Young people are blowing up the healthy wind. In addition to the time spent playing games at night and night, they also change the carbonated drinks in their hands into hot tea.Grain and vegetable juices replace the take-out of heavy oil heavy oil.

After the “95” young man Lin Fei belongs to the full “health faction”, especially in the diet, he likes to eat vegetables and fruits, not drinking milk tea, especially carbonated drinks.

“If you don’t even care for your body, how can you create a career you like?”

Lin Fei said, everyone knows that fast foods such as carbonated drinks and heavy oil are not healthy, but there are still many friends around to eat, which leads to high blood pressure and diabetes at a young age. How does this body talk about “young is capital?”鈥濓紝鈥滄墍浠ユ垜瑙夊緱鈥樺勾杞诲氨鏄祫鏈€欑殑鍓嶆彁灏辨槸瑕佹湁濂界殑韬綋銆俆herefore, while not eating unhealthy food, Lin Fei began to make homemade vegetable juice every day, as a supply of the body, as a way of health.

鈥淎 cup of vegetable juice every morning, you will be energized every day.

Lin Fei said that he also made a different mix of vegetable juice recipes for the children and the elderly at home.

What Lin Fei couldn’t think of was that many of his friends fell in love with his vegetable juice, so he smelled the business opportunities.

鈥淚 have cooperated with friends to develop products, use cold pressing technology to squeeze vegetable juice, use the pressed vegetable and fruit residue to produce enzymes, and get involved in the health market of young people.

Lin Fei said that his products now have cholesterol-lowering carrot pineapple juice, warm ginger juice with cold and dehumidification, spinach and Sydney juice with reduced intestinal fat, etc. After Keqiao opened the store, it is very popular.More than 100 young families have become his long-term customers.

In addition to a reasonable mix and match as a way of health, Keqiao’s “post-90s” also created his own “anti-greasy health” program.

: Take-away software, many restaurants called “light food” jumped to the front, selling salads made with vegetables, fruits, and meat.

The person in charge of a light food restaurant said that 鈥減ost-90s鈥?said eating salads as 鈥済razing鈥? which is the 鈥渁nti-greasy鈥?way that many 鈥減ost-90s鈥?young people like.

The doctor said: There is no age limit for health, and regular life is fundamentally “90 after” to start health is not too early?

The reporter consulted Dr. Wang Yuefeng, a doctor of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Keqiao District.

Wang Yuefeng is not surprised by the fact that more and more young people are paying attention to health.

He said that young people are under great pressure to study and work. In addition, unhealthy living habits are also an important reason for many young people to be in a sub-health state, such as not eating breakfast, staying up late, eating greasy food, etc. these will be on the internal organs of the human body.Physical functioning has an impact.

“There is no age limit for health, and young people need health.

“Wang Yuefeng said that the health of young people is very simple, because the body is at the best time in function. What everyone needs to do is to adjust their own life rhythm, to live a regular life, and to develop good habits.”

For how to maintain health, Wang Yuefeng is also known as professional advice: Chinese medicine says “three-point, seven-point raising”, or through good sleep, diet and exercise, in order to restore and balance the body as soon as possible.

The rejuvenation of the health care population also fully demonstrates that people are paying more and more attention to physical health and quality of life.

The important thing is to quit bad habits, stay up late, drink alcohol, smoke, over-recover, high-salt and high-sugar diets. These unhealthy habits seem to be trivial, but they are the chief culprit in many diseases.

The reporter also consulted several psychologists. They believe that some young people are now concerned about health care. In fact, they have a lot to do with workplace concerns and life stress. It is recommended that young people should be self-decompression: learn to relax and live a life and eliminate bad emotions.You can use music, yoga, meditation, etc. to relax; the more effective way is to exercise, travel, and go to nature to take a look.

(All media reporter Wang Si)

He brought Hong Kong cuisine to Ganzhou and opened it on Taiwan Road in the ancient city of Zhangzhou!


Delicious and healthy!

He brought Hong Kong cuisine to Ganzhou and opened it on Taiwan Road in the ancient city of Zhangzhou!
Delicious and healthy!

There is a very love shop in the ancient city of Luzhou.

