[Is it possible to whiten by drinking peach water]_Peach red_Whitening effect_Whitening effect

[Is it possible to whiten by drinking peach water]_Peach red_Whitening effect_Whitening effect

[Is it possible to whiten by drinking peach water]_Peach red_Whitening effect_Whitening effect

Some people use peach red to soak in water to drink. It has many benefits. It has the effect of promoting qi and blood circulation, has the functions of regulating qi and depressing blood, and removing blood stasis. In addition, peach red soaks in water have a whitening effect.very good.

First, what are the benefits of saffron dried in water?

Function: Reinforcing qi, bleeding, relieving wind and paralysis, dissipating fatigue and pain.

Roses and whole plants are astringent, and can be used for women with more menstrual periods, under the vaginal discharge, and enteritis, chancre, and intestinal red bleeding.

Li Qi Jie Yu, and blood scattered stasis.

Indications: Liver and stomachache, Xinjiufengbi, hemoptysis and hemoptysis, irregular menstruation, red vaginal discharge, dysentery, dysentery, and swelling.

“Food Materia Medica” refers to its “maintenance of the lungs and spleen, liver and gallbladder, and the sweetness of the food is refreshing.

“With long-term use, the cosmetic effect is very good. It can effectively remove free radicals, eliminate pigmentation, and make you feel young and energetic.

Second, can I drink tea after dried?

But pay attention to hygiene.

Third, what can whiten when soaked in water?

Go to the supermarket and buy some Chinese wolfberry, red dates and longan meat. Come back and drink, soak a few glasses of water a day. This way, you can see the effect for a month.

I’m drinking it now, and it’s not adulterated. It’s good for the body.

Fourth, what can whiten when soaked in water?

1. Drinking lemon slices in water has a whitening effect, but it happens to be the same as the principle of traditional Chinese medicine. It takes a long time to adjust slowly. It can’t be said how long it takes, but insisting there will be certain results.Lemon slices are soaked in water. You can add a little honey to the water, which tastes good, and honey also has the effect of supplementing nutrition and moisture.

2, barley, the most whitening things in Chinese medicine.

Peach blossom should be fine.

Supermarkets sell dried peach blossoms. They can be used to make tea with boiling water to whiten and look good.

Ancient medicinal books such as Compendium of Materia Medica have records on the efficacy of peach blossoms for whitening. Guidance: No matter what whitening method you rely on, you can see results in one to two months.

3. Whitening and moisturizing should conform to nature. The pigment content in each person’s skin is determined by heredity.

Guidance: Soak fresh lemon slices in honey, and take a cup on an empty stomach every morning to help open the body and whiten.