Chicken Soup Huaishan Dipping Shark Meatballs

Chicken Soup Huaishan Dipping Shark Meatballs

When making meatballs, in order to refresh and flavor, they are often accompanied by crispy ingredients such as horseshoes. The Shage meatballs I talked about this time are the delicious taste that the author recently tasted in a room.

Sha Ge is cheap and delicious, with a sweet and delicious taste. When cooking with meat, the aunt can absorb the meat, and it is cooked instead of meaty and non-greasy.

Huaishan replenishes temper, improves stomach yin, and the combination of several ingredients is tempting. It is specially shared with the princes.

  Ingredients: 200 grams of pork gum, 100 grams of Huaishan, 100 grams of Shage, 15 grams of shallots, 15 grams of garlic (striped), 15 grams of ginger slices, salt, sugar, pepper, and peanut oil.

  Method: Peel and wash Huaishan, cut into pieces for use; Peel and wash Shage, cut into pieces with pork gum and knead into meatballs, set aside; add oil to the saucepan, pat garlic, green onion and ginger slices, add chicken soupHeat up the heat, add Huaishan medium heat and roll for 5 minutes, then lower the meatballs, season with salt, sugar, pepper, and cook on medium heat until the ingredients are cooked through.