Let’s go together today?
Yes, let the busy work slow down about three or five friends, set foot on the bluestone path of Taiwan Road and walk into the sweet spot of “I 鍛?(鐢? Dessert” hidden in the old city.The story of another dessert, I feel that my dessert is more about the ingredients. I also told the boss that the story of him and his lover has returned from Hong Kong to Zhangzhou. This is a warm little shop for couples who love Hong Kong-style desserts.It is their commemoration that every dessert from the selection of materials to the production is very insistent to be an authentic Hong Kong-style dessert. The boss is very concerned about the most subtle details of the ingredients because they insist on hand-made, to maintain the original taste, every dessert hasTheir own unique tastes Generally speaking, people who like to eat sweets are happy. Their bad emotions can be metabolized by sweet foods to make people happy. This sentence I am convinced that I (xia) dessert with itThe unique sweetness is hidden in the ancient city. The two masters built this paradise tile by brick and tile. The second floor is clean and elegant. It can also see the pedestrian desserts in the ancient city through the window, although it is not a necessity for life.浣咺t will really make the bleak and busy life become colorful. The sun in the cloudy sky is more happy, pleasant, satisfying and happy with the sweets in the store. Yang Zhi Ganlu (锟?18)Yang Zhi Ganlu is no longer a new thing. What is the real authentic Yang Zhi Ganlu?

A bowl of authentic Yangzhi nectar is such a composition of Yangzhi nectar. Only need: sago, mango, grapefruit and coconut milk. My dessert adds a crispy crystal bead to the traditional ingredients.The experience of fresh poplar nectar is Yangzhi Ganlu, which is the first item of my sweet dessert. A classic Yangzhi nectar, the most gentle and refreshing selection of fresh and juicy mango, juicy and juicy grapefruit with thickThe thick mango juice bottom, the transparent and soft sago is called 鈥渉uman nectar鈥? which is one of my masterpieces of dessert. The quality of mango directly determines the success or failure of Yangzhi nectar because Yangzhi nectar has useful fresh mango.The sweetness of mango itself has improved due to the season. If the mango used is sweeter, it is a sweet taste. If the mango is sour, then it is a refreshing and refreshing drink.With the big head of the teeth, the crystal beads blasting sago has a warm and spleen, cure the spleen and stomach weakness, the function of indigestion can make the skin restore the natural moisturizing function, make this drink more greasy and more healthy crystal beads exist is aBig鎯奍 like to bite down and have the sago melting in the teeth and the crystal beads bursting in the mouth. The crispy granules and the large particles collide. The taste is rich. The addition of the full-bodied red grapefruit pulp adds to the sweet and rich Yangzhi nectar.The sweet and sour taste both neutralizes the sweetness of the mango and adds a hint of red color to the bottom of the clear yellow juice. After eating the dessert, Xiaobian is satisfied with the smile of the strawberry, Montenegro (锟?24) strawberry, white snow juice,Ice cream, blood glutinous rice . so refreshing and delicious, I still have a lot of ways to keep the summer to eat a bit of my “Sweet Montenegro” in the Xiaobian view, one of the essence of strawberry Montenegro is thatIts white snow juice is better than white snow, and the taste is very good. After the coconut milk and buffalo are sent, it is quickly frozen into a crystal-like crispy bottom. It tastes like a snowflake. The taste of the milk is as sweet as the dairy lovers.The temptation to completely resist the white snow juice is made up of purple rice, blood glutinous rice, citron, corn granules, and all the essences are combined in one. The glutinous balls are sticky and chewy.鍜怟emi ball must be licking the white snow juice, eating white snow juice, penetrating into the gap of the gram ball, biting a mouthful of milk, fragrant girls, the favorite fruit is strawberry or even sweet and delicious, full of rich vitamin C content is low, and beautifulHealthy oh vanilla ice cream ball on the boss homemade strawberry sauce, a bit of ice cream, soft and smooth, a strawberry flesh, refreshing the taste buds, a glutinous rice ball is a feast of lips and teeth. This taste is too rich, raw almond tea (锟?13)For almond tea, it is called the medicinal value of almonds. “There is a divergent cold and cold energy. After the cold, the cold is gone, some people are prone to cold, drink some almond tea to declare the role of Xuanfei and asthma.It can also prevent colds and colons. The almonds are very fragrant. The average milky aroma is a curative taste. It is probably because almonds have a lot of medicinal value and are good for the skin. It is simply a walking body mask and a dessert.Seriously amazing. According to the boss, almond tea is made with almonds. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a pure taste.

Xiaobian pro test, awesome!

The raw almond pulp is the aroma of pure white thick almond tea. It will only be scattered in the mouth when it is warm. The surface of the almond tea is dotted with sugar osmanthus, just a mouthful of fragrant sesame paste.锟?12) I still remember the taste of the bowl of sesame paste when I was a child. I don’t dare to open my mouth every time I eat it. The black sesame paste is made with pure sesame and polished to make the sesame nutrient value to the utmost extent.
Sesame is sweet, flat, has blood, hair and other effects to eat a bowl, bold day and night!

The graininess of the sesame seeds in the mouth and the soft palate of the small round seeds are instantly incomprehensible. This is even better, but only one point, delicious!

Everyone feels the thick scent of this sesame paste, with a slight sesame grain feeling more and more fragrant, no greasy feeling thick black sesame paste almost no sweet mushy a small amount of smooth entrance, rich and pureIt is quite comfortable in the mouth. Chenpi red bean paste (锟?10) Chenpi red bean paste tastes refreshing, but also nourish the body red bean qi and blood, go to the edema, tangerine peel, stomach and numbness, red bean glutinous rice for a long time, it will be sand-like, then add Guangchen skin and red bean paste.The last feeling of sweetness is smothered with sago, so that the bean paste and sago can be carved with each other. The rock sugar water can make the soup sweet, and the honey can remove the cold and cold ingredients. The sugar varieties have great attention and taste.Delicate, layered and finely tasted, a variety of flavors are endless, red beans are full of sago, and the dried tangerine peel is tasteful. The simple taste of the syrup reflects the boss’s full craftsmanship and heart sugar. (锟?7) Sugar is not a small dumplingThe little sister tastes sweet and not greasy, tastes fragrant and wakes up white sugar, peanuts and sesame seeds are crushed into icing sugar, dressed in white and tender glutinous rice balls, forked a small ball gently鍜珹 simple thing like this will turn into something interesting. It’s not the peanut candy that you can see. It’s not a soft fragrant jade on the plate. It’s the kind of tacit heart that you can only feel in your heart.Induction of glutinous glutinous rice glutinous rice glutinous rice dumplings (锟?16) rich glutinous glutinous glutinous rice with grainy sago hidden in the surface of the coke under the egg yolk, golden tempting just released, let the population water rush before eatingWhen the taro and sago are mixed and evenly eaten, you can use the products of the mouth to eat the winter warm stomach!

Grass Moss (锟?18) Some people say that there is always a special connection between drinks and people. When it is filled with vitamin C, what kind of wonderful chemical reaction will it cause?

The creation of grassy green is a wonderful combination of rosemary, lime, and orange juice. It quickly ignites the Halley comet on the taste bud. People often say: Every individual is not an island. So there are people who meet each other. I think the ingredients are the same.The lemons, oranges and rosemary’s wonderful 閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€?閭傞€匱he fragrance of this drink has its unique fragrance. The top note is: The tea is wrapped in the lime and the middle notes are: the sweetness of the orange juice drives the last bit of sour in the mouth, and finally the rosemary’s premium atmosphere is the whole drink.Aromas add a whole heart of bronze lemon, and the scent of rosemary brings a fresh taste bud experience. The bottom of the tea is soft and refreshing. The kiwifruit is a magical fruit flavor is described asThe combination of strawberry, banana and pineapple is accompanied by tea, and the combination of green and yellow lemons is all without any sense. The lemon aroma is high, and the green tea with low sensation is fresh.鑼禨oup fragrant with the aroma of fresh kiwi integration between heavy and mellow taste, aroma kiwi obviously remind six nights a week 19: 30-22: 30 There are handsome little brother here with bands Oh?
[Business Hours]10:30 am – 11:00 pm[Address]No. 51, Taiwan Road, Gucheng District, Wucheng District, Zhangzhou City

Do you dare to break the valley?


Harvard found it easy to die without eating staple food!

Do you dare to break the valley?
Harvard found it easy to die without eating staple food!

The word 鈥淧u Gu鈥? originated from the 鈥渄o not eat grains鈥?in the ancient Taoist health, and there are two ways of hunger strike, adjusting breathing and not eating staple food and complementary food.

In recent years, the trend of the whole nation’s health care has become more and more fierce. In addition, the interest-seeking institutions of the Valley Health Care Center have deliberately promoted. There are more than 270,000 articles on the Internet alone, and the population of health care is growing, and its benefits are also growing.Being passed on to God.

But the truth is that no matter what kind of valley is dangerous.

And people who have diseases in the body themselves will not aggravate the disease. In the drought state of more than 24 hours, human anabolism will be affected, and ketosis and even acidosis will occur.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that a small reduction in diet actually increased the risk of premature death.

The researchers tracked 15,400 people and found that a trendy diet encourages cutting all the bread, potatoes and pasta in the diet, which may actually do more harm than good.

Because 50% to 55% of the diet in the diet can reduce the risk of premature death, and people who eat less than 40% or more than 70% of the diet have a higher risk of death.

Dr. Ian Johnson of the Drum Bioscience Institute at the Norwich Food Research Center believes that about half of the calories are obtained from the body, with the lowest risk of death and the results are convincing.

Professor Tom Sanders of King’s College London also added: “The most important thing is that a balanced diet provides an extra half of the food energy, which is most beneficial to health.
鈥?Dr. Sarah Sedelman, a syringe at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, recruited 15,528 people after discovering that a substitute for protein or a hypoglycemic diet for pregnant women was widely used as a health and weight loss strategy.Adults up to 64 years of age and track them for 25 years for research.

In the original study group, 6,283 people died during the study period, but those with low consumption died more than 20% more than those with moderate consumption. The researchers believe that these results are estimated to be 50 years old.People with moderate weight intake may live for another 33 years until the age of 83. People with low substitutions can live 4 years to 79 years old. Those with high replacements may live to 82 years old.The crowd is one year less.

This means that too much and too little carbohydrate can be harmful, but the most important is the type of protein, carbohydrates, and the popular animal-based low-carbohydrate diet in North America and Europe.Regarding overall life expectancy, it should be discouraged that shifting to plant-based consumption may help alleviate major morbid conditions.

American scientists have also studied the combined results of previous studies, including 432,000 people from more than 20 countries, confirming their findings.

They found that the biggest risk of reducing glucose is that people use animal foods such as meat and cheese instead.

If they cut the staple food while eating more plant foods such as vegetables, lentils, beans and nuts, the risk is relatively speaking.

In short, the healthiest method is a moderate diet and a balanced diet.

The increasingly popular 鈥渁ll or nothing鈥?exclusion diet in society can seriously damage people’s health.

Article source: 39 health net

6 signals are the kidneys in help!


4 strokes let you promote metabolism and discharge waste!

6 signals are the kidneys in help!
4 strokes let you promote metabolism and discharge waste!

Speaking of organs that work 24 hours a day, everyone’s first reaction will be the heart.

In fact, in addition to the heart, we still have a model worker.

The kidneys filter the metabolic waste 24 hours a day, and any toxins produced by substances, beverages, food, air and emotional stress that enter the body pass through the kidneys.

Day after day, year after year, the kidneys continue to detoxify the body, like the body’s “water purifier”, but in fact the kidneys also need detoxification, the home uses the filter water to know that it has been dirty for a long time.thing.

Our whole body’s blood passes through the kidneys 20 times an hour. Once the toxin is too much, it will cause too much burden of high blood pressure, which will lead to the deterioration of renal function. Not only the extracellular water will not be properly regulated, but also edema will occur.

The six kinds of signals are the kidneys in the rescue. When the body appears in the following six situations, be careful, this is the kidney is sending out a distress signal, once realigned, it will cause irreversible damage to high blood pressure, and even cause uremia.

1, easy to fatigue The toxins inside the body consume the energy of the kidneys, the energy provided by the kidneys is reduced, so there are symptoms such as body tiredness, tiredness, sleepiness and weakness of the limbs.

2, the amount of menstruation is small, or the menstrual period is short, the color of the dark menstrual period is produced and disappeared, is the performance of kidney function is strong, if there are many toxins in the kidney, the menstrual blood will be reduced.

3, mandibular acne face The mandibular part of the face is removed by the kidney, the detoxification of the kidney is insufficient, and excess toxins will be present in the mandible.

4, edema and hypertension management of the body’s fluid operation, the kidneys accumulate toxins, the ability to discharge excess liquid is reduced, there is edema, especially in the morning is prone to edema.

5, urine turbidity, the clarity of foamy urine and the amount of foam, can be very intuitive to determine the health of the kidneys.

Once the kidneys have problems, they will be directly related to diseases such as nephritis, kidney stones, and kidney failure, which may even threaten life.

If the urinary foam suddenly becomes more and more persistent, it will not disappear, indicating that the protein excreted in the urine overlaps, the color of the urine is abnormal, and it is rich in brown color, soy sauce color or turbidity, such as rice water, should attract attention, which means your kidneysomething is wrong.

6, hair loss or excessive white hair Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is fine, its hair is in the hair, and the nutrition of the hair comes from the blood, kidney essence, fine marrow, and bone marrow hematopoiesis, so the vitality of the hair is still in the kidney.

Loss of hair, early appearance of white hair, hair loss and other symptoms may be a problem with your kidneys.

In addition, hearing loss, back pain, all mean kidney problems.

Boiled in a clear water, draining the kidneys for ten years. According to a Canadian naturopathic doctor, coriander can maintain kidney health while removing toxins accumulated in the body.

The best way to detoxify the kidneys with parsley is to mix the parsley juice.

Specific practice: Wash and chop the parsley, add boiling water for 10 minutes.

Then let the boiled parsley cool and filter out the leaves immediately.

Principle: Modern medicine believes that coriander has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Studies have found that eating coriander often eliminates harmful substances in the blood.

Coriander can not only help the kidneys to detoxify, but also publish the effect of diarrhea, which can send out poisonous evils in the human body, and it is very effective in treating measles.

Generally, it is divided into internal and external use. For external use, you can take coriander (with roots and leaves) about half a catty of water, fumigation and scrub the body for about 10 minutes.

It is enough to use about 30 grams for internal use, 1-2 times a day, both for adults and children.

But coriander is not everyone’s favorite. If you can’t accept the taste of coriander, but want to detoxify the kidneys, you can also try this water and two dishes.

One water and two dishes, promote metabolism 1. Drinking water The best detoxification time for the kidneys is 5-7 in the morning. After a night of repair, the toxins are concentrated in the kidneys in the morning. At this time, drink a cup of white water and wash the kidneys.The easiest way to get rid of the body.

Ingesting fresh water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints and muscles, and promotes digestion, allowing waste to be removed from the kidneys and the entire body.

Garbage that has not been excreted in time accumulates in the kidneys, may stick together to form kidney stones, break down and remove these toxins, and drinking water is a good way.

Usually, you should also add a lot of water to ensure that you can drink 2000 ml of water every day. When the color of the urine is too yellow, it means that the water is insufficient.

2, melon winter melon is a kidney detoxification food, it injects juice into the human body, it will stimulate the kidneys to increase urine and excrete toxins from the body.

When eating, you can use winter melon soup or stir-fry, and taste as light as possible.

Grain Soymilk Oriental Health New Wisdom


Grain Soymilk Oriental Health New Wisdom

Whole grains, nutritious grains and their products, with a new attitude, return to the homes of ordinary people.

銆€銆€The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: “The grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, and the five dishes are for filling.”

Since ancient times, grains and grains have been the root of the name of the Chinese nation.

Today, the connotation of the grain has been further extended, forming a new concept of 鈥済rain grains鈥?including millet, corn, buckwheat, sorghum, oats, soybeans and sweet potatoes.

銆€銆€Whole grains contain excessive amounts of precipitated fiber.

Supplemental fiber, as one of the seven essential nutrients required by the human body, can increase the viscosity of food, slow down the rate of absorption and absorption of sugars and lipids, thereby promoting defecation, lowering blood sugar and blood fat, losing weight, detoxification, and preventing digestive system.Tumor and other effects.

Whole grains rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B1, can effectively prevent beriberi and some cardiovascular diseases, and relieve autonomic disorders to a certain extent.

Some members of the whole grains also have unique biochemical effects, such as soybeans, sweet potatoes and other phytoestrogens. Long-term consumption can keep the skin delicate and delay aging; buckwheat is rich in rutin, which can reduce blood cholesterol in humans.Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

銆€銆€From this point of view, it is a matter of course that the nutritionally significant grains and grains cause people’s interest and awareness.

Especially in the era of excessive diabetes, the incidence of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. has increased year by year, and the advantages of grains and grains have become more prominent.

銆€銆€Grain Soymilk, Nutrition Shinkansen Whole grains are good for everyone. However, for the staple food made from whole grains, some people feel that the taste is rough and hard to love.

How is nutrition and taste compatible?

Nutritionists believe that making whole grains into soymilk and making it a delicious drink like milk is a new way of thinking and integrating traditional health care with modern production techniques.

銆€銆€Grain soy milk is also very convenient to make.

As long as the first night, soy, mung bean, etc. are mixed into the soaking. After the morning of the next morning, the whole grains to be mixed are put into the soymilk machine, let them grind, boil, wash for a few minutes until thoroughly, and then add the right amount.Honey or other favorite flavorings can be used.

銆€銆€The novel taste, balanced nutrition, low price, grain soy milk can be said to play a new movement in healthy life.

銆€銆€Soymilk DIY, healthy and fashionable 2007 edition of the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” clearly pointed out that the ideal healthy diet should be “various foods, cereals, coarse and fine”, while also recommending “daily eating milk, soy feed products”,Grain Soymilk is definitely the perfect combination of the two, enlightening the new wisdom of traditional health.

銆€銆€In the past, you might wrap the cornmeal in the wolf, put the buckwheat in the bun, and dumplings; now, don’t hinder the practice of a healthy diet, try making your own soy milk.

Soymilk DIY, healthy and fashionable, why not?

銆€銆€Jiuyang Health Tips 1.

Grain Soymilk mixes cereals with beans to achieve a nutritional complement to each other, which in turn promotes the absorption of high-quality protein.


Whole grain soy milk is suitable for the general population, and it has a good effect on lowering blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure.


For those with high blood pressure, the mucosa of the implant can be damaged every day.

銆€銆€Corn Soy Milk[Ingredients]1/2 cup of dried soybeans, 1/2 cup of dried corn.


Soak the dried soybeans in advance.


Wash the dried corn and soaked soybeans, mix them into the cup of the 9 Yang Soymilk, and add water to the upper and lower water lines.

Turn on the power, press the 鈥済rain soy milk鈥?button, and automatically make corn soy milk in a few minutes.

銆€銆€銆怑ffect銆?Spleen and qi, clearing away heat and detoxification, and reducing blood pressure.

The five devil moments of life!

The five “devil moments” of life!

In recent years, a series of studies by experts at home and abroad have found that there are some 鈥渟pecial鈥?dangerous periods in daily life, every month, and every year. Putting them together, you can sum up the five 鈥渄evil moments鈥?in your life.
銆€銆€The dawn of the day is the most dangerous.
The World Health Organization surveyed 4,769 patients with myocardial infarction and found that 28% of people developed symptoms between 6 and 10 in the morning.
Studies have shown that at this time, people’s blood pressure, body temperature becomes lower, blood is thicker, and ischemic stroke is prone to occur.
The survey showed that the number of deaths in the early morning accounted for 60% of the total number of deaths in the day.
銆€銆€Monday and Monday are the most dangerous.
The Germans called Monday “Black Monday.”
According to Finnish scientists, this day is the most dangerous for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, with morbidity and mortality 40% higher than other days.
Experts pointed out that it is best for the elderly to go out on Mondays and go out with family members.
銆€銆€The most dangerous in the middle of the month in January.
In China, this day is also the lunar month.
According to Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” report, scientists have synthesized more than 50 studies and found that doctors and police officers have increased their workload on the full moon night and the number of consultations has increased.
In addition, studies have found that cases of gout and asthma will soar at the full moon.
The British “Independent” wrote that this is because the moon’s profit and loss can affect the body’s hormone balance.
銆€銆€The lunar calendar is dangerous in December.
According to the survey, the number of deaths in the month was the highest in each month of the year, accounting for 10.
Yang Decai, director of the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Medical Association and director of the Department of Rheumatology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told the Life Times reporter that the December of the lunar calendar is the solar calendar in January and February.
“At this time, the human body needs more energy, but the metabolism is slow, so it is prone to digestive system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Experts pointed out that at this time, special attention should be paid to keeping warm; eat more foods with high nutritional value to keep out the cold; and carry out outdoor sports such as jogging.
銆€銆€Middle age is the most dangerous in a lifetime.
When people reach middle age, their physiological conditions begin to change, endocrine disorders will occur, immunity will be reduced, and burdens such as family and work will lead to middle-aged people’s mentality.
銆€銆€In addition, scientists have discovered that human life has a cycle of about 7-8 years.
There are high and low tides in each cycle.
The middle age of the general cycle is the climax, that is, the healthy and stable age; the beginning and end of the cycle is low tide, and the human immunity is weak at this time.

8 kinds of behaviors make your liver injured

8 kinds of behaviors make your liver “injured”

According to statistics, there are about 1.

200 million hepatitis B surface antigen-positive people, of which 30 million are hepatitis B patients who need treatment. Experts tell us that in fact, a large part of hepatitis B surface antigen-positive people have normal liver function and the virus stops replicating. These people do not need treatment.of.
However, the stable condition does not mean that hepatitis B will never attack. If you don’t pay attention to your life, the “latent” hepatitis B virus in your body is likely to “head up” again, causing the onset of hepatitis B!
Experts remind that the following 8 bad habits will make our liver “very hurt”, and hepatitis B virus carriers should be especially careful.
.hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€1.杩囧害鍠濋厭銆€銆€鐜板湪鐨勭ぞ浼氾紝鍠濋厭鍑犱箮鎴愪簡绀句氦鐨勪竴绉嶄富瑕佹墜娈碉紝鏃犺鏄皥鐢熸剰杩樻槸鏈嬪弸鑱氫細锛屼技涔庡皯浜嗛厭灏卞皯浜嗕竴绉嶆剰澧冿紝鐢氳嚦杩樻湁浜哄父鐢ㄥ枬閰掔殑澶氬皯鏉ヨ瘎瀹氫氦鎯呯殑娣辨祬锛屼簬鏄疘f you have a cup of me, you have to fight for a “no drunk”.
鑳′贡鍚冭嵂銆€銆€娌′汉鏁㈣鑷繁涓€杈堝瓙浠庝笉鍚冭嵂锛屼粠棰勯槻淇濆仴鍒板皬鎰熷啋锛屾病鐥呭悆淇濆仴鍝侊紝鏈夌梾鍚冭嵂锛岃嵂搴楃啓鐔欐敇鏀樼殑浜虹兢锛岀壒浠风殑鑽搧骞垮憡鐗岋紝蹇欑鐨勮嵂鍝侀攢鍞憳鈥︹€hese all indicate that medicine is filling every corner of our lives; and our liver is suffering from the “torture” of these drugs!
Lack of sleep Nowadays, nightlife is becoming more and more abundant, especially in the city. At 12 o’clock in the morning, various entertainment venues are still very lively; even if you don’t go out to play, many people will play online and play cards to forget to sleep.
Insufficient sleep has become a “murderer” that seriously endangers human health.
Depression all day, love anger Life is inevitably suffering from depression, dissatisfaction, resentment, and injustice. In order to seek a psychological balance, we must release these emotions.
However, Pavlov once pointed out: “All stubborn sorrows and anxiety are enough to open the door to disease.
“Occasional release of emotions is beneficial to the body, but long-term depression, anger when you are not moving, is harmful to the body.”
Love to eat greasy oil is indispensable in life; fat is one of the essential nutrients for the human body.
Appropriate intake of fat-containing foods can supply energy to our body and maintain the normal physiological functions of the body.
However, eating too much fatty food with high fat content is a taboo for healthy eating!
Love to eat late at night Rich nightlife, naturally, staying up late.
Especially in the city, the habit of eating late at night is very common. From a slightly healthy drinking sweet soup to a completely unhealthy eating barbecue, staying up late seems to have become a major feature of modern life.
However, eating up late, refreshing the mouth but hurting the body!
Smoking Smoking is harmful and is now well known.
The hazard of smoking is that the smoke produced by tobacco contains thousands of harmful substances. After being inhaled into the human body, it has different degrees of damage to various internal organs, including the liver. It is one of the major risk factors for disease and cancer.
鏌撲笂鍚告瘨銆€銆€瑙f瀽锛氬鍓嶆墍杩帮紝鑲濊剰鏄汉浣撶殑鈥滃寲宸ュ巶鈥濓紝浜轰綋鍚告敹鐨勫悇绉嶇墿璐ㄧ殑杞寲銆佸悎鎴愰兘鏄敱鑲濊剰鏉ュ畬鎴愮殑;鑲濊剰涔熸槸浜轰綋鏈€澶х殑瑙f瘨鍣ㄥ畼锛岃礋璐e垎瑙d汉浣撳惛鏀剁殑Toxic Chemicals.
The alcohol and drugs mentioned above may cause certain damage to the liver, let alone the “drugs” that we smell discolored!

How to grasp sex skills when going out to travel


How to grasp sex skills when going out to travel

Even the dignified lady has a dream of indulgence. The 4,000 young women answered honestly and left us with six real scrolls. The deep desire of women for indulgence in the scrolls is revealed. They may not say, but they are buried.In the bottom of my heart is a secret that cannot be shown: although they are small, they still want to spread a very passionate place in a very place, very time.

銆€銆€Scene 1: Being bitten by him in the eyes of a serious woman, being bitten and making love is like a crime.

In fact, it is this kind of complex that allows the lady’s heart to have a feeling of confrontation and fear, even though they will never say it.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: The bondage is still a restrictive sex for me, but it can’t be called a fetish.

I am always very curious about it, but I have never asked him.

However, one night, he said that he could use his tie to tie my hand. I promised it without thinking. Later, he simply tied me up.

A feeling of humiliation comes to my heart, but I really like the feeling of being tied, and the humiliation at this time is nothing.

I think, I finally waited for that excited feeling.

銆€銆€One suggestion: If you really want to try it, start with soft clothing, such as his tie is a good choice.

If you use your hands manually, be careful not to hurt your wrist.

You don’t have to be in the bedroom, you have a lot of space in the room to play.

銆€銆€Scene 2: The pool in the pool is swimming, but why can’t you make love inside?

But I can’t think of it. When I think about it, the ladies begin to blush, and even they want to refuse to welcome.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: We went to Hainan to travel, there is nothing in the resort, especially the swimming pool with the color of the sea is more fascinating.

One night, he invited me to swim, saying that there were fewer people at that time.

Sure enough, only me and him.

When we kissed, we entered the state, the surface of the water was sparkling, and underwater we were already “lawless.”

It is also because of the buoyancy of the water, I enjoy the dreamlike feeling, I see his face has a moonlight afterglow is very beautiful.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: If there is such a chance, it is best to bring a few clothes, so as not to let others suddenly break into your cover.

Do more preparations beforehand, such as foreplay, don’t make the time to make love fall short; use the buoyancy of water, you can try many new postures.

銆€銆€Scene 3: The short-lived joy of shopping happens before the glass mirror. The lady can not only see her, but she can also see his work. Multiple angles and multiple feelings will inspire countless embarrassment.
Of course, he is also.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: I like to go to the elegant shopping center to choose the costumes. The fitting room over there will never feel cramped, especially when I want him to come to me as a staff.

Once, he accompanied me for a day, I was able to trim his tiredness from his bladder, so I specially asked him to come in and sit down while trying on the clothes. I didn’t expect him to see me wearing a sexy dress.Immediately “fired”, we were “crazy” in the fitting room, but fortunately there were no people waiting outside.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: Take a little more clothes into the fitting room, and give you a little more time, even if you are just a love caress.

When the passion comes, please pay more attention to your voice. I would rather make a comment on the costumes and not cause the wind to go out.

銆€銆€Scene 4: The passion of the elevator in the elevator was chosen as the object of the scene because it has many dual features and openness, and this duality is also the driving force for the lady to be excited.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: One Sunday last summer, the day was a bit hot. I went to a newly opened decor store to buy things. The store was remodeled from a granary, so it was very tall and large, and because it was new, so the merchantAnd customers are twos and threes.

After a circle, we went down from the top. We were sitting on a spare freight elevator. I couldn’t think of it just opening the basement to the 10th floor. As soon as we entered, we felt like it was a car for us.As soon as he was entangled in “color”, he actually kissed me, and then the elevator was running between the top and bottom under his control, even though we were as hot as one in the inside.

銆€銆€A little suggestion: It is best to pick old-fashioned elevators that are less popular. From top to bottom, slow is a good thing for you. It is also good to have no probes.

It is better for a woman to wear a long skirt, because the elevator suddenly stops at the first floor, and you can restore the calm beforehand in a short time.

銆€銆€Scene 5: The adult game in the park is the spring glory of the trees, the stimuli that are almost discovered, and the calmness of the day, how can it not be called “missing” of the lady’s flower.

銆€銆€Lady’s dream: The forest park in the suburbs is the place where I often date with him. The first is because it is clean, and the second is because we want to breathe fresh air after work.

Unexpectedly, when there was a horror, he saw an adult game with me when he saw no one. I really don’t know if anyone found out that the feeling of hunting is so exciting that I can’t control it, even afterwards.Then a little scared.

銆€銆€One suggestion: Going to the Forest Park is a good idea, and of course other parks with high proprietaryity are also available.

Prepare a little more clothing, or take it in the form of a colony, otherwise you will not even cover anything if someone is approaching.

銆€銆€Scene 6: The crazy space in the car is related to life, but it has not been linked to the point of sexual love. It does not hinder the expectation of what will happen in the car.